Monday, August 10, 2009

Book Release Promotion and Giveaway - "The Calling" by David Mack



No one would guess by looking at Tom Nash that he's extraordinary, and that's just fine with him. A tall, broad-shouldered jack-of-all-trades from Sawyer, Pennsylvania, Tom has a knack for fixing things. He also hides a secret talent: he hears people's prayers. Stranger still, he answers them. Maybe it's because he's a handyman, but Tom feels compelled to fix people's problems. Which is all well and good — until the soul-shattering plea of a terrified girl sends him on the darkest journey of his life....

Heeding the call and leaving his home for New York City, Tom discovers a secret world beyond the range of mortal perception — a world of angels and demons and those who serve them. With the guidance of a knowing stranger named Erin, Tom learns that he himself is one of The Called, born with a divine purpose and a daunting task: to help the powers of Heaven in the war against the agents of Hell, an army of fallen angels known as the Scorned. Thrust into an epic battle of the sacred and the profane, Tom Nash must find the girl who prayed for his help — because her fate will determine whether humanity deserves to be saved, or damned for all eternity....

Thanks to the terrific folks at Pocket Books, I have TWO copies of The Calling by David Mack to giveaway to celebrate the launch of this new urban fantasy thriller. To enter is easy -
  1. Leave a comment about the book or tell us about your favourite read so far this summer.
  2. Blogging about the contest gets you an extra entry. Leave the link as confirmation.
  3. Two names will be drawn at random. Two books to be given away.
  4. Giveaway runs until Monday, Midnight, August 17. I'll announce the winners next Tuesday.
Reviews of The Calling by David Mack:
Robots and Vamps

Browse the first eight chapters of the book.

Visit the Official Wbsite of David Mack.

Visit The Analog Blog - David Mack's Infrequent Musings

David Mack is the national bestselling author of more than a dozen books, including Wildfire, Harbinger, Reap the Whirlwind, Road of Bones, and the Star Trek Destiny trilogy — Gods of Night, Mere Mortals, and Lost Souls. His first original novel, the supernatural thriller The Calling, debuted in July 2009 to critical acclaim.

In addition to novels, Mack's diverse writing credits span several media, including television (for episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), film, short fiction, magazines, newspapers, comic books, computer games, radio, and the Internet.

Upcoming novels in 2009 by David Mack include The 4400: Promises Broken, Star Trek Vanguard: Precipice, and an expanded edition of his Mirror Universe tale The Sorrows of Empire. Coming in 2010 are More Beautiful Than Death, an adventure inspired by the 2009 feature film Star Trek; and Zero Sum Game, the second book of the Star Trek: Typhon Pact miniseries.

Mack has been to shows in every Rush concert tour since 1982, and he finally met two-thirds of the band in 2007. He currently resides in New York City with his wife, Kara.

Simon & Schuster/Pocket
Published: July 21, 2009
ISBN #: 9781416579922
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 336


  1. Sweet, I get the first comment. I have started to creep into the religious drama genre (previously inhabiting dark urban fantasy) and this looks like a good way to do it.

    Thank you for the chance to win.


    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  2. David Mack's The Calling sounds like an interesting book. I have been looking for something different in the paranormal genre.

    My favorite read of the summer is surprisingly a memoir called The Colors of the Mountain by Da Chen. It is about a boy growing up in communist China. I just found out there is a sequel and have ordered it.

  3. My favorite summer read has to be The Mortal Instrument series and the 4th book of Grey Walker series by Kat Richardson, (Vanished)

  4. The Calling sounds like an exciting read... I just finished Destined from the Grave by Jeaniene Frost - it was great.

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  6. I'd like to be entered if this contest is international...

    My favorite book this summer so far has been Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh. My friend recommended this series to me and I'm so glad. The first book was amazing!

  7. This definitely sounds like an interesting premise. Looks like angels (fallen or otherwise) are becoming hot property.

    My favorite read so far this summer is Jeaniene Frost's latest, Destined For an Early Grave! Nothing is every easy with Cat & Bones, and certainly never dull!

  8. This looks so good. Plus the cover is amazing. The best read for me this year so far was either Kim Harrison's White Witch, Black Curse or Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews.

    Great contest :)

  9. Hi :)
    THE CALLING sounds intriguing.
    Tom from Sawyer, ha!
    Regenesis by C.J. Cherryh is the best book so far that I've read this summer.
    Thanks for the contest.

  10. This book sounds very interesting - a little different from the usual urban fantasy. My favourite read this summer has got to be Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series. I'm tatally hooked and need to get the next one, fast.

  11. Cool book idea. I seriously want to read it.


    You and PVN have this going on. I am doubling my chances....this book looks so good.

    My favorite book this summer is a toss up between GARDEN SPELLS - Sarah Addison Allen and THE DEVIL YOU KNOW - Mike Carey.

  13. This sounds good, my favorite this summer was In Over Her Head by Judi Fennell.

  14. Sounds Like a great book. My favorite read so far this summer - hmmm hard to choose.

    Romance - Angel's Blood - N. Singh
    Paranormal - Deader Still - A. Strout
    Crime/Mystery - Harm None - M. Sellars

  15. This sounds like a great book,please enter me in the giveaway

    my favorite read so far this summer was Skinwalker by Faith Hunter


  16. Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the contest.

    iiiioneloveiiii AT gmail DOT com

  17. My favourite read so far this summer was The Constant Gardener by John Le Carre.
    wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. Sounds like a good book...

    Best reads recently would include The Mole People by Jennifer Toth, not fiction but very interesting on the life of the homeless in the tunnels under New York City

    Several read throughs of a friends book that he is looking to get published

    And just finishing Joe Abercrombie's First Law series

  19. The Calling sounds like an exciting read.

    My favorite read of the summer would be Jeanine Frost's Night Huntress series. Loved it!

  20. The Calling sounds very intriguing. I'll definitely be putting it on my list.

    My favorite reads so far this summer have been Black and White by Jackie Kessler and Caitlin Kittredge, Wings by Aprilynne Pike, and Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill.

    Sara M
    silentalibis AT yahoo DOT com

  21. You know, I've found I really like David Mack, and I'm excited to read this new book!

  22. I would jump at the chance to read this book. It's sounds great.

    The best book so far would have to be Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong. I'm reading it right now and it her best to date.

  23. I just blogged about the giveaway.

    Here is the link

  24. Please enter me in the giveaway. This sounds like an intriguing concept. I really want to read this book and I'll add it to my book list. My favorite reads this summer have been the Charline Harris series. I've just read all the Sookie Stackhouse books one after another. I'm also watching TrueBlood and can't wait each week to see the next. Thank you.

  25. This sounds like an extremely interesting book! My favorite read this summer would probably have to be...oh I don't know there's so many good books out there! I just finished "Blue Bloods" which was a different genre for me - but I liked it!

  26. I like Mack's style of "Paranomal" writing.
    Mostly I'm into Fantasy (Ice & Fire by G.R.R. Martin) At the moment I'm enjoying Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson.



  27. So far my favorite read has been Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  28. My fav read so far this summer has been The Hungergames by Suzanne Collins, I liked her futuristic horrible apocalyptic world

  29. My fav read this summer has been Lover avenged by J.R. Ward. I love the Black Daggers but I'm looking for something different in the paranormal genre and this book sounds very interesting.

  30. Well, thanks to Ryan I am here to join in on the fun. I had not heard of this book till I saw his blog and it sounds great. I will have to add this to the tbr list.

  31. Sounds good! I think my favourite read so far this summer might've been Inda by Sherwood Smith.

  32. Sounds like a good book.

    Favourite read so far this summer: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins and Shiver by Maggie Steifvater
    Linked to contest at
    winners next Tuesday.


  33. The best book I read this summer has been See Jane Run by Joy Fielding, I could not put it down.
    I am a subscriber,

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  34. My favorite read of this summer has to be "Life as We Knew It" by Susan Pfeffer. Even though I read it a few months ago, something about it stays in my head. I think about it a lot and since I'm a librarian and read between 5 - 15 books a week at home I don't normally have that kind of reaction.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    BeretBrenckman at gmail dot com

  35. This sounds great. I love the cover, this is something I would be drawn to.

  36. This looks and sounds amazing. My fav so far this year would have to be Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross. I am going to post about this giveaway and come back with a link.

  37. i just got the book THE HOST and so far is my favorite summer read

  38. oops forgot ot leave my email
    roswello at hotmail dot om

  39. Favorite read of the summer: Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie. Anyone who's a fan of dark, humorous, gritty fantasy is doing themselves a disservice if they don't read the First Law trilogy.

    Thanks for the contest!

    author at daviddouglasbooks dot com

  40. I am definitely intrigued by the book based on the blurb!

    My favorite summer read is Peeps by Scott Westerfled. It's not new but I just got hold of it recently and loved it!


  41. I went to buy the book yesterday but I forgot my wallet. I guess fate is telling me something.

    I'm happy Dave is branching out into other genres. Hopefully he will get even more fans. Hopefully this will be the start of a series of Calling books.

    I just finished rereading Star Trek Before Dishonor By Peter David. Before that I read One Square Mile Of Hell: The Battle of Tarawa by John Wukovits. It is a great account on one of the lesser known battles in the pacific.

    Here is my blog address

  42. My favorite summer read so far: Jacqui D'Alessandro's Tempted at Midnight... but I like reading different genres and The Calling sounds great!


  43. I'm intrigued by this book, read a few reviews, and I have to have it. Thanks for entering me!

    APSkap at comcast dot net

  44. I had to enter. I had to blog about it.

    Here's the link:

    APSkap at comcast dot net

  45. I have really enjoyed the Instuments series (still need to read the last one but bummed because it is the last one). I also have just started reading the Mercy Thomson series and am really loving it.

    budletsmom at yahoo dot com

  46. My fave this year has to be Under This Unbroken Sky by Shandi Mitchell. Thanks for the contest.


  47. My favorite reads so far have been Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Damas, Dramas and Ana Ruiz by Belinda Acosta. Two very different books but such strong sympathetic characters in both.

    gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

  48. I'd have to say that reading the Morganville Vampires series has been a great experience this summer - although I doubt I could choose a favourite!

    Thanks for another great competition!

    deadbookdarling at gmail dot com

  49. Sounds like a great book. I am always looking for new authors to read.

    One of my favorite books this summer was One Scream Away by Kate Brady.

    Linked on sidebar and Sunday post here:

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  50. This cover art on this book just looks too sweet! It's a must have!

    Please enter me Doug!

    My favorite reading this summer as been Faeries Gone Wild Anthology.

    Contest under my banner at

    Thanks for a great contest Doug!

    Dottie :)

  51. Shawna Lewis

    +1 I loved Swan Song by Robert McCammmon
    It was a great summer read!!!

    Thanks for this giveaway!!!

    I follow your blog

    +1 I twittered about this giveaway

    2 points

  52. Very interesting...

    One of my faves was White Chocolate Moments by Lori Wick

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  53. The Calling looks very intresting, I can't wait to read it! I think the best book I've read recently was Seven Tears into the Sea. The book was a modern twist on the stories of Selkies. I loved how the author used the idea of personal choice in the story.

    deathmouse AT comcast DOT net

  54. My favorite book this Summer is in progress - The Road... its really good!
    I would like to have a copy of this book too. Thanks!
    layers of thought at gmail dot com

  55. So far this summer my favorite book would have to be Knight Of Desire by Margaret Mallory

    Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Chat - join us at


  56. I'd love to win a copy of this book, it sounds like something that would suck me in and keep me up all night until I'm finished. My favourite read of the summer would have to be Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Wow, awesome read. Thought provoking and brilliant.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  57. The Calling sounds intriguing.

    My best read of the summer? Jacqueline Carey's recent release, Naamah's Gift, wins hands down so far...

    oilsdragon (at) hotmail (dot) com

  58. this books sounds amazing. My favorite read so far this summer is the PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price.

  59. This book looks amazing. Please enter me. My favorite read of the summer is Avielle of Rhia by Dia Calhoun.


  60. My favorite read so far has been "Destined for an Early grave" but I've really enjoyed "Tempting Danger," (night huntress series) it was a really good intro into World of the Lupi.


    brittanynoelle at gmail dot com

  61. Wow, someone who answers other people's prayers. Sounds like I need him to follow me around for a few days ;).

    My favorite summer read? An oldie but a goodie: the Road Home by Ellen Emerson White.

    mmillet at gmail dot com


  62. I have just finished reading a quasi-historical novel called Brazil Red by Rufiz. It covers a true event when France tried to colonoze Brazil shortly after the Portuguese arrived there.
    Quite interesting.

    I haven't read anything similar to Mack's book for a while so please enter me in the drawing.
    Thank you.


    buddytho {AT} gmail DOT com

  63. Best book I read this summer? Time Traveller's wife.

  64. favorite read this summer was Jeaniene Frosts Cat and Bones book 4 - I just love them together!

    I added a link onto my blog sidebar here

    Thans for the chance to win!


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