Friday, September 18, 2009

Cover Art - "A Mermaid's Ransom" by Joey W. Hill

Here is the cover for A Mermaid's Ransom by Joey W. Hill, the third book in her Daughters of Arianne paranormal romance series following A Witch's Beauty (2009) and Mermaids Kiss (2008). I've read her Vampire Queen series and was wondering if anyone had read any books from this series. Comments or recommendations anyone? A Mermaid's Ransom releases in December.

Growing up the daughter of a famous mermaid and the second in command of the angelic legions can put a lot of pressure on a girl. Though she loves her parents, Alexis has chosen to live among humans as an ordinary college girl, but she can’t hide the tranquil aura of angelic light and empathic ability that draws people to her. Unfortunately, while it draws men to her, none of them are willing to cross the line to find her true heart and soul – or even give her a decently passionate kiss. That is, until she begins to dream of a male trapped in fire and rage, who wants her so badly he’ll tear the universe apart to have her. However, while all she can feel is his pain and suffering, and a yearning to heal him, Dante sees her as the way to his freedom. He thinks he’s willing to destroy her to accomplish that, but once he kidnaps her into his world and is confronted with the girl who is the opposite of everything he’s ever known, he starts to wonder if his freedom is as important as keeping her by his side.


  1. Wow, Joey always has some really beautiful covers. Actually I have A Witch's Beauty and Mermaids Kiss on Ye Olde TBR Pile but haven't made it down that far yet...aaaah, so many books, so little time!!!

  2. Joey Hill has some of the best books! I've read the books previous to A Mermaid's Ransom and I think they're awesome rads!

  3. Cool cover! I've not read any of these.

  4. Cybercliper yes Joey always seems to have nice covers, and sensual, to match the stories, at least for the Vampire Queen series.

    Great Jeanette so many books out there it is sometimes hard to find someone who can give a recommendation.

    Sheila I wanted to try something of Joey's that didn't have fangs.

  5. I've read her mermaid/angel books, and they rock! If you like her style, you should definitely try them. They're emotional and have the same edge. :) Don't let the mermaid title scare you.

  6. Anonymous I'm good with mermaids. I would read this just because it is by Joey Hill.


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