Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cover Art - "Into the Dark" by Gena Showalter

Gena Showalter just released this cover on her blog. Into the Dark will be released in May 2010. This book will gather Gena's ebooks - The Darkest Fire & The Darkest Prison from the Lords of the Underworld series, The Amazon’s Curse from the Amazon series as well as bonus Lords of the Underworld material.


  1. KB a little something for the ladies. Have to admit the whole dark brooding thing is pretty good.

  2. I love this cover! Probably my favorite in the entire series.

    I also have an award for you at Debbie's World of Books

  3. Wow, that is definitely a hot cover. I love it! The colors are perfect and that man is utterly drool-worthy.

  4. Did you see the contests we have going on Gena's website? A $10k Giveaway from Intertwined, and a picture with the new LOTU book can win you a signed copies of every book she has ever written! Hope you all come check it out! Thanks, Jennifer (Gena's Asst)

  5. Debbie thanks for Zombifying me. I love it and congrats on your BBAW nom.

    Kristen this cover seems to draw that reaction :)

    Hi Jennifer thanks for dropping by and reminding me. I appreciate it. I had this planned for inclusion in my weekend UF report. Feel free to let me know any news for the report anytime. This one INCREDIBLE contest.


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