Friday, November 13, 2009

Giveaway - Star Wars Clone Wars

For those readers out there with kids, I have a fun giveaway that would make a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas - Draw Star Wars®: The Clone Wars™

  • Five (5) winners will receive a copy of Draw Star Wars: Clone Wars and one of the five winners will receive an autographed copy, signed by Bonnie Burton.
  • Open to residents of the US and Canada
  • Contest closes Monday, November 30 at Midnight EST and winners will be randomly selected the next day.
  • To enter leave a comment about your favourite Star Wars moment or science fiction movie.
Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars is filled with tips, techniques, practice space, and translucent overlays to make you a master of drawing. Start with stick figures, move onto basic shapes, and finish up with the details. Use the included double-tipped metallic-colored pencils and black marker to make 20 Clone Wars characters come to life.  For ages 8 and up.  More information available on the Klutz Books website or on their Facebook page.


Klutz Books is also running a national drawing challenge in support of this release. The sweeps includes a free PDF download of how to draw Cad Bane. You can visit the sweeps page here. The grand prize is an exclusive framed full color illustration signed by Grant Gould!


  1. My husband is a huge Star Wars fanatic. When Star Wars first came out when he was a teen he went to see it 17 times. He would love this. I would say my favorite moment would be in the Return of the jedi when Princess Leia tells Han Solo she loves him and he answers "I know". Talk about an answer so typical of him. You don't know whether to smack him or to hug him. I just found that endearing. Thanks for the contest!


  2. Great contest! My favorite SF films have to be Star Wars, Blade Runner and the first Alien film.

  3. My favourite scifi movie would be the Matrix (the first one...not the sequels). My friend is a huge star wars fan though. She would love this.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)


  4. Some of the lines we use around the house:

    "These are not the droids (or whataever we're talking about) you're looking for." with wave of hand

    "Boba Fett? Where?"

    "Help me (whomever I'm trying to get to take out the trash), you're my only hope."

  5. This is an awesome give-away. Thanks!! My son loves Star Wars (even the original versions) and he loves to draw. Actually, my favorite science fiction movies would be the new Star Wars movies. Loved the actors and the stories involved.

    rosie0512 @ hotmail . com

  6. Great contest, would love to win this for my nephew. My favorite scifi movie would have to be star wars(newer one made), and i really enjoy District 9 and the remade star trek.

    van P.

  7. As usual great giveaways. Star Wars was the 1st movie I ever say in a movie theatre (I know it dates me) In the many years since I have seen it hundreds of times and I still love it.
    Favourite lines: "Jumping through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops boy"
    "Laugh it up fuzzball"
    "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."
    Great,now I want to go home and watch it again -- Never mind off to youtube now

  8. I'm not a huge Star Wars fanatic, but any scene with Han Solo/Chewy I like. :)


  9. Okay, I was a Star Wars nut. My "moments" happened during the first Star Wars movie (now #4) when I heard Luke turn on his dad's light saber. That made me sit back and appreciate the genius of George Lucas. Then I saw the Millenium Falcon blast into hyperspace. I went back to see the first movie which totally blew me away and took my mind to a "galaxy far, far away."

    Please enter me. My son is going through a huge Star Wars phase and I couldn't be happier (now I get to do Lego tie-fighters!):)


  10. My 11-yr old son is a huge Clone Wars fan and I'd love to win this for him.

    The original trilogy is the top of the sci-fi movie list for me and lines are part of the family communication LOL

    The classic "Help me, Obi Wan, you're my only hope..." is used very often for everything from scheduling appointments to chores. (at)gmail (dot) com

  11. Star Wars is huge in my house. It fascinates me that these movies have bridged generations. When I was little I saw the original Star Wars at a drive-in and for months I would only answer to Leia. I wore a billowy white shirt and belt, and even had my Gramma wrap my hair in the buns.

    Now my kids are fanatics about the movies and cartoons. My son has been a Jedi or Stormtrooper every year for Halloween. My daughter plays at being Ahsoka all the time. Friday nights are Clone Wars family time. It's a trip!

    My favorite from the original is the trash chute rescue scene- no idea why but as a kid I loved it. My son's favorite is when the evil emperor is killed. My daughter loves all scenes with Padme. My husband loves the bounty hunters.

    Great giveaway!

  12. My nephews would love this! They love everything Star Wars! As for me, my favorite sci-fi movie is Aliens. With a kick-butt heroine, high action, and a totally nasty villainous alien baddie I can't get enough of this movie.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  13. My favorite sci-fi movie is The Matrix. My son is a Star Wars fanatic.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  14. My favourite Star Wars moment was watching my young son dress up as Darth Vader several years ago. I would love to be entered in your draw. Thanks.

  15. My boyfriend loves Star Wars. He has a huge collection of vintage action figures.

    As for Science fiction movie, I liked the Matrix.

    simplystacieblog at gmail dot com

  16. What I love about SW? Han Solo's best line. 'I know.' And Harrison Ford's smirk. (Just kidding, I'm a fan of films IV-V-VI and romance is nice but I love the lightsaber fights and special effects, too!)

  17. This would be fab for my tween manga loving boy to branch out into!

    I still remember when the first star wars movie came out. I thought it was the coolest ever.

    mayamissani AT yahoo DOT ca

  18. Favorite Star Wars Moment? Anything with Han Solo.

    Favorite SF Movie? Someday it will be the film debut of Enders Game.

    For now it's either The fifth element or Minority report.

  19. I think one of my favorite scenes in Star Wars is When Luke Skywalker first meet Yoda and then when Yoda is teachin Luke and says Do or Do Not... There is no try.

    Roger Howell

  20. One Sci-Fi Movie I enjoy is The Island. Thanks for the chance!

  21. My daughter would love this! She is a fan of Star Wars, my doing, and loves the animated Clone Wars series.

    My favorite moment is still when Darth Vader lets go of the dark side and saves Luke's life from the Emperor.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  22. Ooh, this looks awesome *bg*

    Um, my favorite sci-fi movie... I probably shouldn't mention on this post, lol (my friend would kill me, too) it's, um, Star Trek, lol

  23. My son loves Star Wars! I would love to win this for him.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  24. What an exciting win, I would love
    to win this for my daughter and


    jsrogers at shaw dot ca

  25. I would love to win this for
    my grandchildren.
    Please count me in on a super

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  26. We loved the whole Star Wars Series --- I remember waiting in line to get into the first Star Wars movie oh so many years ago. Now my boys are big fans.

    My favorite recent scifi movie is the last Star Trek Movie. (A lot better than most of the other Star Trek movies.)


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