Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Giveaway Winners - Release by Nicole Hadaway

It is wonderful to be able to announce that EVERYONE that entered the Release giveaway is a winner. Author Nicole Hadaway generously bumped the number of giveaways of the ebook to ten! The winners are -
  • S
  • Jen D.
  • Shellie (Layers of Thought)
  • chichaihana
  • Jessica
  • Karen W.
  • Donna [Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings]
  • Alicia
  • booklover0226
  • Mardel 
I have everyone's email address except for "S" and "Mardel". If you would please contact me at scifiguy (at) scifiguy (dot) ca with that information, I will pass it along to Nicole so that she can get your ebooks to you.


  1. I'd just like to thank SciFiGuy for hosting this contest, and I do hope all the winners enjoy Release!

  2. Thanks so much. Just checked my email and got the good news. I'm at work so I'll wait till I'm on my home computer before downloading. But thanks and congrats to the other winners.

  3. Congrats to all the winners and thank you Nicole and SciFiGuy.

  4. How cool! And how generous. Sorry I missed this one. Congratulations winners.

  5. That was very cool & very generous of you, Nicole! The news made my day, so thanks to you & SciFiGuy!

  6. Yay! Thank you Nicole!

    Thanks for hosting the giving Doug. :)

    Congratulations everyone.


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