Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cover Art - "Deep in the Woods" by Chris Marie Green

Chris Marie Green unveiled the cover for Deep in the Woods her 6th Vampire Babylon story on her blog. Thereis a blurb after the cover from her newsletter. Read at your own risk as it contains spoilers for Book 5.  Deep in the Woods will be released March 2, 2010. A Drop of Red is still my favourite cover in the series.

In the chess-like hunt for the Underground, Dawn and the team seem to have captured the vampires’ queen. When Costin seizes a valuable clue from Claudia/Claudius as to the lair’s whereabouts, he goes on the final attack alone, leaving Dawn and the team with the underground vampire, who may or may not have set a trap for Costin. It’s a race against the clock while Dawn puts all her skills to work as she tries to find out whether or not Claudia/Claudius sent the boss to his death...

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