Friday, October 16, 2009

Cover Art (revised) - "My Soul to Save" by Rachel Vincent

Rachel Vincent has posted a revised cover for My Soul to Save the next book in her Soul Screamers YA urban fantasy series following My Soul to Take and would like your opinion on the change. Visit her blog to contribute to the poll. Which do you prefer?




  1. Hi Doug!

    I visited Rachel Vincent's site earlier and voted. I like the old cover, with the full figure. Nothing wrong with the new close up image, but I think the old cover matched the first book's cover better to set the tone for the series.


  2. I saw this earlier too and voted for the old one as well.

    I don't like the close up actually.

    What about you Doug? You didn't say if you did or not.

  3. I voted. I liked the new cover on its own, but the own when paired with the first book.

  4. Dottie I think they should have stuck with the first cover. It ties it as a series better. More consistent branding.

    Jessica LOL I usually forget to put my two cents worth in so as not influence people (as if that would happen). The new one is nice enough but I don't see the need for a change.

    Sheila exactly as a design it is attractive enough but as part of a set, the change isn't needed.

  5. I prefer the old one too! I hate when they change the covers styles in the middle of a series, and this time, I'm not sure why they did anyway. It was very pretty as it was!

  6. Kay I'm betting that the poll agree with you.

  7. I like the original cover much more then the new one. will go over to vote!

  8. Love the old cover, strongly dislike the new one.

  9. Leontine HQN listens pretty well to its readers - thus the poll.

    Rebecca sometimes a change just isn't necessary.

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