Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cover Art - "Rogue Angel: The Spirit Banner" by Alex Archer (Joe Nassise)

Author Joe Nassise advised me that he has a new contribution to the popular Rogue Angel series of action adventure thrillers that are released under the house name Alex Archer. The Spirit Banner will be released in January 2010. Artwork is by Tim Bradstreet. Joe says -
If you are not familiar with the series, it revolves around world-traveling archeologist Annja Creed, who also just happens to be the bearer of the mystical sword that once belonged to Joan of Arc. Of course her need to wield the sword in defense of the innocent and just gets her into all sorts of trouble... In The Spirit Banner, Annja goes after a major archeological find - the lost tomb of Genghis Khan.
Joe Nassise is the author of several novels, including two previous Rogue Angel titles THE LOST TOMB and YIN & YANG, the internationally bestselling Templar Chronicles trilogy (HERETIC, A SCREAM OF ANGELS, A TEAR IN THE SKY) , as well as a fiction collection (SPECTRES AND DARKNESS) and assorted short stories found in such works as MASQUES V, CHTHULIAN SINGULARITY, and LOST ON THE DARKSIDE.

You can visit Joe at his website here or check out his posts at the Genreality blog where he hangs out with Alison Kent, Carrie Vaughn, Lynn Viehl, Sasha White and Jason Pinter.

The archeological find of the century…or a con?
Genghis Khan carved out a legacy of bloodshed and conquered kingdoms that has lasted almost eight hundred years. But while his name and deeds live on in the annals of history, his tomb has never been located…until now.

Not everyone is convinced that the diary and the map, said to lead to the great warrior’s resting place, are authentic. Archeologist Annja Creed is among the doubters. The reality is that the body was lost to history. But despite her skepticism, Annja suddenly finds herself pulled along an increasingly complex trail of clues, each one more remote than the last.

And as she and her companions race to their final destination, one thing is clear - the only tomb she may find is her own…


  1. Doug,

    I think the covers for this series are some of the most recognizable book covers out there. :) That is what first prompted me to pick up a book and read the blurb. I've only read the first 2 - but I have a few more on the 'tbr' shelf.

    I did not know for some time that the books were written by different authors. Do you know how many authors contribute to this series?


  2. Hi Michelle. Ipersonally haven't had the chance to try this series but I understand that it was initially authored by fantasy authors Mel Odom and Victor Milan (the first 8 books)each writing several of the instalments. Joe has written 3 as far as I can tell and Michele Hauf has written one. I'll try and get more info. Apparently if you check the "Special Thanks" dedication inside the book it tells you who the author is but aI don't have any of these in my TBR.

  3. Looks like they have a new model for Annja. Hmm...

    Hey, Doug, if you want The Swordsman's Legacy, my RA from last year, just let me know!

  4. Doug,

    These look great, the cover is amazing. It's another new find for me, I've never read a series write by several different authors.

    Interesting, I'll have to give it a try.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Dottie :)

  5. The cover for this novel is great. I'll have to check out this series since it sounds like ones that I'd like. Thanks for the information.

  6. Hi Michele! Thanks for the offer. I actually ordered it from my Chapters store and expect it next week!

    Dottie I haven't read the series and am going to try it out by reading the first book in the series as well as Michele's book. If I like it there are about 20 novels in the series already!

    Sharon I've looked at the covers for a lot of the books in the series and they are all well done. Nice to see a series so consistent in style.

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