Saturday, July 4, 2009

Curious About Covers

I came across this cover at this online Spanish Bookstore supposedly for the 3rd book in Eileen Wilks paranormal series. Look familiar? I wonder if Patricia Briggs or artist Dan Dos Santos has seen this..


  1. That is strange. I just finished that book a few days ago. I have had the book sitting here for months so I know it is not new.

  2. Does Eileen have a Spanish publisher? - thats a definitely a breach of copyright. I know the French editions of the Mercy series has the same covers with some differences but that has been allowed. I have notified Mike (Patty's husband) and perhaps Eileen should be as well - this looks definitely off.

  3. It's on the level. Actually publishers buy cover art and manuscripts separately, and there's nothing preventing a foreign publisher from using cover art that was originally used on a different book.

    We saw something similar with a Spanish publisher earlier, and I brought it to Dan Dos Santos' attention. He assured me that it was legit, and mentioned that the Spanish publisher had also bought the rights to other additional covers.

    Bottom line: good catch (and thank you!), but this is not a problem, and it IS a lovely cover!

    Mike Briggs

  4. WOW! I've seen some similar in using the same characters, different poses or different clothes, but this is exact the same!

  5. Good catch. This is exactly the same.

    ~ Popin

  6. sundcarrie Mike Briggs kindly provided answers below.

    Thanks Has - Mike replied below.

    Hi Mike thanks for dropping in and letting us know the scoop. Interesting that such a high profile author and artists cover would be repurposed like that. Don's work is fabulous so I can understand wanting to use it. Good to know everything is on the level.

    Caffey and PopinFresh I guess in totally different markets they don't expect people to be aware of the reuse. And they do have good taste!

  7. It might be legit, but I find it sad that they chose to use a cover specifically made for another book! It's not as if it was a simple use of a same stock picture... Not the end of the world, I know :)

  8. Well if they can reuse covers - does this mean Eileen Wilks has a book with a woman mechanic as a main character? Now I'm curious about that.

  9. infiniteshelf well great art can sell books even if it doesn't relate to the content. Sigh.

    Janicu I've read the series and there is definitely no mechanics. One of the characters DOES have a lot of tattoos though.

  10. Hi Doug

    Strange how the cover art isn't copyrighted for a certain book or author, and it can be used over again or purchased again for use. I've seen this online with similar covers used, especially with ebooks, but I haven't seen an exact duplicate used like this.

    Thanks for the info, very interesting.

    Dottie :)

  11. if i was an author getting my book published im pretty sure i would want my own brand new beautiful cover not one that i bought from another author-

  12. Dottie I imagine most rights are sold country by country. It probably happens more than we think because most of us rarely see foreign language editions.

    Anonymous I think most authors are more than happy just to see the rights bought for foreign publication. Anything else is gravy.

  13. Great find!

    Love that cover! It's sad that the other book had to copy it and to have no mechanic in the book is terrible!

    There are tons of other works that depict women with tattoos. Too sad.

    Awesome of Mike to let us know all is cool. :)

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