Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cover Art - "The Mammoth Book of Wolf Men" edited by Stephen Jones

I came across this reprint of The Mammoth Book of Wolf Men: The Ultimate Werewolf Anthology and had to show the terrific cover. The contributing authors seem more from the horror genre but I thought it might be of associational interest to werewolf lovers. Also below is the original cover (1994) for comparison - what do you think? Releasing Oct 12, 2009.

This collection of 23 dark stories of the supernatural creature, half-man, half-wolf, and entirely unpredictable, is being re-released to coincide with the much-anticipated Wolf Man, starring Anthony Hopkins and Benicio del Toro. Top contributors include Clive Barker, Michael Marshall Smith, Graham Masterton, and Mark Morris. Twenty three tales of terror and transformation, of the beast that lurks within.
Here is the original 1994 cover for the British edition and the content listing.

  • Introduction: Even a Man Who is Pure in Heart – Stephen Jones
  • Clive Barker – Twilight at the Towers
  • Scott Bradfield – The Dream of the Wolf
  • Ramsey Campbell – Night Beat
  • Angus Campbell (R. Chetwynd-Hayes) -The Werewolf
  • Michael Marshall-Smith – Rain Falls
  • Stephen Laws – Guilty Party
  • Roberta Lannes – Essence of the Beast
  • Mark Morris – Immortal
  • Basil Copper – Cry Wolf
  • Graham Masterton – Rug
  • Justin Case (Hugh B. Cave) – The Whisperers
  • David Sutton – And I Shall Go in the Devil’s Name
  • Peter Tremayne – The Foxes of Fascoum
  • Karl Edward Wagner – One Paris Night
  • Brian Mooney – Soul of the Wolf
  • Gans T. Field (Manly Wade Wellman) – The Hairy Ones Shall Dance
  • Adrian Cole – Heart of the Beast
  • Les Daniels – Wereman (aka ‘By the Light of the Silvery Moon’)
  • Nicholas Royle – Anything But Your Kind
  • Dennis Etchison – The Nighthawk
  • David Case – The Cell
  • Suzy McKee Charnas – Boobs
  • Kim Newman – Out of the Night, When the Full Moon is Bright…
  • Jo Fletcher – Bright of Moon (verse)

    1. Holy feck! Both covers are hilarious, but the 1994 one is so deliriously over-the-top hysterical :-) Mind you, it's 12:45AM, so possibly anything is funny right now ;-)

      Thanks for the laughs :-)

    2. Oh no Tez it is totally over the top. Very graphic novelish the older cover and the new one is prototypical Hollywood werewolf. Awesome image though.

    3. The new one may be protoypical, but its still awesome. I'm lovin' the new cover.

      I do have to admit, I do like the bloody meaty bone in the older one. That's stereotypical, don't you think?

      So I take it these aren't going to be romance stories. :P

    4. Jackie they both have their pluses. If this was truly UF I don't think the earlier cover would work today but for horror - maybe.

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