Friday, October 23, 2009

Cover Art - "Waking the Witch" by Kelley Armstrong

Thanks to Donna at Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings for alerting me to Kelley Armstrong's twitter about her new cover for Waking the Witch (book 11). This is a Women of the Otherworld novel and features Savannah. It releases August 3, 2010.

A kick-ass thriller with a magical twist. Meet SAVANNAH. She's strong, smart, sexy...and supernatural. In book 11 of the Women of the Otherworld series, Kelley Armstrong tells the story of Savannah - a young witch with a dark heritage. As the orphaned daughter of a black witch mother and sorcerer father, she has powers far beyond a normal witch, and a dangerous addiction to trouble...Will she be able to resist the darker side of her powers, and more to the point, is she right to deny that side of herself?


  1. Omg I love it! I'm also sooo excited to read more about Savannah, she is such a great character.

    Thanks for the wonderful news!

  2. Thank you Kelley Armstrong and SciFiGuy for sharing this great cover with us!

  3. Falling Off the Shelf it has been a while since Savannah appeared in a book. A great character, but then I like all of Kelley's women.

    Wildwitch a new Otherworld book is always cause for celebration :)

  4. Wow... I just got chills and I haven't even read Frostbitten yet!

  5. I'm soooo excited about reading about Savannah!!! Ever since she was mentioned in the beginning I wanted to read more about her.

  6. dygitalpunk that was well said :)

    Ashley yeah Savannah has had a few cameo appearances in some of the novels but I am glad she gets one to herself.

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