Monday, August 3, 2009

Reviewette - Ambition by Lili St. Crow

Anthology: The Eternal Kiss
Story: 12 of 13
Pages: 37

Ambition is one of those stories you are not sure you like, but that makes you think and makes you wonder if that is the point. Frankly I didn’t get the ending and I am still thinking about it which is a good thing. The central character is a young girl on scholarship at St. Crispin’s Academy catholic girls’ school. She lives in a trailer park, looks after her dysfunctional father and works hard for straight A’s. Her best friend is rich and privileged. Then she meets Johnny, a bad boy, who may or may not be a vampire. She’s convinced that if she works hard and plays her cards right Fate may allow her a slice of the good life, but never the heights to which her privileged friends are destined. She is offered a choice by her new beau -
"So, mystery lady? What's it going to be? You're going to spend your short little life playing by their rules, or are you going to take your chance?"
Given what we know of her strength of character through the story, this presents an interesting moral dilemma - the price is steep and surprising. I liked the many ambiguities of the story and her ultimate choice and especially the starkness of the tale.

Rating – 4 Eternal Kisses (of 5)

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Lilith Saintcrow is the author of multiple urban fantasy series and the new Strange Angels young adult series which she writes under the pen name Lili St. Crow.

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