Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cover Art - "Succubi Like It Hot" by Jill Myles

Jill Myles unveiled the cover for Succubi Like It Hot, the second book in her Succubus Diaries paranormal romance series. According to Amazon this one releases January 19, 2010 just 3 weeks after Gentlemen Prefer Succubi.

The second of two fun and sexy paranormal novels featuring a succubus, a vampire, and a fallen angel.


  1. Wow!! Hot cover.. Never heard of this author, but I will be checking her books out. They sound awesome..

  2. Woah! erm...yah.

    I'm thinking this book is read worthy based simply on the fact that I love the word Succubi. Yep, I do. lol

  3. Martha you can check out Jill at the Odd Shots website along with Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh and Patrice Michelle.

    Jackie you got me. Who's Jake G?

    Nuff said Fiction Vixen


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