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Urban Fantasy Weekend Report


The Giveaway for a copy of the Stargate Atlantis Fans’ Choice Blu-Ray Disc is still open until MIDNIGHT tonight so if you haven't thrown your name in the virtual hat you still have a little time.

Author Dakota Banks was here this past week. Check out her interview here as well as the exclusive excerpt from her next book SACRIFICE. Leave a comment to be entered in a draw for a signed copy of her new urban fantasy DARK TIME. Any interested commenters can also receive a promotional pen and bookmark by leaving a comment and emailing me ( their snail mail address. Closes August 11.

The coming week is very busy here at Starting Monday, August 10, I will be having a giveaway for 2 copies of THE CALLING by David Mack, a supernatural thriller/urban fantasy that was released July 21. On Wednesday, August 12, Jory Strong is my guest to talk about SPIDER-TOUCHED an urban fantasy romance set in the same world as GHOSTLAND. I just finished reading SPIDER-TOUCHED this week and I loved it. Very hot romance and a terrific story. Thursday the Harlequin Teen team will be here as part of their blog tour to tell us more about the urban fantasy/paranormals we can expect to see over the coming months.

The following week, Australian author Tracey O'Hara joins us to share her thoughts about her debut urban fantasy NIGHT'S COLD KISS on August 19. I finished NIGHT'S COLD KISS this past week and I can tell you that urban fantasy fans are going to very pleased with this debut entry. I have also recently added a blog tour with John Shirley whose supernatural thriller/urban fantasy BLEAK HISTORY releases August 18.

Check my 'Author Events & Interviews' list on my sidebar for a full list of upcoming guests.

Also a big thanks to the ladies at Paranormal Romantics for the “One Lovely Blog Award”


Anna's Book Blog is doing a major cleaning on her TBR Shelf and regular book shelves with a an extensive list of giveaways. There will be 5 winners that get to pick two books off the list. Open until August 17th for U.S. and Canada.

A Rachel Vincent interview and giveaway of MY SOUL TO KEEP at So Many, Books, So Little Time blog.

Love Vampires is having a contest for the Casa Dracula bu Marta Acosta. Enter to win one set of the entire Casa Dracula series and five copies of Happy Hour at Casa Dracula. Amanda says, "All the Casa Dracula books blend entertaining social comedy with witty romance and vampires – making them perfect reading for any hip vampire fan this summer. Enter the giveaway now and you could win a copy in time for your late summer vacation…" Open until August 25.

To celebrate her release of THE PATH OF RAZORS (Vampire Bablyon Book Five), Chris Marie Green is giving away another Neko Press print by Billy Martinez. The title of this print is “Stone Princess”. The contest also includes signed copies of the previous books in the Vampire Babylon series (NIGHT RISING, MIDNIGHT REIGN, BREAK OF DAWN, FIRST BLOOD anthology, and A DROP OF RED). The contest ends September 15, 2009.

Kristen Painter is giving away an ARC of her Sepembert 1 Samhain release of ALL FIRED UP.

Laris Ione has a blockbuster contest celebrating her website redesign. Contest ends August 31st.

Yasmine Galenorn also has a blockbuster contst for an ARC of the forthcoming NEVER AFTER anthology plus 20 signed copies of her backlist books.

Check out Dirty Sexy Books that has an ARC of ROSEMARY AND RUE and three other great titles for giveaway. Ends August 15.


Deborah Cooke (Claire Delacroix) is the romance writer in residence at the Toronto Public Library starting October 3. She says -
I've been working on the blog for the residency at the Toronto Public
Library, and that will be visible to you starting October 3. I'll send you a link closer to the date. The blog will be about the romance genre and about writing romance - the idea is that I'll write a post each
Monday. I'll link to some other post on related topics each Wednesday, then each Friday, we'll have a special guest blogger. I think it's going to be an interesting blog for those two months and am curious
myself to see what our guests have to say. The details about library patrons submitting work for critique are on the Toronto Public Library site now, as well as the info about public events associated with the
Keri Arthur has completed edits on CAPTURED BY VENGEANCE (Book #9), the last of the Riley books.

Have publishers gone too far? Apparently Emily Bronte’s classic Wuthering Heights is now deemed Bella and Edward’s favourite book. [Via Bloody Bookaholic and A Flight of Minds].

More information on the BY BLOOD WE LIVE anthology on the editors website.

From Lilith Saintcrow -
I’m also happy to report that I’ve finished a Jill Kismet short story, tentatively titled Holding The Line, for an upcoming anthology edited by my good friend Justin Gustainis. Further bulletins on that as time and information permit.

From P.C. Cast on tour she mentions the next House of Night book -
We've arrived safely in Edinburgh, which is where we'll be doing some major research for the 7th book in the HoN series, BURNED.

The first 3 chapters of Kelley Armstrong’s THE RECKONING are available here.

C.E. Murphy reports that she has begun the sixth Walker Papers novel, tentatively titled RATTLESNAKE DANCES.

Jordan Summers weighs in on the topic of genre labelling in a Paranormal Romance vs Urban Fantasy post at Romancing the Blog.

Some best seller list achievements this week -
  • Jeaniene Frost's DESTINED FOR AN EARLY GRAVE is # 7 on the New York Times bestseller list and #38 on the USA Today bestseller list.
  • Maggie Stiefvater's SHIVER debuted at #9 on the New York Times bestseller list.
  • Marjorie Liu's THE FIRE KING hit the New York Times Mass Market Bestseller List at #23
A number of books were set free this week including -
  • The young adult UGLIES by Scott Westerfeld available here.
  • THE BRAS BED by Jennifer Stevenson available at Suvudu.
  • King's Property: Book One of the Queen of the Orcs Trilogy by Morgan Howell available at Suvudu.
Check out all the fun posts at Michele Hauf’s Dusted blog where she has been having author and editor guests showing off their TBR pile photos.

From Jacqueline Carey's blog we learn that the next book after NAAMAH'S KISS is NAAMAH'S CURSE. Here’s a video of her reading an excerpt from NAAMAH'S CURSE on June 29, 2009 at the University Bookstore in Seattle WA.

Caitlin Kittredge reveals everything you ever wanted to know about THE WITCH’S ALPHABET the first book in a new YA series. Caitlin says -

So, back in October I sold this YA. It was a steampunk fantasy about a girl who’s brother is stolen by fairies, and what she does to get him back. But it’s a lot more than that, and as we get closer to publication, I wanted to dissemate some more tidbits:
  • The Witch’s Alphabet is Volume I of a trilogy, which is known collectively as the Iron Codex.
  • It is classed as Upper YA, meaning that there are scary things and swearing, but your parents probably won’t ground you for reading it
  • The heroine’s name, Aoife, is pronounced “Ee-FAH”
  • It takes place in 1955, but not the 1955 we all know…
  • It’s an steampunk/alternate history novel. In a nutshell, “steampunk” is a world where steam technology takes the place of combustion, causing a splinter from recorded history. It is an aesthetic/historical genre, or as Cherie is fond of describing it, “The fiction of a future that never happened.”
  • Publication date is Spring 2010.
  • I don’t have any ARCs yet but I am collecting ARC requests to pass on to my publicist at Delacorte. If you want to try and get one and aren’t already on Delacorte’s list, email me.
  • The book publishes first in hardcover
  • Come September, I’m going to be setting up a new blog specifically for YA-related news and also as a sort of alt-history space to post some small primers on the world of Witch’s Alphabet.
Book Trailer: Haunting Beauty by Erin Quinn

Fangs, Fur & Fey has a post by their newest memebr M.K. Hobson who says -
I'm the newest pledge here at (the line to spank me with the oversized FFF paddle forms on the left.) I write urban and historical fantasy, steampunk, and anarchocapitalist conspiracy fiction, liberally sprinkled (sometimes heaped, even) with romance. Because everything's better with romance. It is the bacon of literature.


True Blood Season 2 Episode 8 Preview:

For all the True Blood and Sookie Stackhouse universe news check out the comprehensive Loving True Blood in Dallas blog.

Lovely Bones Trailer: Directed by Peter Jackson based on the Alice Sebold novel.

STARLOG: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Universe has a terrific DVD review of THE MIDDLEMAN: THE COMPLETE SERIES.

The Vampires Assistant Trailer: Based on the Darren Shan vampire books.


Via the Web Round-Up from Tor by Megan Messinger she provides this link - "Attempting to pick up guys by reading; I can’t decide whether I should be vaguely offended or taking notes."

Book lovers and collectors of signed books should enjoy this interesting pictorial article via Jacqueline Carey’s website about Online Signings through The Signed Page using NAAMAH'S KISS as a recent example. The article appeared on Suvudu here.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has urban fantasy author Mike Shevdon talking about the genre. In the opening to the piece Mike Sheldon says -
As a writer of Urban Fantasy, I very much enjoyed Lillith Saintcrow's Angry Chicks in Leather article and the follow-up from Carrie Vaughn, Deconstructing Urban Fantasy. They provide an insight into why these particular forms are so strong within Fantasy at the moment and what it is we find compelling in them. In its quest to discover whether the kick-ass girls represented some flaw in cultural values, though, I think it perhaps missed the question of why it is that Urban Fantasy is hot right now.

Orbit announces the winner Most Awesomely Bad SFF Cover in the Universe contest.

Literary Escapism has lots more news, interviews, links and covers this week here, here and here.


Tez Says has cover art for Captivate, The Poison Eaters and Other Stories, Magic Study (AU), The Returners, & The Reckoning.

OCD, Vampires, and Rants, oh my! has the before and after covers for LIAR the YA book by Justine Larbalestier that has been in the news of late.

Melissa Marr has covers for the Italian LOVE IS HELL anthology and the manga of WICKED LOVELY.

Cover art featured here at SciFiGuy this past week included:


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