Monday, October 19, 2009

Guest Author - Roxanne Rhoads (Eternal Desire)

I am excited to have the delectable Roxanne Rhoads guesting today. Roxanne has a new paranormal novella, Eternal Desire that was just released (Oct. 7). Here is the description -
Paranormal researcher Liz Beth's dreams are haunted by a sensual vampire, who may or may not be real. She arrives in New Orleans the week of Halloween in search of her elusive dream lover, Quillon. She doesn't find him, but she does encounter a handsome stranger, Christien. They begin a passionate affair, but she is torn between her dream lover and her flesh and blood lover, both of whom are a mystery to her. She fights to regain her reason, trying desperately to find the truth about Quillon while Christien holds her under his own spell.
E-books of Eternal Desire can be purchased at, and and print copies can be purchased at You can view the book trailer at the end of the post or check out Roxanne's YouTube channel.

Story strumpet, tome loving tart, eccentric night owl...these are all words that can describe freelance writer and erotic romance author Roxanne Rhoads.

When not fulfilling one the many roles being a wife and mother of three require, Roxanne's world revolves around words...reading them, writing them, editing them, and talking about them. In addition to writing her own stories she loves to read and review what others write. She operates a book review site, Fang-tastic Books, dedicated to her favorite type of book- anything paranormal. Her favorite genres are paranormal romance and urban fantasy but she'll read just about anything featuring vampires, ghosts, witches and whatnot.

Roxanne writes everything from articles to web content as a freelance writer and poet. Her erotic and romance stories and poems have appeared in Playgirl Magazine, several print anthologies, in ebooks and on numerous Web sites including:,,,,,,, and

She has several ebooks available through Eternal Press: Tasty Christmas Treats, Eternal Desire, the soon to be published Insatiable and 2 of her short paranormal erotic stories appear in the anthology Sexy Paranormal Bedtime Stories. All of these can be purchased in print at

Her story "The First Brick" appears in Lasting Lust: An Anthology of Kinky Couples in Love available at

A double shot of her paranormal erotica - Torrid Teasers Volume 59 is available through Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.

When not reading or writing Roxanne loves to hang out with her family, craft, garden and search for unique vintage finds.

You can visit Roxanne at and

Roxanne has prepared a delightful post on a topic dear to all our urban fantasy and paranormal hearts - The Lure of the Vampire. To celebrate the launch of her new novella Roxanne also is offering a giveaway of a Fang-tastic Books Desk Set and a free download of the new book. Check for full details at the end of the post. So with no further blathering on my part - here is Roxanne...

The Lure of the Vampire
By Roxanne Rhoads

There were vampires…and the people who loved them, long before Twilight. It’s just now…they are


Why? Teenagers.

In the marketing world it is said if you can create a product that teenage girls want then you’ll be rich. It’s true, teenage girls rule the world. At least when it comes to sales. Vampires are the hottest thing since sliced cheese. But why, why have teenage girls (among others) suddenly fallen in love with pale immortal guys with fangs?

The truth is that the love of vampires isn’t something new at all, this generation has just found a new breed of sullen bad boys that sparkle while generations before have loved the angsty bad boys (and girls) that had more bite and less glitter-though the angst seems to be a given. Must come with immortality.

The seductive lure of the vampire has been there since the first tale of vampires being more than blood thirsty monsters was spun-it goes mainly back to 19th century Europe when sex was taboo and the darkness still lingered in a blooming modern world. Stories emerged like Dr. Polidori’s “The Vampyre”, Sheridan Le Fanu’s “Carmilla” and quite possibly the tale of the most famous vampire of all time, Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”.

Before these literary vampires hit the scene vampires were considered to be monsters, walking corpses, and blood thirty beasts of myth and lore. These “modern” tales of darkness, intelligence and seduction introduced the vampire that was cultured, friendly, seductive and above all mysterious and full of desire, full of need. Vampires of 19th century fiction were romanticized; they were the sensual, dark and erotic creatures that that indulged their needs and desires without the constraints and boundaries of humanity such as moral, religious and societal rules and restraints. The sexually repressed Victorian era turned the vampire into the embodiment of dark desires and sensuality that represented all the pent up sexuality of the times. The vampire became something not only terrifying but also highly attractive and alluring.

As a teenager my generation had Lestat and Louis, vampires from the once reigning queen of vampire fiction, Anne Rice. Her books spoke to a lost generation that wanted to be something more than what society would let them. I’ve moved beyond her vampires that were so compelling, needy and self loathing while still beautiful and enlightening-though they will always have a special place in my heart-like that first love that you grow up and away from.

Now I like my vampires a little more rough, a little less self loathing and with a lot more sex appeal-real not just hinted at.

There are plenty of vamps in the literary world to suit my tastes and fulfill my fanged needs. Like I said before-they are everywhere. In every flavor imaginable.

To me no other "monster" comes close to being as sexy and erotic as the vampire. While men usually write the vampire into being savage and monstrous, women love to be seduced by the eternal bad boy, the epitome of dangerous sex appeal.

Many of my own works contain vampires, including my newest release Eternal Desire, a paranormal erotic romance novella.

In Eternal Desire, the vampire is still dark and dangerous, while being familiar and yearned for. LizBeth has encountered too much death in her short life while knowing that eternity was always close by, in the form of the vampire Quillon, her invisible guardian, and the voice in her dreams. But it’s time that she meets him in the flesh and she grows impatient, needing him, wanting him but he won’t give in until he’s ready.

While Liz pursues her vampire she encounters a handsome stranger and begins a passionate affair with him. Will the handsome stranger be able to lure her away from her vampire obsession or will the vampire of her dreams finally become a reality?

LizBeth becomes torn between a shadow and a stranger- all amidst the magic and mayhem of Halloween in New Orleans.

It’s a vampire tale I hope readers will enjoy.

To celebrate the release I am offering a contest.

  1. Just leave a comment telling me what you find so appealing about vampires.
  2. One lucky reader has the chance to win a pdf download of Eternal Desire along with a Fang-tastic Books Desk set which consists of a Fang-tastic Books mouse pad, pen and notepad.
  3. Remember to leave a way to contact you.
  4. Blog, tweet, post, etc., about the guest spot for an extra entry.
  5. Giveaway ends Sunday, October 26 at 11:59 PM EST.


  1. Hi :)
    Thank you for the great post Roxanne.
    Anne Rice was my first Vampire love also.
    I think vampires represent sex, mystery, never getting old or sick, and the fulfillment of fantasy.
    Thanks again for sharing,
    All the best,

  2. The neck-nibbling, the compelling eyes, the powerful sensuality and the whole "Children of the night, what sweet music they make." aspect of the Vampire Psyche.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  3. Hi Roxanne! What I find appealing about vampires? The pain-filled pleasure of the neck bite of course. The fact that once bitten, you'd never age is also a plus.
    Wishing you many wonderful reviews for "Eternal Desire."

    witchywoman064 at yahoo dot com

  4. Thanks for stopping by Roxanne and thanks for the contest Doug.

    For me it's always been about the eyes. I'm already a sucker for light eyes. Add to that the whole glowing and hypnotizing thing and I'm as good as done.


  5. Definitely the mystery, sexuality, not aging or getting sick, that's the top of my list!

    Love the post and your blog.

    ritaknits at gmail dot com

  6. Hi Roxanne! Anne Rice was my intro to vampires too! I'm trying to get my son to read IWAV now, I think he's old enough.

    I think what I love about vampires is the lure of immortality and their sensual appeal.

    Posted on my contest sidebar:

  7. Great post. Roxanne has quite a spicy style of writing, not to mention an impressive writing resume. I am eager to read her book.

    I think Vampires are fascinating because of their eternal life. Parts would be hard, but can you imagine all the history they could experience first hand. They could gain knowledge beyond anyone imaginable.

  8. Thanks for the great comments everyone.

    I am glad you all are joining me here today at SciFiGuy.

    Doug is quite the wonderful host and has such a way with words...

  9. The fact that they have fangs, are super strong and also a dark and mysterious air around them makes them attractive. They're definitely a fantasy that I'm okay with coming alive.


  10. Hi Roxanne, thanks for posting here!! I think what I love about the vamps I've read about is their tortured souls and how the love of their life mends them. Also, the eternal life aspect just is so cool.

  11. Hi Roxanne - been a follower of your Fang-tastic Books blog for a bit now. You've introduced me to quite a few new to me authors. Thanks and congrats on the release!

    I love vampires because they are so powerful - especially the psychic stuff. If I had the ability to scan minds, trust me, some of my weekly meetings would be a whole lot easier on everybody - plus just think how much easier salary negotiations could be...annhonATaolDOTcom

  12. Rox, great post! Love your take on vampires, and your book video is super. As a former New Orleans resident, I love seeing images of my adopted city, and there's no better place to rendezvous with an undead hottie! For me, vampires are the ultimate alpha males. Can't wait to sink my teeth into your latest tome. I'll post to my Facebook page. Hope you have lots of drooling visitors!

  13. Rox, great post! Love your take on vampires, and your book video is super. As a former New Orleans resident, I love seeing images of my adopted city, and there's no better place to rendezvous with an undead hottie! For me, vampires are the ultimate alpha males. Can't wait to sink my teeth into your latest tome. I'll post to my Facebook page. Hope you have lots of drooling visitors!

  14. Great post. I love the mystique of the vampire, the strength, the power and their knowledge. After all, they have lived for centuries so they know all about the world and people.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  15. I love that vamps are so sexy!!


  16. I think that what appeals me to vampires is their intesity!! I mean they are really old so they have a ton on knowledge and they are sexy. Plus the whole drinking blood thing seems like such an intimate moment between lovers!!


  17. Hi Susan

    I didn't know you used to live in New Orleans, what a fab spot. Mystery, nagick, history all rolled into one. Definitely a spot for vampires... and ghosts.

    And to everyone else thanks for following me along my tour stops. You guys are great!

    Keep lovin the fangs.

  18. By the way everyone, Eternal Desire is now available in print at

    I have not even seen it in print yet, hopefully my copies will get to me before the Vampire Ball this Saturday.

  19. Interesting how there's a definite link between 'bad' things and sex! Vampires are usually smooth, suave, beautiful beings, with years of experience at how to treat a lady, which is why I wouldn't mind having one as a boyfriend....!

  20. I love vampires because they're sexy and mysterious and dangerous! :] Please enter me!

    ktshabatie (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. I think I love vampires because they are the ultimate bad boys. They exude sexiness but an inherent danger is always lurking just below the surface.

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  22. Vampires have me seduced with the possibility of eternal love - and I really like to be bitten! My hubby thinks it's cute the way I wiggle & giggle with a nip here or there.

    I've added this rockin' contest to my Contest Bar - Dirty Martinis on the house!

    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  23. Hi :)
    great post, Roxanne!
    What's so special about vampires?
    They live in a different world and have the possibility to explore most of the world and see it in different times...
    Wish you all the best!

  24. Roxanne,

    I'm so glad I saw the link to this interview on the eXcessica Digest.

    I think the vampires today are so sexy and I like the fact they never age.

  25. Vampires,what could be sexy and alureing? They are dark and mesterious,and the bite your neck. Who could resist that?LOL
    Your interview was great. I can't wait to get one of your books.
    Debby Creager

  26. I love the supernatural world and everything in it. I read the books watch the shows and even do a little writing myself.

    Why am I attracted to vampires the most? To me they repersent lust, love, living forever, and having power. The kiss of the vampire is a very intense attraction.

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