Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cover Art - "Ardeur: Unauthorized Essays on Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake" edited by Leah Wilson

The C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp newsletter alerted me to this interesting release coming out December 1, 2009 - Ardeur: Unauthorized Essays on Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series by Leah Wilson (Cathy Clamp has a humour essay included). I am sure this will generate some controversy given the popularity of the series and the polarity of opinion by readers on the pre-ardeur Anita and post-Ardeur Anita books. Do you still read the series? What do you think about Anita and the Ardeur? Are you eager for Flirt?

Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series is a literary sensation, thanks to its strong female hero, well-fleshed (both literally and literarily) characters and unabashed attitude toward sex. The world Hamilton has created is powerfully compelling and stunningly complex—and it gets deeper and richer, and more perilous, with every book.

Straddling the series’ dominant themes of sex and power, Ardeur gives Anita fans a deeper look into the dynamics, both personal political, that have kept readers fascinated throughout the run of the series. Why is the ardeur the very best thing that could have happened to Anita, personally (aside from all the sex it requires her to have with hot men)? How is Anita’s alternate United States a logical legal extension of our own? And as the series continues, what other bargains might Anita have to make with herself and others in order to keep the people she loves safe from harm?


  1. Eh, this train left the station for me a long time ago.

  2. I know that a lot of people what to B**** and complain about LKH and the way the books are turning. However she does not put sex in the books just for the sex.

    In Skin Trade Anita was learning how to feed the Ardeur in other ways so she wouldnt have to have sex all the time. There was only two sex scenes in the whole book.

    If people want to read about vampires that dont have sex maybe they should stick to Twilight. LKH's books are very much for adults. They are dark, dangerous and very sexy. If people dont like that type of stories then do read the books.

    However I'm sure that most people dont have a problem with lots of sex in books. Their only problem is the fact that Anita has many men that she is with.

    I am a married woman but this is just fiction. I dont understand why people are so upset.

  3. Sorry, but the moment Anita has shower gel sex with some strange werewolf, that was when I said bye bye.

    I so wanted LKH to stick to the menage between Jean Claude and Richard. To this day I still have no clue why LKH introduced the audeur. In my mind she made Anita turn from a nun unto a whore walking the street for her next john.

  4. I wonder if this book is gutsy enough to wonder if Anita's sexcapades starting around the same time as LKH's divorce from her first husband are linked. Furthermore, if there's any connection to Richard's character turning into a jerky ex because he was originally based o her ex-husband?

    I wouldn't bother reading this if the author only intends to inflate LKH's ego. I can't see how the book could possible overlook all those disgruntled fans who are unhappy with post-Ardeur Anita.

  5. Thanks for the info on this book. I definitely want to read it. My hope is that there will be a variety of opinions

    I am definitely a pre-ardeur reader, although it's true that in Skin Trade the old Anita did emerge.

    Honestly, I expect the vampires I read about to have sex, but LKH let that dominate her later novels. Made her stories boring. So I was glad when Skin Trade signaled a change. Let's see if it lasts.

  6. Looking forward to reading it.

    BenBella Smart Pop books have been a favorite series of mine for years. (full disclosure: I have an essay in "In the Hunt:Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural").

    I enjoy seeing other authors' essays and their points of view on various pop culture themes.

  7. KMont so true of many fans of the series. I stick around but mainly for the train wreck.

    Alicia I agree that there are plenty of other UF and PNR books with sex as prevalent or extreme as in the Anita books. Most peoples issue I think stems from the fact that they feel betrayed by LKH at the vision they hold of Anita and how it has changed which of course is understandable but not reasonable as LKH is entitled to write her characters any way she wants.

    KB I think LKH has floated various explanations over recent years but none that make sense to me. I guess her "muse" is responsible.

    Danielle the book comes from BenBella books and they due a lot of titles on pop culture. I think the essays are likely to run the gamut from pro to con. After all it is called "unauthorized" which like means there will be some dissenting opinions, but that of course is just conjecture until the book comes out.

    Patricia I too prefer the pre-ardeur Anita and Skin Trade was an improvement but the writing still isn't up to the standard of her early writing. Again conjecture but I suspect she is very lightly edited by her publisher and she really needs someone with a stronger opinion guiding her.

    Maria I'm betting this title gets a bit of attention. It will be interesting to see the range and nature of the essays. Very cool that you have an essay in the Supernatural book!

  8. LOL KB What you don't believe she has a muse? I bet she even buys it birthday presents like Nathaniel and Jason and ....

  9. she should buy her muse a sex toy to keep it happy rather then have it destroy everything Anita embodied up to the point her second husband... I mean Micah was introduced.

  10. KB too bad we couldn't have "unauthorized" versions of her Anita series ghostwritten by others. It would be the perfect series to franchise out, satisfy fans and make a boatload of bucks.

  11. I am also a pre-audeur reader, though it was more then just overdose of sex scenes that turned me off. I felt that Anita's growing power made all of the other characters. It wasn't so much fun when all the vampires and werewolves were afraid of the all-powerful human girl. Plus I didn't like what Hamilton did with Richard, making him a hateful angry character. He was one of my favorites.

  12. Oh man is this a hot topic for discussions. Alright, here's my novel:

    I love this series, however, I get annoyed when people say it's a horrid series and they've only read as far as Narcissus in Chains. At that point, Richard was starting to really bug me, so she had to introduce something new that actually worked with Anita instead of constantly fighting with her.

    I think the one thing people tend to forget it that Anita had her entire life to get used to her necromancy powers, which we weren't there for; but people she's only had a short time for the ones she's acquired through JC and people want her to have control NOW. Ever since she became JC's servant, her powers have grown and they've been necromantic in nature, but this is the first that has been more JC than her. I mean, there was a period of adjustment when she acquired Damien too, but it was a part of her powers so it was easier for her to adapt.

    People may love Richard, but I was so happy once he started to disappear. He's to selfish and whiny. His character hinders more than anything and the entire series wouldn't be about Anita anymore if he was still there.

    Yeah, this series started to have a lot of sex thrown in, but there is also a purpose for it. It's not there just so Anita can be a whore; but people didn't stick around with the series long enough to find that out.

    Okay, I've rambled on enough, but this is one topic where everyone has an opinion. ;P

  13. Simcha everyone strong reaction to the change in Anita is a testament to the endurance of the original character. For me LKH could have kept writing variations on the original books and characters and I would have been happy.

    Jackie you are so right that everyone has a point of view on Anita. She is the icon of UF. You make a good case for many of your points but I also think some of the dissatisfaction with the later books stems not just from the sex laden themes but from the fact that they are not as well crafted and written as the earlier books.

  14. I called it quits after Incubus Dreams. The series had started going down for me before that, but I kept hoping it would improve. 18 chapters to cover one sex/ardeur feeding scene was really stretching it for me. I felt like the mystery portion of the book got tossed out the window until the last 50-75 pages. Like LKH remember...Oh yeah, I got solve that problem and bag the bad guy. Instead we get all this guilt and emotional issues Anita is dealing with now because she's sleeping with everyone and that's against her morals. Frankly those morals got tossed out the window with the mystery plot, so she just needs to get over it and get on with her life already. I keep getting the impression that LKH has come up with all these delicious male characters and she can't make up her mind who she wants Anita to be with so she just puts her with all of them and Anita gets a guilt complex over it. I wish she had kept the extra, long drawn out, multiple partners sex in the Merry Gentry series.

  15. Daelith I remember that from Incubus Dreams, the scene started around page 82 and went on for hundreds of pages. I think we are all hoping Anita will eventually conquer the ardeur and the series will finally move on.

  16. Anita may have not had the ardeur all that long, but she does know how to control it and doesn't. That is what is most off putting for me. The ardeur controls Anita, a control-freak herself, and the most she does about it is whine. As long as sex sells, Anita will never bother to control it.

  17. I have been reading LKH's Anita Blake for the past year. I agree that LKH has changed Anita a lot, but it's not like this was a drastic change. Many key plot points happened in order to bring the arduer on Anita. Others also pointed out that Anita was trying to feed the arduer with out the constant need for sex. I haven't read Skin Trade yet (waiting for paperback) but from what I read here, LKH is bringing back the old Anita. I hope it's true, because I do miss her.
    Another thing, LKH is like any other author. Her personal life is bound to effect her writing. Much like Stephenie Meyer all together putting away Midnight Sun because of it's unauthorized release on the internet.

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