Friday, October 2, 2009

Cover Art - "Moon Sworn" by Keri Arthur

Tez Miller at Tez Says posted the new cover that Keri Arthur unveiled on her website for the 9th Riley Jensen book. The title has changed, instead of Captured by Vengeance, it is now called Moon Sworn and will be out in summer 2010. Apparently this book wraps up the series. I for one will be sorry to see it finish.


  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement :-)

  2. Gorgeous! Omg! I have to have it! lol. I love the Riley Jenson books :)

  3. I like the cover. I think I'm one book behind, at least I have a bit of time to catch up!

  4. That explains my confusion! I hadn't heard that Caputred by Vengeance had been renamed. Man, and here I was hoping for a tenth novel! :P

  5. I believe that if you look at Keri Arthurs website you will see that Moon Sworn is not the last book .. Captured by Vengence is still the 10th and final book ... on the main page it says it wraps up what happens in books 8 and 9 and considering there is only 7 books out until book 8 Bound to shadows comes out on Oct. 27 2009 that moon sworn will be book 9 n captured by vengence will be the 10th and final book

  6. Tez you're welcome as always oh cover Goddess :)

    Falling Off The Shelf and a new Riley coming this month. Woot!

    Patti it is always nice to have a few fun reads stashed away. Being caught up is over-rated.

    Jackie there may be a 10th novel (see comment before mine) but Keri's website is confusing.

    Hi Anonymous I missed that on the Home page but on her blog for Sept 17 she clearly says that the title was changed. Maybe the title is being re-used for a tenth book. Let's hope so !

  7. Eleni it's sexy like her books :)


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