Monday, August 3, 2009

Reviewette - "Wet Teeth" by Cecil Castellucci

Anthology: The Eternal Kiss
Story: 9 of 13
Pages: 15

Wet Teeth is also a very dark tale. Miles is a vampire and feeds only on the homeless. He leads a solitary existence, controls his urges and frankly doesn’t have much of an “un-life” – until he meets the vivacious Penny in the park. Right from the outset I had the feeling that things were not going to end well. Miles becomes infatuated and his attraction and growing friendship with Penny draws him out of his shell. Of course there is a reason Miles kept to himself and was careful not to get involved either with humans or other vampires. The ending is inevitable but not quite what you might think. Tragic but engaging.

Rating – 4 Eternal Kisses (of 5)

Official Cecil Castellucci Website

Cecil Castellucci has published three novels for young adults—Boy Proof, The Queen of Cool and Beige.

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