Thursday, October 8, 2009

Giveaway Winner - Offspring Series by Jaime Rush

The randomizer has selected a a winner for a copy of  A Perfect Darkness and the second book Out of the Darkness from the Offspring series by Jaime Rush.
  • Cherie J who said...Would love to be entered in the drawing. Sounds like a great series. I really enjoy psychic gifts paranormals. It is amazing how authors find ways to push the envelope and excite readers with their ideas. This genre is so amazing. Thanks for guestblogging Jaime.
I also would like to thank Jaime Rush for a wonderful post and the many thoughtful responses to readers questions throughout the week.


  1. Congrats! I want wait to buy and read these books.

  2. Whoo hoo, congrats! If you'd like two bookplates to make them autographed, just send a SASE to me at POB 10622, Naples, FL 34101.

  3. Hey Jaime I will email the winner and let them know about your kind offer!


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