Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Giveaway Winner - Roxanne Rhoads Prize Pack

The winner of the Roxanne Rhoads prize pack including a Fang-tastic Desk Set and ebook copy of Eternal Desire is (drum roll please) -
  • ktshabatie who said "I love vampires because they're sexy and mysterious and dangerous!"
Congratulations and thank you to everyone that entered and answered Roxanne's question - "What you find so appealing about vampires?"

So in response to the query our readers had this to say -

The  Attraction of Vampires: 22 Reasons

  1. I think vampires represent sex, mystery, never getting old or sick, and the fulfillment of fantasy.
  2. The neck-nibbling, the compelling eyes, the powerful sensuality and the whole "Children of the night, what sweet music they make." aspect of the Vampire Psyche.
  3. The pain-filled pleasure of the neck bite of course. The fact that once bitten, you'd never age is also a plus.
  4. For me it's always been about the eyes. I'm already a sucker for light eyes. Add to that the whole glowing and hypnotizing thing and I'm as good as done.
  5. Definitely the mystery, sexuality, not aging or getting sick, that's the top of my list!
  6. I think what I love about vampires is the lure of immortality and their sensual appeal.
  7. I think Vampires are fascinating because of their eternal life. Parts would be hard, but can you imagine all the history they could experience first hand. They could gain knowledge beyond anyone imaginable.
  8. The fact that they have fangs, are super strong and also a dark and mysterious air around them makes them attractive. They're definitely a fantasy that I'm okay with coming alive.
  9. I think what I love about the vamps I've read about is their tortured souls and how the love of their life mends them. Also, the eternal life aspect just is so cool.
  10. I love vampires because they are so powerful - especially the psychic stuff. If I had the ability to scan minds, trust me, some of my weekly meetings would be a whole lot easier on everybody - plus just think how much easier salary negotiations could be.
  11. For me, vampires are the ultimate alpha males.
  12. I love the mystique of the vampire, the strength, the power and their knowledge. After all, they have lived for centuries so they know all about the world and people
  13. I love that vamps are so sexy!
  14. I think that what appeals me to vampires is their intensity!! I mean they are really old so they have a ton on knowledge and they are sexy. Plus the whole drinking blood thing seems like such an intimate moment between lovers!!
  15. Interesting how there's a definite link between 'bad' things and sex! Vampires are usually smooth, suave, beautiful beings, with years of experience at how to treat a lady, which is why I wouldn't mind having one as a boyfriend....!
  16. I love vampires because they're sexy and mysterious and dangerous!
  17. I think I love vampires because they are the ultimate bad boys. They exude sexiness but an inherent danger is always lurking just below the surface.
  18. Vampires have me seduced with the possibility of eternal love - and I really like to be bitten! My hubby thinks it's cute the way I wiggle & giggle with a nip here or there.
  19. What's so special about vampires?They live in a different world and have the possibility to explore most of the world and see it in different times...
  20. I think the vampires today are so sexy and I like the fact they never age.
  21. Vampires,what could be sexy and alluring? They are dark and mysterious, and the bite your neck. Who could resist that? LOL
  22. To me they represent lust, love, living forever, and having power. The kiss of the vampire is a very intense attraction.

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