Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cover Art - "Mind Games" by Carolyn Crane

Carolyn Crane who many of you may be familiar with over at funny and eclectic The Thrillionth Page, has just revealed the cover for her debut urban fantasy novel Mind Games. Congratulations Carolyn! The book is due for release March 23, 2010.

Carolyn has this to say about the book and series-
But I'm sure it's fine to say that, in a nutshell, Mind Games is the first in an urban fantasy trilogy about a hypochondriac who joins a psychological hit squad. It takes place in a fantastical Milwaukee/Chicago. (Specifically, the Milwaukee/Chicago of my childhood imagination. I lived in suburbs of both cities as a young child.)


  1. Hey!! Thanks for the shout out and the kind words. And congrats to you on the award--hugely well deserved. Also, whoa, what is this about a Kresley Cole free download???

  2. So, so happy for Carolyn! I have been hearing about her books since she first sold it. :D

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