Saturday, July 11, 2009

Giveaway Winners - "The Highwayman" & "The Purifying Fire"

I have the results for two giveaways to announce today.

The winner of the signed copy of THE HIGHWAYMAN by Michele Hauf is ...

CrystalGB who said... “My ideal place for a summer vacation would be a beach vacation in Hawaii.

Congratulations Crystal! Email me at scifiguy(at) to claim your book.

And I have five winners for copies of THE PURIFYING FIRE by Laura Resnick and the winners are -

Brandy who said... "My favourite games are Mmorpg (massive multiplayer online role playing game) xD At this moment, I'm playing at WAR (Warhammer online) with my terrorific Chosen in Chaos side."

danni who said... "My favorite video game is Persona 4 and my favorite card game is Euchre."

Misusedinnocence who said... "Sims 3. It's completely awesome. ;) I love being able to control their little sim destinies."

Raven who said... "Not sure if I'm eligible as I live in New Zealand, but I would love this book. I used to play Magic but my favourite part was reading the little snippets of stories on the cards. I think there was also a little intro book that I loved but the story didn't finish :(. I still have all my old cards too. I play WOW occasionally now but time is limited. " [EDITORS NOTE - Yes Raven you are eligible!]

buttons who said... "My favorite game (without trying to suck up) is Magic: The Gathering. It's world is just so vast, and the game keeps changing, so it keeps itself fresh and entertaining. Also, every year it has its Core Set (upcoming: Magic 2010), allowing newcomers to come in, or for experts to easily teach new players."

Congratulations! Winners please email me at scifiguy(at) to claim your books.

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