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Guest Author - Erica Hayes (Shadowfae Chronicles)

Today it is my pleasure to welcome debut author Erica Hayes. Shadowfae, the first book in the Shadowfae Chronicles releases tomorrow. You can read my review of this dark urban fantasy here.  I encourage you to leave a comment or question for Erica as she will be dropping in periodically. Of course keep in mind that Erica lives in Newcastle Australia so there is a bit of a time differential.

I am also giving away a copy of Shadowfae. Details at the end of the post.

You can also visit Erica Hayes here:
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Thanks, Doug, for having me on SciFiGuy! I love this blog—it's where I find out about all the juicy new releases. Better than a bookstore… well, almost.

Where did you get the idea for your book? is probably the third most common question I get asked as a debut author, behind What's it about? and How did you get published?

For the record, the answer to that last question is: I wrote, I queried, I found an agent, I sold. Not much of a blog post in that, is there? So, I guess I'd better focus on the other two questions, then…

My initial concept for The Shadowfae Chronicles came about one late, ranty night when I was complaining to my friends about how so many urban fantasy heroines had it too easy. "Well, boo-hoo, I'm the best and prettiest and most powerful vampire hunter/psychic/demon slayer/{insert kick-ass chick of choice here} in town. Naturally, I have just Saved the World Again, and now I must choose between two (or three, or four) scorching hot supernatural guys, each of whom could be the Love of My Life. Oh, noes! Wot evah shall I do?"

Okay, so I was having a bad night—of course, I love those stories! Can't stop reading them, in fact. But I wanted to write about the little people. The girls who aren't the most confident or the most powerful—maybe they aren't very powerful at all, though they do have paranormal abilities—but still have to survive on wits, charm and courage in a tough, gritty world filled with scary (and sometimes sexy!) creatures who are out to get them.

And, I love fairies. Whatever I was going to write had to have fairies. But I wanted to do away with traditional Celtic mythology and try something new. My fairies are colourful, weird, wacky, and not always nice and they love to party.

In the Shadowfae world, fairies, vampires, demons and the rest live among us, but they're hidden from ordinary human eyes by glamour—they're disguised as regular people. They hang out in nightclubs, eat in restaurants, go to the football. Some talented humans can see them, but most can't. Either you've got the gift, or you haven't—but once you start seeing, you can't escape.

Shadowfae's heroine, Jade, is part of that world because of one bad mistake. One hundred and fifty years ago, Jade was a rebellious, headstrong ex-convent girl, hunting for excitement and thrills in a conservative era where women were expected to be demure. Unfortunately, she dabbled in black magic and wagered away her soul playing cards with Kane, a demon lord—and now she's bound to serve him for a thousand years as a succubus, seducing men to steal their souls and send them to hell.

She wears hellcursed golden bangles that lend her the demon's power, a seductive glamour called rapture. Unfortunately, they also bind her to Kane's will—and he's embroiled in a territorial soul-war in cahoots with evil vampire gangsters and fairy thugs. Plenty of souls for Jade to condemn, robbers and rapists and sadistic murderers alike. Seducing them is not her pastime of choice.

But Jade can't defy her demon lord. And she's still got eight hundred years to go. So when she discovers a forbidden ritual that promises to set her free—even if it means seducing the four most repellent souls in town—she's got nothing to lose. Right? Of course Kane has other ideas—as does Rajah, a crafty 400-year-old incubus who's hunting the same four souls.

The series has a dark, gritty, sensual flavour. Each book features a new heroine. Book 2, Shadowglass, coming out in March, stars a fairy thief who steals a malicious magic mirror. And book 3's heroine is a banshee. For the romance readers: yes, there's a strong romantic plotline—along with a high level of sensuality—and of course each book has a happy ending!

I hope that gives you some small idea of what the series is like. If you like, you can read a prequel short story, Hellcursed, at my website—the .pdf also contains a first chapter excerpt from Shadowfae.

Thank you Erica for visiting and sharing your Shadowfae writing experience with all of us.

Erica loves fairies, so if you would like to win a copy of the book, tell us what kind of fae creature you would like to be or tell us what kind of fae fascinates you.

  1. Leave a comment about the fairies and/or leave a comment or question for Erica Hayes.
  2. Open to everyone.
  3. Remember to leave a way to contact you.
  4. Blog, tweet, post, etc., about the guest spot for an extra entry.
  5. Giveaway ends Sunday, October 18 at 11:59 PM EST.


  1. I have been waiting for this book to come out for what seems like forever.

    So who is your favorite secondary character in your book?


  2. I want to read this so bad. I would love to win a copy!!

    My ? is how many books do you think you will write in this series?


  3. Thanks for dropping in!

    Alicia: oh, that's a tough one. I love them all! I have a secret crush on my nasty vampire gangster, Dante :) but I think my favourite is Kane, Jade's demon lord. He's very powerful, but in many everyday situations -- like asking a girl out on a date -- he's clueless and naive, and doesn't fully understand the consequences of his actions. It's kinda creepy, actually :)

    Amy: the publisher has contracted me for four so far. Here's hoping there'll be more :)

  4. Hi Erica :)
    Thank you for the great interview here today.
    Each successive novel has a new protagonist but is there an over-arching plot like Yasmine Galenorn's Sisters of the Moon series?
    All the best,

  5. Erica...I am already falling a bit for Kane and I have yet to read the book :D

    Inquiring minds want to know: What was the one thing you could do to get going again went you hit a rough spot?

    And what kind of Fae would I be, I wouldn't mind to rule the Fae Unseelie court...that is my "I am queen of the world complex talking"

    Have a great release month Erica!

  6. I'm so excited about this book! I've been dying to read it for... oh, ages, and I'm so glad it's finally coming out! I was lost as soon as I saw the cover... speaking of which, what did you sacrifice to the cover gods to be blessed with those two beauties, Erica? Food? Small animals? Fictional supernatural characters?

    I know exactly how you feel about the heroines. Spoiled reader that I am, I get into that same whiny mood every now and then. Who, me, jealous of the perfect heroines who get to choose between a bunch of sexy alpha males? Never! (I don't believe me, either.)

    From your answer to the question about secondary characters, and from Hellcursed, I've already developed a bit of a crush on Kane. Is he going to get his own romance? *fingers crossed*


  7. Erica, the day is tomorrow - yay! Congrats and you know I love the premise. It's great to see the little people have their story for a change. Happy release day for tomorrow!!

  8. Yep, there sure is, RK :) the background plot is to do with Kane's struggle to stay in control of his city. Throughout the series he'll come up against rival gangs, jealous demon courtiers, spooky evangelists, vengeful body-snatchers and his own dysfunctional family before he's through. Not to give too much away, of course...

    Leontine: writing-wise? When I hit a difficult spot, it's usually because I've been working too hard. Taking the day off usually recharges my batteries nicely -- and I mean a *real* day off, not doing any writing-related stuff at all. Go to the beach, or the movies, or shopping, that kind of stuff.

    And yeah, Kane is beautiful. Nasty sometimes, and selfish, and a little headstrong :) but beautiful.

    Lynz: oh, goodness, yes. I *love* these covers. I was a little anxious about what I might get -- 'cause as a debut author they don't actually, y'know, ask you or anything -- and when these arrived in my inbox I nearly fell out of my chair. They're so gorgeous.

    The cover artist is Craig White, if anyone's interested:

    Jealous of those perfect heroines? Who, me?

    And does Kane get a romance of his own? {evil grin} you'll just have to wait and see!

    Eleni: hey there! Thanks for dropping in :) loving me some Eleni-fest this month!

  9. Hey, Erica, thought I'd swing by and wish you a fan-bloody-tastic release day! May the book fairy bless you with many sales, from the underworld to the overworld and everything in between!
    Since my sneak peek at Hellcursed, I've done some research on fae-beings :-) (- still yet to uncover what a spriggan is, though) and while I liked the idea of being an elemental or a shapeshifter, I discovered the "perfect" nocturnal being I could double as...a hobgoblin! Apparently they do things like housework, but only come out at night - and what busy writer DOESN'T need someone to do all the housework for you, hmmm????

  10. They do HOUSEWORK?!? Where can I trap one? :)

    Thanks for the blessings, Kylie! And as for spriggans, traditionally I believe they're ugly little fellows who guard buried treasure and hang around in crypts... Mine tend to work in pawnshops and have evil senses of humour :)

  11. I like the fact that she chose to write about the little people.

    I am just learning about Fae, they are kind of scary. They seem to have a really evil side, they are sneaky and devious. I am actually more frightened of them than vampires.


  12. Hi Erica and Doug!

    The Fae are tempting wee beasties that's for sure. Although after reading HellCursed, not all the Fae appear to be wee. lol.

    Jade is gifted with the ability to see paranormal creatures, but she talks about her own glamour. Did she have the use of glamour before being hell cursed, or it is just the effect of the demon she's bound to? What enables she to see the paranormals?

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    and Happy Thanksgiving Doug.

    Dottie :)

  13. Hi Doug,

    Gave your contest a shout on my sidebar at



  14. Hi Erica! I've heard great stuff about your upcoming book. Thanks for putting a new twist on the genre.

    Count me in for the contest!


  15. People usually think of fairies as sweet and mischevious - I love a story where they're dark! This sounds like it's going to be a good series! Your comment about Kane has me intrigued. Congratulations on your release!

    pspinney AT cox DOT net

  16. This book sounds like a fantastic read. I've added it to my tbb. What is the most unusual character you'll have in your books or will have in your books and what makes them unusual.
    scrtsb at yahoo dot com

  17. Thank you for telling us about your new series and best of luck with the release. I will be adding these to my wish list.

    Who are some of your favorite urban fantasy/paranormal authors?

    cheleooc at yahoo dot com

  18. Erica,
    Wow I enjoyed reading your prequel and the first chapter excerpt. I hadn't considered fairies in this light before. I look forward to reading your books.


  19. Your covers are absolutely beautiful!

    Question: how many books do you foresee in the series?

  20. This series sounds great. Congrats on the release.
    Is it necessary to read Hellcursed before starting Shadowfae?

  21. This sounds like a fun and unique series/story. I like that you make your heroines strong, but not unbelievably strong.

    So who are some of your favorite heroines?

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  22. Hi Erica :)
    wow Jade sounds like a Seer from KMM - I love that idea *bookcomesonthewishlist* and the cover is gorgeous *sigh*

    I like faries - they have something mystical and are a sign for another world...

    book 2 is also on my wishlist - march is soon coming! do you know when the third will come out? have you already written it?


    inale87 (at) gmx (dot) at

  23. I love fay! All sorts of them, the good, the bad...
    I've wanted this book since the first time I heard about it, unfortunately, lack of funds prevented me for getting it.
    I'm hoping very much for this one...

    shishirin(curly thing)hotmail(small circular thing)com

  24. I love the story and cover of the book! So, I was wondering if you had any say in the coverart?


  25. I don't know exactly what type of Fae I would like to be, just that I would rather be Seelie than Unseelie.
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  26. {stretches} happy Tuesday, everyone!

    Elnice: You are so right. Fae have always been scary to me. Have you tried Karen M Moning's 'Fever' series? Her fae are real monsters :D

    Dottie: Nothing wee about my fairies :D And nice question! The glamour comes with the hellcursed bangles -- it's a demon power. Jade's gift of faesight was repressed for a long time because of her upbringing, but later on when she started dabbling in black arts it came to the fore - but yeah, before she became bound to her demon.

    Thanks for dropping by, Jen and Pattie! xxx

    Pamk: I hesitate to claim originality... but I have a few quirks, like any author. I have some fairies made of metal, which is unusual seeing as traditionally fairies are harmed by iron. Indigo, the hero from Shadowglass (book #2), is metalfae. I also have glassfae. At the moment I'm doing a snake-shifter, who's loads of fun.

    Daelith: it kinda depends on who I'm reading at the time! At the moment I'm really enjoying Dark Time by Dakota Banks. I also like Anya Bast, Jim Butcher, Keri Arthur...

    e_booklover: hey, thanks! Glad you enjoyed Hellcursed :)

    Jackie U: I'm contracted for four so far. I'm hoping readers like the series enough that there'll be at least a couple more.

    elaing8: No, you definitely don't need to read Hellcursed first. It's just a little aside, really, about what happened to Jade when she first became bound to her demon. The episode is touched on briefly in the book, but it's not essential knowledge.

    joder: ooh, there are so many. Including the super-strong ones! I like Riley Jenson from Keri Arthur's series. Georgina from Succubus Blues. Jax from Grimspace... all of them, really. Any heroine who doesn't whine and makes the best of what she has gets my vote!

    ina: book #3 is called Shadowsong, and it's festering away on my hard drive right now, a few weeks away from finished... I don't have a publication date yet, but look out for it towards the end of 2010.

    Shishi: psst! I'm doing a bunch of giveaways this week... as well as here at SciFiGuy, check out VampChix, Writers Gone Wild and The Romantic Journey... best of luck!

    jeanette: aren't the covers great? Sadly, I can claim zero responsibility -- the publishing peeps did that all by themselves. Not that I'd have known what to suggest if they did ask me! An artist, I surely am not... I probably would have said, 'just don't give the heroine a tattoo' :D

  27. Will this series be available on the kindle?

  28. Hi, Erica,

    Your book sounds fantastic!

    All the different kinds of fae fascinate me, but especially the faeries of the Unseelie Court.

    Thanks for the contest.

  29. Anon@7:41: A Kindle edition? Not sure yet. If I ever find out, I'l give it a shout-out.

    Karen: the spooky ones are my favourite, too. I love Holly Black's faeries in Tithe and Valiant. So weird and otherworldly.

  30. Thanks for the guest post!

    I love that Aussie authors are breaking into the UF genre! I feel all proud and patriotic.

    This is now on my 'must buy list'. You pretty much sold me on the 'no Celtic Fey' idea. There's reasons for that, which I will nor bore you with!

    What kind of Fae would I be? NFI, quite frankly. There's far too much choice out there between the different mythologies. Straight choice between a vampire or shapeshifter and the shapshifter wins everytime. It's an easy one. The Fey, however, are too convoluted for my simple brain.


  31. Did you do a lot of research on faires, the celts & mythology?

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  32. JD: no, no, I insist. 'Bore' me :) how come no Celtic fae for you? For me, I just didn't want to have to deal with someone else's rules. And Celtic fae have been done so wonderfully by other authors. Time to try something different.

    Deirdre: Research on fae? I did just enough to cheerfully throw it out the window :) I grew up on stories of boggarts and pixies and leprechauns and the like. Love them. But I designed my fairies as a kind of marginalised urban underclass. They're hidden by glamour, sure, but they still don't fit in. No one wants them around. They're poor, often jobless, a lot of them are criminals, getting by on wits and magical confidence tricks. Colourful, beautiful, dangerous. Awesome :)

  33. You are new to me author, but your books sounds wonderful! Maybe I'll be lucky enough to win a copy!

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  34. I really want to read this book and I love the cover!

    I haven't read many books with fae in them but I do like the sex fairies (etc. V'lane from the Fever series by Karen M. Moning).

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

  35. I grew up with my mom and gran reading me stories of Fairies.

    I am not sure that I really agree with the way authors have re-invented fairies in the past few years.

    I would think that a good author could create another type of being to use for there fantasies.


  36. Wow! A great new series. I am quite intrigued. I would love to read all three books!

    It must be great fun to let your imagination run wild and create such a vivid fantasy world.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  37. Martha: I'm new to everyone :) thanks for coming by!

    Razlover: oh, yes. V'lane is smokin'! Such a cool idea in that series, how the fae obsess their victims. Love it!

    Carol: it's true that authors use the term loosely, and fairies these days aren't always the traditional kind. Kind of like sparkly vampires, I guess!

    Virginia: fantasy writer is the best job in the world! Dreaming all day. I mean, there's writing to be done as well :) but for me the creative energy is the most fulfilling thing.

  38. I love the fae from Celtic myths but I adore the re-imaginings in fantasy today! This sounds incredible! Fairy thugs? That's a new one on me! :)


  39. You do know, ez, that I'm trying to get a copy of each of our members' books that get published, right? ;)

    Oh, and you need to finish posting Jewel's Wish, woman. :P

  40. Ladytink: this is an equal opportunity series :D if fairies come to me wanting to be thugs, that's fine with me!

    Hey, domy! long time no see. I am very bad re: JW. It's kinda festering (heh!) in the drawer right now. One day...

  41. I haven't read any fae books so don't have any favorite or anything.

    kalynnick AT yahoo DOT com

  42. I have the book in my hot little hands. I was fortunate enough to be given the first 3 chapters to read to review and that was all I needed to know that here we had another bestselling author.

    Congrats Erica! Cover divine and now I am going to enjoy the rest of the book.

    Erica do you have any idea how many books there may be? Is your mind going every onwards with storylines?

  43. Kalynnick: ah, well, you've got lots of fun in front of you :) thanks for stopping by!

    Lo: hey there! hope you're enjoying the book. Re: what's ahead for the series -- I know there'll be at minimum books. And I'm always on the hunt for juicy and fascinating characters who demand their own stories! But rest assured that the overall plotline *is* going somewhere, and if the chance presents itself, there will be an ending...

  44. I've so been waiting for this book!! And I loved your "Saved the World Again" rant. I like those stories too, but only in small doses. Sometimes the secondary characters - flaws and all - are much more interesting than the lead characters. Congrats on the new release! annhonATaolDOTcom

  45. Erica, your wish is my strong suggestion!

    I used to love Celtic mythology. I read a lot about it and I read even more fantasy based in Celtic myth, back in the day when that mythos was de rigeur for fantasy authors.

    And there was the rub - I read too much. I saturated myself in the world off all things Celtic fantasy and I just can't read it anymore.

    To make a long story short. :)

  46. Doug, I just won a copy of this book at another blog so don't enter me in the drawing.


  47. I'm also enjoying the unique voice of Aussie UF authors, great fun. And finding a quality up-and-coming new author is always a delicious treat!!

    The type of fae is less of a concern for me than that they stay in character, and by mid book haven't reverted to 'human in costume' blah :-(

    Best wishes on your new release!!

  48. Shawna Lewis

    Thanks for this neat chance to win these books I am new to this Author and can't wait to pick up one of her books, they sound perfect!!!!

    My Question is ~ do you have any say in when it comes to your Amazing Books cover art?

    I tweeted

    I posted on Facebook

    I posted on my blogs sidebar

  49. Please count me in.

    Reposted your contest at:


  50. Cybercliper: I so know what you mean about secondary characters taking over. I'm dealing with one like that right now, actually. Down, you sultry thing :) don't you know this isn't your book?

    JD: too much of anything can be a bad thing. It's sad, isn't it, when something you love starts to get boring? I came down with the vampire malaise for a while, but so much good stuff is coming out lately that I'm firmly back on the vamp bandwagon!

    Anon@11:01: YES. What you said. I find that problem with demons in quite a few books -- they're just not very demonic :)

    Thanks for dropping by, Cherry!

    Shawna: sadly, I can't claim any responsibility for those lovely covers :) truly I am blessed by the cover gods!

  51. Hmmm...probably too late to leave Erica a question.

    My favorite fairy story, other than the toothfairy, has to be a mid-summers night dream. Got to see a production of it last year out in the park. awesome!!!


  52. I don't usually like books where fantasy creatures look just like us but from your response maybe this nook would be the exception.

    My favourite fantasy creatures are DWARVES !

    I think they offer real opportunities for authors to come up with faantastic characters and strengths.

    Please include me in the giveaway.
    Thank you.


    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  53. I think a succubus would be an interesting creature along with fairies.

    Thanks ~ megalon22{at}yahoo{dot}com

  54. Heather: ooh, I love A Midsummer Night's Dream. Especially outdoor productions. The fairies are so michievous :)

    buddyt: dwarves, eh? Now there's a challenge. An urban fantasy dwarf heroine. My favourite dwarf would have to be Tyrion Lannister... nasty piece of work, but you can't help but sympathise. Very clever writing.

    CherylS: I had great fun imagining my succubus!

    Thanks for dropping by, everyone!

  55. Erica. Thanks tremendously for being with us.

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