Saturday, July 11, 2009

Urban Fantasy Weekend Report


I am being interrogated interviewed by the always fabulous Marta Acosta over at Vampire Wire on Monday July 13. Come on over to find out more about my movie (kidding) and for a chance to win an ARC of the forthcoming urban fantasy novel SHADOWFAE by Erica Hayes. Marta's fourth Casa Dracula book will be out next year, the follow up to HAPPY HOUR AT CASA DRACULA, MIDNIGHT BRUNCH and THE BRIDE OF CASA DRACULA. If you haven't read anything from the series, seriously what are you waiting for. You can read my review of THE BRIDE OF CASA DRACULA here.

I have a terrific interview with Mike Carey scheduled this coming Wednesday (July 16). Come join us. The Felix Castor Contest has already started with 5 copies of his soon to be released DEAD MEN'S BOOTS up for a grabs as well as 3 Grand Prizes of the first three books in the series. Contest details here. Open until July 23.

It's less than 3 weeks now until the release of Rachel Vincent's young adult urban fantasy MY SOUL TO TAKE. Rachel will be here on July 29 to talk about the book. She has written a prequel novella, MY SOUL TO LOSE that is available for free download from her website here.

And in just over 3 weeks, Dakota Banks will here to talk about her debut urban fantasy DARK TIME: MORTAL PATH (August 5).

A full list of all Author Events & Interviews as well as past guests can be found on my blog sidebar.


Interview and giveaway with Kat Richardson (Greywalker) at Amberkatze’s Book Blog. Contest portion closes tomorrow.

Seanan McGuire author of the forthcoming ROSEMARY AND RUE urban fantasy has sold a Zombie trilogy to be released next summer beginning with FEED. Story at Orbit

Phaedra Weldon says the title for her next Zoe Martinique book will be REVENANT.

Lynn Viehl at Paperback Writer has a great list of 10 websites with free eReader books.

Jeaniene Frost has done a makeover on her website. Go check it out!

C.T Adams & Cathy Clamp also have ban spanking new website here.

From Kim Harrison’s blog she reminds us that the UNBOUND anthology is coming out August 25th and the lineup includes:
  • Kim Harrision (Hollows Bis and Jenks novella)
  • Vicki Pettersson (Signs of the Zodiac novella)
  • Jocelynn Drake (Dark Day’s novella)
  • Melissa Marr (new story line)
  • Jeaniene Frost (Bones novella
Over at the Novelists Inc. Blog Chris Marie Green asks the question Urban Fantasy Versus Paranormal Romance: What’s in a Label?

Kat Richardson was interviewed by Fleur Bradley’s in the Pikes Peak Writers News Magazine. You can download a pdf of the whole issue here.

Gena Showalter's SEDUCE THE DARKNESS premiered on the New York Times bestseller list at #22.

Marketing guru Seth Godin talks about “The purpose of a book cover” [Via Bronwyn Kienapple at Bookninja]

Jeri Smith-Ready says the third WVMP book is now officially titled BRING ON THE NIGHT after the song by The Police.

Erica Hayes says the Tez Says blog has posted a lovely review of her yet to be released urban fantasy SHADOWFAE.
My favourite sentence: 'Even icky and slimy death is richly colourful.' This is my very first review and it didn't hurt at all :) Thanks, Tez! In other news, I've started writing the new book #3 of the series, entitled SHADOWSONG. Banshees and snakes, oh my!
New publisher Damnation Books has a posting of their initial offerings which will be available September 1. They offer a wide range of genre fiction including dark fantasy, urban fantasy and paranormal in a variety of lengths from short stories and novella's to novels.

A terrific interview with Rachel Caine in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram here.

As always lots more urban fantasy news covered over at Literary Escapism.

Finalists for the 2009 Sunburst Award, given to the best novel-length Canadian literature of the fantastic have been announced. Some terrific urban fantasy titles made the list including NIGHT CHILD BY Jes Battis in the Adult Novel Category and THE SUMMONING BY Kelley Armstrong and DINGO by Charles de Lint in the Young Adult Novel category. The winners will be announced in September 2009. Each will receive a cash prize of C$1000 and a hand-crafted "Sunburst" medallion. A full list of nominees can be found here.

Bob Freeman's Occult Detective blog has an interview with debut urban fantasy author Lucy A. Snyder (SPELLBENT - see cover art section below).

GUARDIAN, Book 2 in Claire Delacroix's Fallen Angel series will be out in October. If you haven't seen the cover or read the excerpt yet, then you can do so here.


The Fantasy/Sci-Fi Lovin' Blogs contributing reviewer Jim Haley has a copy of THE NEW SPACE OPERA 2, including stories by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Sean Williams, up for giveaway. Ends Monday so enter quickly.

Jeanne Stein and Mario Acevedo at their Biting Edge blog are having a contest. In their words -
Okay, sports fans, we’re making a change in the contest. Mario’s original idea—the dumbest thing I ever did—was more an excuse for him to share his story than a good contest subject. Either that, or everyone is (A) out of town or (B) unlike Mario, too embarrassed to tell the world what a dumb ass he/she had been. So, to make it less embarrassing, the contest will now be “What was I thinking…” stories. And it can be your own story or that of a “friend” (wink-wink). We’ll give away books and a tee shirt and some swag, all in a handy-dandy Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers tote. We'll also give you more time-- deadline July 23.
Vampire Wire has a contest to win Marta's DVD copy of Blood Ties: Season One. The contest runs through Wednesday night, July 15.

Rachel Vincent is offering a contest for teens to win autographed copies of MY SOUL TO TAKE. Closes tomorrow so get in quickly.

Susan McLeod has a final contest in her coutdown to her forthcoming book launch. Win a copy of STRANGE BREW plus a signed copy of THE COLD KISS OF DEATH and THE SWEET SCENT OF BLOOD. Contest open to all, and ends end of day [anywhere] Wednesday 15th July 2009.

Fantasy Debut has a Giveaway for three copies of Zadayi Red by Caleb Fox. The contest is open worldwide. Ends July 16.

Literary Escapism has a contest to enter for a chance to win a copy of THE SINFUL LIFE OF LUCY BURNS by Elizabeth Leiknes. Contest closes midnight on July 14th.


Tez Says revealed the covers for the new Jennifer Armintrout trilogy as well as the UK cover for Frostbitten (very nice!).

The following covers were showcased earlier this week here on SciFiGuy. The anthology The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance edited by Trisha Telep, and reissues of several P.C. Cast titles including two young adult titles ELPHAME'S CHOICE and BRIGHID'S QUEST and the Divine Trilogy including DIVINE BY MISTAKE, DIVINE BY CHOICE and DIVINE BY BLOOD.

Jocelynn Drake has the covers for the German edition of NIGHTWALKER and the Science Fiction Book Club omnibus edition of DARK DAYS, which includes NIGHTWALKER and DAYHUNTER.

KMont at the Lurv a la Mode blog revealed the cover for SPELLBENT by Lucy A. Snyder, a debut urban fantasy set for release in January with two sequels to follow tentatively titled THE DEVIL IN MISS SHIMMER and POLYANDRIUM.


The Tuned In blog at Time talks about the forthcoming HBO adaptation of George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. Read it here.

HBO provides a first look at Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (releasing July 15) in these two YouTube clips [found via BSC]

Opening July 31 THIRST is a new vampire film.

A priest becomes a vampire…another man’s wife is coveted…a deadly seduction triggers murder. Thirst is the new film from director Park Chan-wook (Old Boy, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance). Already a boxoffice smash in Korea, Thirst was honored with the Prix du Jury [Jury Prize] at the 2009 Cannes International Film Festival.


  1. Ooh, have you read Shadowfae yet? I'm assuming you have, otherwise you wouldn't be giving away an ARC to someone else ;-) And no doubt your vocabulary includes words a lot more grown-up-sounding than "icky" - I know my vocab doesn't ;-)

    Regarding Damnation Books - have you looked up Yolanda Sfetsos? She's awesome :-) Haven't read her novella, but she herself is awesome :-)

    And thanks for name-dropping me - I'm a slave for public acknowledgement ;-)

  2. Doug,

    Wonderful post, as always. Thanks for all the updated info. :)


  3. Remember, the Newsflesh trilogy (Feed, Blackout, Deadline) will all be published under the name Mira Grant, rather than my own name. So hunting for 'em in the "M" section won't help.

    Mira's website is, but it's just a splash page so far.

  4. Doug, it wasn't an interrogation. You said you LIKED the light shining in your eyes.

  5. I love your blog! You always post everything I want to know about! :)

  6. Hi Tez actually I haven't started it yet as release date is a ways off. I'm offering the ARC because I have TWO. Two different publicists sent me a copy and I wanted to share the wealth. No point sitting on an extra copy and it gives a little extra buzz for Erica. LOL I liked the "icky" quote. It grabs attention.

    I haven't had a chance to look into much about Damnation books yet but I'll keep my eyes open for your recc. I am always happy to name drop. You come up with terrific news which I am only to happy too share.

    Thanks Michelle!

    Seanan yeah I probably should have mentioned that but hopefully folks will click through to the Orbit article. I'll post a bit more about the series in next weeks report to clarify. I looked at the stubb site for Mira and whoa the first thing that struck me is how much the splash page looks like the cover for David Moody's HATER. Zombie stylin' I guess.

    Marta what can I say - I was caught up in the moment :)

    Thanks Rachael but wouldn't it be nice to get next weeks lottery numbers?

  7. Hi Doug!

    I'll be stopping at Marta's to view the results of the interrogation, tell me, was a rubber hose involved?

    I haven't heard of Damnation Books, so I'll check out their site, sounds very interesting.

    Thanks for all the great information, it's very much appreciated.

    Dottie :)

  8. Thanks for mentioning my contest. Great post, I saw two titles in there that I'm going to have to take a look at (Dingo and Spellbent).

  9. Dottie no rubber hose but bright lights and tough questions. It was fun :)

    Jim no problem. Always glad to send some link love.


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