Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reviewette - Kat by Kelley Armstrong

Anthology: The Eternal Kiss
Story: 6 of 13
Pages: 30

Kat is the suspenseful and action-laden tale of sixteen year old Katiana (Kat) and her guardian Marguerite. Marguerite is a vampire and Kat is supernatural but she doesn’t know yet what kind. All she knows is she has good night vision and imagines herself a “werecat” if there were such a thing (nods to Faythe). They are fugitives from vampire hunters and their newest location has just been found. What follows is a race to escape the team of hunters. Along the way Kat learns some unpleasant truths about why they are on the run, culminating in the discovery of her true nature. Nicely paced with a strong central teen character, Kat is an excellent contribution to the collection.

Rating – 4 Eternal Kisses (of 5)

Official Kelley Armstrong Website

Kelley Armstrong is the author of the urban fantasy Otherworld series, the young adult Darkest Powers series and the Nadia Stafford thrillers. She lives in Southern Ontario.


  1. I recently discovered Kelley Armstrong after I read Bitten. I really enjoyed it and this sounds really good too. :-D

  2. Wow Lady Lazurus you have a lot of terrific UF books to read on Kelley's back list. I envy you.

  3. Armstrong is such an awesome author isn't she? I'll have to make sure to pick this anthology up because I really want to know what Kat is now lol.

  4. Lady_tink Kelley rarely disappoints and this one has a delicious ending..


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