Thursday, October 1, 2009

Promo and Giveaway - Release by Nicole Hadaway

I don't often cover ebooks here mostly because I have yet to adopt the technology myself, but that doesn't mean that faithful followers of SciFiGuy don't use and love to read ebooks. So today I have an ebook giveway courtesy of author Nicole Hadaway whose new urban fantasy novel Release is now available from Vamplit Publishing. Nicole and I will be giving away 5 copies of her ebook to some luck commenters. Nicole is also running the same giveaway on her blog! Feel free to leave a comment for Nicole.

Giveaway details are found at the end of the post.

About Nicole Hadaway
I used to work as a lawyer, but now I only write about such things as bloodsuckers and deals with the devil (sorry! couldn't resist a lawyer joke there!). Have lived in such varied places as Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Washington, D.C. and even Monaco.

You can also read a great interview with Nicole Hadaway over at Catherine Karp's Suburban Vampire (NOTE: one of the clues you will need to enter the contest is found there)..

Nicole also says Release is currently being sold exclusively at People are more than welcome to visit her personal blog, fan her on Facebook at Nicole Hadaway – Official Author’s Page, or follow her on Twitter.

Book Teaser:


That’s the response Ben Gongliewski receives, when he asks Miranda Dandridge how long she’s been a vampire.  He doesn’t expect the word forever in her reply, but then again, Ben never imagined meeting vampires, let alone demons and werewolves, during his time as a Resistance worker in World War II Poland.  Far from being horrified, Ben discovers that Miranda and her friends have very useful … talents … especially when it comes to saving children from concentration camps.  After all, in these desperate times, while the line between good and evil is clear, the one between heroes and monsters is very, very blurred.   

The last thing Miranda wants at this point in her immortal life is a human lover, but as she and Ben perform rescue after daring rescue, she can’t help but be drawn to his passion to save his fellow Jews.  As the War draws to a close and Miranda must chose her love for Ben or her duty to her race, Ben is blindsided by a betrayal that no one sees coming.  This leads to a danger in which all hell is about to break loose … literally…
  1. To enter, leave a comment answering the question, "What is Nicole Hadaway's favourite vampiure movie?" Hint: the answer can be found on Nicole's blog and in her interview at Suburban Vampire . Five commenters with the correct answer will be randomly selected to receive free e-copies off Release (readable via Adobe Acrobat).
  2. Remember to leave a way to contact you.
  3. Blog, tweet, post, etc., about the giveaway for an extra entry.
  4. Giveaway ends Monday, October 5 at 11:59 PM EST.
Remember that Nicole is running the same giveaway on her blog so feel free to drop by and enter there as well.


  1. her favourite vampire movie is "fright night"

  2. Fright Night for the win.

    Thanks for the contest.


  3. Fright Night -
    Layers of Thought{@} gmail {dot} com

  4. Fright Night --although, I've never seen this movie so I'm very much curious now!


  5. Her fav is Fright Night.


  6. "Fright Night." I remember seeing that movie in the theatre when it was new.

    Thanks for the contest! Nicole's book sounds fantastic!

    karenwitkowski AT aol(dot)com

  7. Fright Night!

    Release looks like a good read, with a nice mixture of the paranormal in it. Count me in. Thanks!


  8. Fright Night

    I posted on myspace-


  9. Her favorite movie is Fright Night.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

  10. Hello SciFiGuy!

    Nicole Hadaway's Favorite vampire movies is Fright Night. I never saw that one, I haven't really watched very many-not even Interview with a Vampire. I don't mind reading about vampires, or vampire hunters, but watching them kind of grosses me out. And the tv version of True Blood? could do with less hissing - know what I mean?


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