Monday, August 3, 2009

Reviewette - “Other Boys” by Cassandra Clare

Anthology: The Eternal Kiss
Story: 10 of 13
Pages: 26

Other Boys is an unusual cautionary tale of high school dating. Jennifer’s conservative parents won’t let Jennifer date yet her cousin Gabby is free to date as much as she pleases. Then Jennifer meets goth boy Colin and prepares to break all the rules to spend time with him. He intimates that he is a vampire and they find ways to sneak off together. But nothing is as it seems either for Jennifer, Colin or Gabby. Even Jennifer’s parents are in for a surprise when the family secret and all of the truths and consequences come to light. Entertaining with a couple of solid twists at the end.

Rating – 3.5 Eternal Kisses (of 5)

Official Cassandra Clare Website

Cassandra Clare is the author of the young adult Mortal Instruments Trilogy which includes City of Bones (2007), City of Ashes (2008) and City of Glass (2009).


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