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Giveaway Winners - Chloe Neill Contest

Using the Randomizer, the following commenters were selected as the winners of the Chloe Neill prizes.

The winner of the Cadogan Gift Pack is:
  • RKCharron who said...Thank you for an excellent guest post Chloe! I'm looking forward to your new series. I have never been to Chicago but I will visit some day. 2nd City started there (improv). Al Capone. Oprah Winfrey. Barak Obama. Chicago the Windy City is historical.
The winner of a copy of Friday Night Bites is:
  • Jen D. who said...Thanks for the great guest post Chloe and thanks for the contest Doug. My Chicago tidbit is that Northwestern University, the first university in the Chicago area, was founded in 1851. I figured I'd throw in an educational tidbit since Merit's a or was a grad student
I'd like to thank Chloe Neill for contributing the gift pack and for being part of this fun author event. Special thanks to all the commenters that offered up an interesting fact or tidbit about Chicago. In celebration of Cadogan House and Chicago here is a visual tour of Chicago by our readers...

A Cadogan Tour of Chicago

I definitely loved Chicago at night.

Chicago is the home of the Oriental Institute, which I've always wanted to visit. It's world-renowned for the study of Egyptology and the Ancient Near East.

I want to enjoy a Chicago Hot Dog. I hear they are the best!!

One of Chicago's Sister Cities is Toronto.

Second City started there (improv). Al Capone. Oprah Winfrey. Barak Obama. Chicago the Windy City is historical.

In 1871, Queen Victoria and the people of Britain shipped cartons of books to Chicago. English novelist Thomas Hughes helped organize the books, which were the basis of the city's first library.

Chicago factoid: The Harold Washington Library is the world’s largest public library, containing about 2 million books.

The claim that Catherine O'Leary's cow knocked over a lantern in the family barn caused the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 is a myth. Chicago Republican reporter Michael Ahern admitting to fabricating that tale in 1893. Mrs O'Leary, who passed in 1895, spent the rest of her life thinking the fire was her fault.

Chicago cab drivers want to charge a $50 fee for puking passengers.

In 1922 The National Football League franchise transferred from Decatur, Illinois, to Chicago. The team took the name, Chicago Bears or, as they say in the Windy City, "Da Bears."

I loved Chicago when I was there in Fall '98 -- lots of city atmosphere, but the thing that really struck me was the wide sidewalks -- you could really enjoy a stroll down the sidewalks without bumping into people.

Chicago tidbit - back in the dark ages there was a radio and early TV program called the Breakfast Club. And I have to admit that I like Oprah.

Chicago back in the mid 90's had some of the most beautiful old Victorians have ever seen, also some very quirky sites to visit as a tourist. In Chicago it's illegal to eat during a fire. And it's illegal to drink alcohol in a standing position.Chicago is home to Navy Pier a fun amusement park of the pier of the river. There is also the Chicago Art Museum that is home to Sue the dinosaur! Or it was when I was last there!

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States.

One thing about Chicago that you must know is that it has the best pizza on the planet. My favorite in the city is Pizzeria Uno or Pizzeria Duo. Just a heads up-it takes an hour to bake so call ahead.

My Chicago tidbit is that Northwestern University, the first university in the Chicago area, was founded in 1851. I figured I'd throw in an educational tidbit since Merit's a, or was a grad student.

The first Ferris Wheel was debuted in Chicago in 1893 at the World's Columbian Exposition.

Roller skates, steel frame skyscraper, elevated railway, cracker jacks, zipper, window envelope, hostess inkie, pinball game and spray paint were invented in Chicago.

Though Chicago is called the "Windy City," average wind speeds are greater in Casper, Wyo. (12.9 m.p.h.), Boston (12.5), Buffalo (12), Milwaukee (11.6), and Honolulu (11.4). Chicago with a gusty 10.4, actually got its nickname from long-winded politicians, not the weather.

Chicago’s downtown area is known as “The Loop.” The nickname refers to the area encircled by the elevated (‘L’) train tracks.

The game of 16-inch softball, which is played without gloves, was invented in Chicago.

Chicago has the United States oldest planetarium.

Chicago hot dogs are messy, sloppy affairs. =) "Da Bears Still Suck" is a polka in Wisconsin. The last time I was downtown, Grant Park parking was $10 for a weekend day.

Chicago tidbit: Chicago is essentially on Lake Michigan, a lake so large it has its own tides.

Illinois was the first state to ratify the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, abolishing slavery (1865).

There are bullet holes in the cornerstone of Holy Name Cathedral from the mafia era.

Parts of the movie Flatliners was filmed not only in the city but on the campus of Loyola University. The building where they killed themselves was the chapel under renovation. The "Second City" is also Gotham City in the recent Batman movies.

A great book with non-fiction and fiction mixed that tells you about the background of the Chicago Worlds Fair and Chicago architecture is The Devil in the White City.

The midwest's largest all girls high school is in Chicago, Mother McAuley. I went there. :)

The best place for deep dish pizza (IMO) is Pizano's on east Madison. Its right by the Art Institute and Millennium park.

One thing I learned about Chicago is that Chicago is the candy capital of the world. It has the most candy manufacturers within a small radius than any other place in the world.

My Chicago tidbit.. It has over 40 museums. My favorite Chicago landmark? It's gotta be the Art Institute.

Did you know that the Bears played at Wrigley Field, from 1921-1970. And that the original name of the Bears was Decatur Staleys, they changed to the Bears to identify with the Cubs team.

If I missed it, a little know fact is that my brother's favorite football players are Walter Patton and Jim McMahon...both from the 1985 SB Champ Chicago Bears.

Chicago River is the only river in the world that flows backwards

Chicago's one of the greenest cities in the US (and by green I mean environmentally friendly). At least according to En Route magazine.

In the winter, at night, we used to listen to WLS out of Chicago on am radio!! That was one of the best stations! It made me want to go and visit.

Chicago is the third more densely populated city in the US and shares the border of the great lakes with Canada.

I can say that WLS is both an AM and FM station, the Stevenson is deadly to drive on, and I get lost everytime I visit!! (oh, and people drive really fast there, scary for a downstate rural girl like myself, lol.)

The Chicago area has an elk preserve, in Elk Grove, where seven elks live inside a little fenced area.

Chicago is also the home of the marvellous Steppenwolf Theatre Company.


  1. Great pics and post today, SciFiGuy!

  2. Thank you for the great post on Chicago today & the excellent photographs.
    I'm extremely excited to have won!
    Thanks again,

  3. Congrats winners!

    Awesome pics! I learned a ton!

    I want that hot dog. Now. Yum.

    And Chloe Neill is awesome! I read Some Girls Bite over the weekend, it was great and now I can't wait to get my hands on Friday Night Bites!

  4. Congrats winners. :)

    Doug the pictures are wonderful. :)


  5. Oh lots of neat info I never knew and great pics too! If I ever go back there are some things here I'd like to see and do. Lol, just realized I sound like Dr. Seuss... I did go to that boardwalk when I was there though.

    Congrats winners!

  6. *Hiding behind cubicle wall and doin' a happy dance* =)

    Thanks to Chloe and Doug for the contest.

    Great post Doug. I'm totally inspired to visit my friend who lives out there.

    Thanks for the congrats everyone.


  7. Great pictures and interesting facts about Chicago!!
    Congrats to the winners!!

  8. There are some beautiful buildings in Chicago. Also, I never knew that the Chicago River flows backward (and how do they figure that out? Does it flow from the ocean inland? I don't get it!-now I'm stressed out! Thanks a lot! Kidding.)

  9. Thanks Nicole Chicago is a great town. Everyone should visit it at least once!

    You're welcome RK!

    Jessica glad you liked the first book. Fun series set in a great town!

    Thanks Michelle, it was fun tracking them down after reading all the great comments from readers.

    Ladytink I'd love to go to a ballgame there.

    LOL you are welcome. Jen I am just trying to picture the happy dance :)

    Thanks Martha!

    Mardel maybe they put little rubber ducks on the river and watch which way they float :)

  10. Loved seeing my home city on your site! How fun!

    I always tell people they have to visit. It's not the first thing that crops up in a lot of people's minds when they think "vacation," but it's a FABULOUS city. It really is the third coast!

    And my favorite thing to do with tourists is to take them on an architectural boat tour. Unlike, say, on the Thames, where the pedestrian sidewalks run along the river, the backsides of most Chicago buildings are only visible from the river. That said, they are not your typical backsides; they're gorgeous! (not that I don't love backside . . . dear god where I am I going. LOL)

    Anyway, that and the new Millenium Park are the only additions I'd make to this wonderful list!

    Oh, and my fave restaurant: Coco Pazzo. There's two, either is fab, but I usually go to the one right off the Magnificent Mile.

  11. Nicole thanks for adding to the best of Chicago post. I love your architectural river tour idea. Who would have thought. (And I know where you were going with the backsides comment - LOL). I've been to Chicago a few times and it is indeed a magnificent city (I do think Toronto gives it a run for its money though).

  12. thats wonderful, now i know alot of information bout this


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