Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cover Art - Chimera by Rob Thurman

Rob Thurman shows the cover Chimera, a new contemporary thriller that readers of her Cal Leandros urban fantasy series are likely to enjoy. Coming June2010. Rob states on her blog -
Some of you may be UF readers and UF only. You  might not be into Sci Fi. This book is listed as a Sci Fi Thriller and the cover does look very Sci Fi. It's not. It's set now and the only difference is that genetic manipulation is more advanced... but only by the bad guys, and they always have more advanced goodies than the rest of the world anyway. This is the book I wrote when I couldn't sell Nightlife, yet I still wanted to write a book about brothers and the bond that goes with that. This is basically a Cal and Niko type book, but the monsters are human. No space ships. So don't freak out. Instead, imagine the fun of the darker, sarcastic brother having to be the older and responsible one and what hell he'd go through trying to be a role model (poor Stefan. Explaining the birds and the bees about broke him. Heh heh.)


  1. Hello! The dude is large and in our face lol. I did not get a scifi feel right of though. I mean, it didn't scream any particular genre to me for some reason. Maybe I broke my genre meter. Oh noes!

    I really think I need a blurb to be able to get a feel for this one. Will see what I think then.

  2. KMont to be honest I wouldn't have thought scifi either if Rob hadn't said something, although I guess the DNA strand thing is a bit of a clue:)

  3. Hi Doug, Your comment on this post struck a chord. It's a darn shame that some people will run screaming from Sci-Fi, especially when it's flavored with romance. They don't know what they're missing! I think some readers get in a rut when they label themselves as UF or PNR fans only. I've been reading a lot of SFR and futuristic romances lately, and I hope they go mainstream like urban fantasy has. Heck, I even like the straight sci-fi stories, although I can't help yearning for a good relationship story too.

    I like the cover on this one, and I'm bummed to hear that it's not so much sci-fi-y.

  4. Rebecca you make a good point and I think that is what Rob Thurman was concerned about too that people might peg it as one thing or another and then it wouldn't meet their expectations. This one is definitely a relationship story, a thriller with near future edge.

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  6. Oh god I thought i was the only one. I was going to say so in the thread but didn't wanna be mean. I got like halfway Get Essay Done through and I was like "okay, so when is the Dresden ending?


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