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Guest Author - Jaime Rush (Out of the Darkness) | Giveaway

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Jaime Rush (aka Tina Wainscott) to Jaime's paranormal thriller series The Offspring launched this past February with A Perfect Darkness and the second book Out of the Darkness hit book stores yesterday.

You can find out more about Jaime Rush and the series at  Jaime has also written eighteen books under the name Tina Wainscott, visit

I have a copy of A Perfect Darkness and Out of the Darkness for giveaway. Details at the end of the post.

Welcome Jaime!

Um, what is it that I write again?

When people ask me what kind of books I write, I tend to toss out different answers: paranormal romantic suspense; paranormal romantic thrillers; psychic romantic suspense; urban fantasy romance. It really embodies all of that. Paranormal, yes. My characters possess psychic abilities. But when I call it paranormal, some readers think vampires, werewolves, or other creatures. I call it psychic suspense, but it's not like Medium where a mystery is solved because a character "sees" the future. My characters do more than that. One has pyrokinesis (setting fires), one gets storms of images that tear his brain apart, one has telekinesis (moving things), one can see ten seconds into the future…you get the idea. The easier part is the thriller or suspense tag, because either works.

By definition, paranormal means beyond normal, and that certainly describes my books, as well as my interests since I was a kid. I love ghost stories, unusual phenomena, unexplained mysteries. My favorite show was Unsolved Mysteries. I was never so much into creatures (Chupacabra romance, anyone?) but I ate up X-Files, Highlander, and Roswell (a not as well known but cult fave about three teens who are aliens).

My earlier books (written as Tina Wainscott) played with themes such as body switching, near death experiences, twin connections, cellular memory, and psychic connections. I love that it could be real. It's on the edge, accessible to all of us. Who hasn't had a whoo-whoo experience? A knowing? If you haven't, someone you know has, I'll bet. Just recently a man I met, upon hearing what I write about, recounted an out of body experience he'd had. I believe we all have the ability to expand past our five senses. What could be more fascinating, more mysterious, than the human brain? Our soul? We are amazing creatures. If we don't get in our own way, think of the things we can accomplish.

I often meet people who are amazed at the writer's mind. To be honest, so am I, and I've been doing it since I was a kid. That people, scenarios, worlds come out of that mysterious place in our brain (or is it our soul?), is like magic. Artists of all kinds do the same thing. We create so that we can share our magic with you. We honor you with our words, our pictures.

I have another way to honor you, reader, writer, bookseller… everyone. I'm giving you the opportunity to be in a book. Yes, you can have your name in a nationally-published book! All you have to do is fill in your name and email address in the form at my site. There is no contest, no "lucky" winner. You're all winners to me. Tell your friends! Post it on your blog! Names will be included in my third book of my Offspring series, TOUCHING DARKNESS, scheduled for July 2010. See for details.

I also host my Kick Butt First Line contest for readers and writers. Shocking, suspenseful…make us want more! Cash prizes! Contest runs from September 15 through November 1, 2009.

Uh…so what do I write? I probably should tell you about OUT OF THE DARKNESS, my second book in my Offspring series: In a flash, Zoe Stoker goes from tattoo artist to target of an assassin. All her life she's felt like a freak, and now the Offspring, people who also have remarkable psychic abilities, are her only hope. The enemy grows more dangerous…and so do her feelings for one sexy loner as she gains command of her powers and loses control of her heart.

The one consistent tagline I have used for my series is that it's X-Files meets Lost. Government conspiracies, a group of outcasts who band together, and the hope of finding what you've always been looking for: acceptance. That's what I write.

Thanks Jaime for introducing us to your series! Now time for the giveaway.

  1. To enter, leave a comment or question for Jaime.
  2. Open to everyone - everywhere (well I don't ship off planet).
  3. Remember to leave a way to contact you.
  4. Blog, tweet, post, etc., about the guest spot for an extra entry.
  5. Giveaway ends Tuesday, October 6 at 11:59 PM EST.


  1. Good morning, Doug and everyone! I'd love to hear what readers define as the various paranormal genres. Any thoughts?

    Oh, and Doug, did I tell you how much I loved the Tramp Stamp video?


  2. What's your favorite musical? :)

  3. Hi Jaime and Doug! Love those covers, although I'd have to keep them facedown on my shelf so as not to scare my kids :)

    The world you've created for your characters sounds very interesting and different, I'll definitely check them out.

    Posted on my sidebar:

  4. Oh cool! A chance to have my name in a book? Definitely going to check that out. Please enter me in a chance to win this book, this series looks amazing!

    Morning Glow
    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  5. Well then I am glad I didn't move to Mars so that I now can enter this :)

    Hi Jaime and Doug,
    Hm define, well I do wanna put must things with paranormal or extraordinary things in there

    blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

  6. I read A Perfect Darkness and LOVED IT!
    When you friend requested me to check it out on MySpace, saying it was like the movie 'Push', I was intrigued. But after having read the book, I totally like it BETTER than 'Push'!
    I would love to win a copy of the second book! I'm excited to see what happens next in your world of paranormal romance =). <3

  7. How do you decide what type of powers to assign to each character?

    The book sounds awesome!

  8. Hi, all! I was off dealing with the cable guy :)

    What's my favorite musical? Either Mama Mia or Xanadu.

    Patti, LOL, those eyes are pretty eerie, aren't they? I had someone email me that she bought the book because the eyes were following her around the bookstore! Thanks for checking them out!

    Thanks, Morning Glow! Yes, do sign up!

    Sandyra, that's kewl! I only just watched the movie, I confess. When I saw the trailor I freaked because it sounded like my series. I didn't want anything influencing me until I'd figured the next few books out and the underlying mystery. Thanks for the compliment!

    Thanks, Jeanette! Sometimes the character dictates the power. They come to me with it. Sometimes it's necessary for their role in the series.


  9. What a great giveaway.
    My question is about the covers. I love a lot of book covers sometimes I will pick up a book because of the cover. Jaime how do you go about desiding what the cover will look like? Is there an idea ahead of time or is it handed off to someone for them to come up with?

  10. I have just spoken to a good friend about the definition between Urban-Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. It is so hard to define the difference sometimes. Last year I read A Perfect Darkness and enjoyed myself but Eric Aruda really caught my attention, he intrigues the daylights out of me!! Looking forward to this release ;)

  11. The first book I read of yours was Second Time Around and I really enjoyed it. As a disabled person, I thought it was great having a character that was just like me (although I wasn't thrilled when she went down the staircase--LOL) and from there on I was on a search for other books with disabled characters. So thank you for showing me that disabled people do have their place in the romance genre.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  12. Great interview. Jaime's books sound good. :) My question for Jaime is: Who is the biggest supporter of your writing career?


  13. Jessica, if you're lucky, your publisher will ask for your input on the covers. They have a meeting (or several) about the cover, and usually the concept is bandied about between the editors, marketing, and maybe even the sales reps, along with the art department. I sent them some covers that I liked, though I didn't want them to copy the covers. I did want the deep, vivid colors and they delivered on that. They did a stellar job and they also listened to my input along the way, which I appreciated.

    Leontine, it is hard to define. I have been leaning toward urban fantasy romance lately. Your comment about Eric made me smile. When I was first conceiving the series, he was just going to be a butthead who I thought would likely get himself killed during the course of the series. But a lot of people were intrigued by him, maybe annoyed but intrigued, too. So was I! I loved watching him grow, seeing his vulnerabilities, his tenderness...worry not, he's not going anywhere! In fact, he's the hero of book 4, as long as Avon keeps the series going. :) And oh, is his heroine going to be a match for him...::evil laugh::

  14. Joder, thanks! I actually rented a wheelchair and spent the day in it so I would understand what the heroine's world was like. I could not believe how hard it was to get into the restroom! In Now You See Me, my heroine had been blind for some time, and I did a lot of research on that as well. Not to sound punny, but it really opened my eyes to what disabled people have to contend with.

    Crystal, I am blessed to have two huge supporters: my husband and my mom (who calls herself the "producer"). Writing often doesn't pay enough and steadily enough to survive without a spouse who can cover the bills and be okay with that. Though he's happy to retire when I become rich and famous, LOL!

  15. Hi Jaime!
    I like your idea that the books come from your soul *sigh*

  16. Hi Jaime :)
    Your paranormal novels sound intriguing. Thank you for the great post. Did you come up with the tag line X-files meets Lost yourself?
    Paranormal Romance and UF (Urban Fantasy) are sometimes so close the only difference is the lack of HEA in the UF.
    All the best,

  17. I was reading your interview thinking X-Files meets Lost, and then that's what you say at the end. I wonder if they're going to split up paranormal into separate genres soon, since so many people assume vampires and werewolves when it means so much more? Maybe parapsychic? I like books that play with the powers just on the edge of normality.

    sdeeth at msn dot com

  18. Hi, Ina! All the best books do come from the soul. Just the other day I was at the gym and thinking about my 4th book (Eric's story) and just grinning away. Who knows what everyone thought! It's such a wonderful feeling, I didn't even care!

    RKCharron, glad the series sounds intriguing! I did come up with that tag line. I used X-Files meets Friends, but Friends is a bit outdated. X-Files was outdated but then they brought out a new movie, which was cool. Like Lost, it's about a group of different people all thrown together, and I love seeing the sparks fly! You're right about the difference in UF and paranormal. And mostly there's a different romantic lead in each book for para romance and one character in UF.

    Sheila, too funny! You must be psychic! Parapsychic...sounds interesting as a genre title. As far as bookstores, none that I've seen have even separated paranormal from regular fiction/romance. I doubt they or the publishers will separate it too much, but wouldn't it be nice if they put some kind of designation?

  19. Government conspiracies are always popular, and so are paranormal traits. Good luck with the new release!

  20. What a great post; I enjoyed reading it.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

  21. Hi, Jaime,

    Great interview! I enjoyed your Tina Wainscott books, and this new series sounds like one I would love!

    We also have the same taste in TV shows. :) What's your favorite current show? Mine is "Supernatural."

    Thanks for the contest!

    karenwitkowski AT aol(dot)com

  22. Hi Jaime! To me, a book is so much better with some kind of paranormal aspect. Guess I'll always have a soft spot for anything supernatural.

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  23. Jaime: you are a new-to-me author and I look forward to reading your books.
    I was wondering if you work in quiet or do you have background noise going on as you write?

    VWinship at aol dot com

  24. Hello, Jaime! Your book covers are beautiful and creepy! My whole family watched Unsolved Mysteries for years. I always thought that the biggest mystery was how Robert Stack could be a mummy and still host his own TV show! How about Jack Palance on Ripley's Believe It or Not? He was scariest when he smiled! Loved the X-Files series and both movies--Is that you, Mulder? As my granny used to say: "No fools, no fun". Maybe it was "No ghouls, no fun"! Please enter my name in the drawing. I am a follower and a subscriber.
    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  25. Thanks, Nancy! Good to see you! Yeah, that's what I loved about X-Files. And you know, so much of it could be true!

    Thanks, TraceyD! Glad you could stop by!

    Karen, thanks! I LOVE Supernatural! We just switched to cable and I had to real quick DVR it so I wouldn't miss it! Too funny!

    Deidre, that's cool. There's always been a place for paranormals, but it's great to see how huge it is now.

    Hi, Vickie! That's cool! I write with both. Sometimes I like quiet, sometimes I put the Alt-Nation Sirius channel on (alternative rock, which you can probably tell by all the music references in my books, tee hee). I also make playlists that match each character and different moods as well and play those during key scenes.

    Thanks, everyone, for stopping by! It was such fun. Have a great rest of the week!


  26. Great post. I have not read or heard of your books before this and I feel like I have been missing out. They sound great. Cant wait to get the chance to pick them up. Thanks!

    Posted on sidebar here too:

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  27. Would love to be entered in the drawing. Sounds like a great series. I really enjoy psychic gifts paranormals. It is amazing how authors find ways to push the envelope and excite readers with their ideas. This genre is so amazing. Thanks for guestblogging Jaime.


  28. Well, my TBR pile just grew again. I am seriously never going to be able to climb out from under it. One day, years in the future, someone will try to find my and instead they'll find a shriveled-up corpse buried under a mountain of books.

    I'm curious about the character who sees storms of images: which book is he from? Because I really want to read about him now.


  29. Being based in the UK I'm usually a few months behind the US for 'Paranormal Romance Thrillers' or whatever you want to call them! The series sounds like my cup of tea though - one to add to the reading list!


  30. Hi, Donna, glad the series intrigued you! Thanks for checking it out!

    Hi, Cherie! Thanks! Yes, I love seeing all the different ways authors are exploring paranormal elements. It's fun!

    Hi, Lynz! LOL on that image! The storm of images is Lucas's ability, and he's in the first book, though that continues to play in through the later books as well. Hope you enjoy the book!

    Hi, Mel! Kewl! Hope you like them!


  31. I love those covers..
    If you had a power.. what type would it be?

  32. Hi Jaime--

    Most created worlds that involve psychic gifts also express that there is a cost to having and especially using those gifts. Does your world work that way?


  33. The covers look very intense and pretty. I love them!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  34. I must say first of all that I love this blog I get to hear about so many great authors.

    Jamie, My quesiton is who is your favoirte secondary Character in your books and why?
    I cant wait to read your books.


  35. The covers are gorgeous! When you mentioned x-files and lost, I got a little vaclempt. I was such a fan of The X-files growing up.

    Great interview!

    smokinhotbooks AT gmail DOT com

  36. Haven't read this author before but enjoyed the post and am now going to look for her books. The covers are gorgeous as well, they really catch the eye.

  37. Good afternoon, Jaime.

    I'm late but I'll post a question, anyway...

    What is your opinion on book trailers? Do you think they help in book sales?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

  38. Hi, Blackwolf! Aren't the covers great? I'm so lucky. If I had a power, I'd teletransport. To just be able to go wherever I want in a flash would be so cool. Especially those 12 hour drives to North Carolina...

    Karen, yes, actually, there are costs for some of the characters. As they are finding out, the more they use them, the more it pushes them toward the insanity that is also a side effect of the mysterious substance their parents got. They also have limits and rules, which give them much frustration. Heh heh.

    Throughthehaze, yes, the covers are awesome! Can't take credit for them, other than it was my suggestion that they use vivid, deep colors.

    Hi, Alicia! Yes, isn't this a great blog? And Doug is great to work with, too. I think the most intriguing secondary character is Eric Aruda. Honestly, when I first conceived the series, I thought he would probably go up in flames, literally, because he's very volatile. But as I've gotten to know him, I realized he has to be a hero at some point. He's a bit of a butthead, but he's hot and fiery in personality as well as ability. He has also piqued other readers' interest.

    Thanks, smokinghotbooks! I love the X-Files and miss it so. The movie was only a tease...

    LFournier, thanks for checking out the books!

    TraceyD, I did a kick-butt trailer for one of my Tina Wainscott books, live actors and everything, and I honestly don't think it did anything for sales. It was fun to do, though, but way expensive. There are so many trailers out there, you really have to do something different and also do it well to stand out.


  39. Hi Jamie~

    I absolutely love the covers for these. I have added them to my to be bought list and am looking forward to reading them.

    I mix between The X-Files and Lost sounds like a definite must read to me.

  40. Those covers are very intense. I like them!
    Do you feel all the categorizing of sub-genres helps bring books closer to their target audience?

  41. When you were first starting out, what did you do to learn your craft?


  42. LoriT, thanks for putting the books on your list!

    Pixie, I do think that categorizing helps, to an extent. It's also limiting, go figure. :) But readers are sometimes very specific in what they like. There's nothing wrong with that, but the bottom line is, a good book is a good book, right?

    Llehn, of course, I read a lot and tried to figure out what made the book work (or not) for me. Not in a break down each sentence/plot turn way, but in a general way. I devoured every book on writing and the business that I could. There are definitely parts you can learn, and there are parts that are innate. The grammatical part is easy to learn (okay, not easy, but learnable). Storytelling, not as much. But I have to think that if you're driven to write stories, you have that innate ability already.


  43. Sounds like a great series! As for the paranormal genres, I get confused by the labels. When I go book shopping, I know I have to go through the romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror section to cover all my bases. It's a labor of love!

  44. Cibercliper, I hear ya! Sometimes I have to do that to find my own books, LOL.

  45. Hi Jaime, thanks for the add on myspace. I have a question.... I'm a writer, have been for years, aside from finishing a novel, what was the hardest thing you faced when getting published?


  46. Wow, such cool covers. Do you have a favorite?


  47. Evangeline, Hm, the hardest thing...Actually, finishing the books is easy. I love writing, though by the third round of editing the story...blech. Probably the hardest part was learning the business end of things, doing all the research of finding the right agent. Belonging to Romance Writers of America was a big help, though.

    LaurieT, definitely the new cover is my favorite, though the guy reminds me more of Eric, another character in my group, than it does of Rand. Still, he's hot :)

  48. Hi Jaime,
    These books look really interesting to me & your description of paranormal suspense caught my eye. I can't wait to read your series. Also, I'm a huge fan of the Highlander as well - I can never get enough of those immortals!

  49. Hi Jaime,

    My question for you would be...what is your favorite part of the writing process? Why?


  50. ===========================
    A huge thanks to Jaime for her frequent visits and terrific responses to everyone's questions.

    I'll post the winner of the two books on Thursday.

    It's been a pleasure Jaime!

  51. Cheryl, glad the series piqued your curiosity! Yes, I do miss the Highlander. I saw the last movie with Adrian Paul not long ago. It was...different. Can't say I was thrilled with it. But I've got the series on DVD to watch whenever I want. ::SIGH::

    Deb, I love the beginning, when the idea is coming together. I'm a plotter, and I'll get pieces of scenes, tidbits about the characters, those wonderful "OH!" moments that sometimes happen in public and probably make people wonder why I'm grinning like a she-devil. Least favorite part? The last rounds of edits.

    Thanks, Scifiguy, for having me as a guest! It's really been fun.


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