Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cover Art - "Beyond the Darkness" by Alexandra Ivy

Alexandra Ivy (aka Deborah Raleigh) just unveiled the hot new cover for Beyond the Darkness, the 6th book in her paranormal romance series Guardians of Eternity. The is book is due for release April 6, 2010. Darkness Unleashed (Book 5) hits the shelves in November.


  1. Cool cover, but hahaha! I'm suddenly reminded of Wolverine.

  2. I thought the same thing, Julie.

  3. Oh good. I wasn't the only one. Although, he may be hotter than Wolverine. I do dig the eyes.

  4. I like!!! Cant wait for release!!!

  5. Cool cover. Definitely not wolverine eyes.

  6. Julie Wolverine never crossed my mind. LOL.

    Daelith ditto!

    Jackie I guess Wolverine doesn't have an exclusive on claws :)

    cfisher have you read this series. I've always enjoyed it.

    Sheila it is very different from what we have been seeing lately.


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