Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cover Art - "A Tale of Two Demon Slayers" by Angie Fox

On the Something Wicked group blog Angie Fox shows off her cover for the third Demon Slayers book A Tale of Two Demon Slayers due in February 2010. Great legs. Great dog.


  1. The dog is a cutie....but I like the sword. :)


  2. I LOVEEEE this cover! I haven't had a chance to read the second book yet but I can't wait. This is her best cover. Very cute.

    You do know your site is like my absolute favorite right? I am really starting to adore it!!! :) You post the best stuff!

  3. Michelle I was going to mention the sword but puppies come first...

    Rachael you are positively making me blush over here...

  4. It is an adorable dog! These books are fun reads too! At first tho I thought second cover that was blue too? Now I need to go look at the second cover again, LOL. Looks to be two books out a year in this series, love it!

    I agree Rachel. If I miss a day here I feel behind and its one I memorize of the link, and that's one thing I never been good at!


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