Friday, October 2, 2009

Cover Art - "Babes with Brooms" series by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Vicki Lewis Thompson announced a new magical series, Babes with Brooms, which kicks off with Blonde With a Wand (Feb 2, 2010) to be followed by Chick with a Charm (Mar 2, 2010). I am always a sucker for these kinds of titles and I love illustrated covers. How about you?

Sexy witch Anica Revere has one rule: never under any circumstances get involved with a man before telling him she's a witch. Still, what's one silly rule? Especially when the guy in question is as cute as Jasper Danes. But when Anica and Jasper have a spat, she breaks an ever bigger rule of witchcraft and turns him into a cat. Bad news for him. Worse for her...


  1. Oh these look cute! I've never read any of her books..although I have a bunch of them on my TBR pile. I'll have to start reading them (along with the other million books there!).

    I love these covers, cute and quirky :)

  2. I love the covers. I will definitely be checking these out when they're released.

  3. I can't wait to read these, they sound really fun! I love the covers, and the fact that the women pictured have real-size hips and a butt, LOL

  4. Falling Off The Shelf same here. Some on the TBR and a lot of good intentions :)

    Bella I like lighter paranormals and love illustrated covers too.

    Cheryl What truth in advertising? Amazing. LOL

  5. These look fun. I love Vicki Lewis Thompson and I like everyone else need to move some of her stuff up on my tbr pile...her Nerd series is very fun!

  6. Thanks for the recommendation Lori!


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