Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ye Olde TBR Stack

I am sooooo behind on my reading...


(with SF&F included)


  1. Wow. Now I don't feel so far behind! You win! :)

  2. Oh. My. Word. I feel so much better about mine now.

    Thank you!

  3. I got me one of these piles-- spread all over the floor of the guest room. I don't know about you, but it seems like 10 come in for every one that goes out.

  4. On the positive side, that's a really nice bookshelf. ;)

  5. least they are all neatly stacked....

  6. I feel a little better - but I'm not posting mine because it's way more outta control that yours.

  7. Doug,

    That is a very nice book shelf. :) I think you have me beat - but not by much. LOL


  8. What's my prize Jessica? Another book :)

    Glad to help out Bart.

    SQT well that is kinda what mine was like until I tidied up up for the photo.

    Thanks heidenkind, handbuilt by me from 2 inch cedar.

    Good thing I didn't do a before and after shot Mandi

  9. WOW! That's alot of books! Very nice pics. I love bookshelf pictures. :) I see alot of great books in there that I read.

    Magic in the Blood by Devon Monk is great. That one needs to be moved up! Also The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox is great. Stakes and Stilettos by Michelle Rowen I loved.

    Sins and Shadows and Amazon Ink are two that I dont have but really want to read. Evermore by Alyson Noel is very good. Loved that one. Kiss of a Dark Moon by Sharie Kohler is even better then the first book by her. ADORED that one. One More Bite by Jennifer Rardin was my favorite by her thus far. :) Lots of goodies in your pile!

  10. I know the feeling Chris. See a sign for a book sale anywhere and off I go even though I know I won't have time to get to them anytime soon.

    Thanks Michelle, I suspect we all have some pretty substantial goodie stacks.

  11. I'm just hardcore addicted! I was reading your titles to see which ones I've already read and writing down the ones that sound good and I don't have yet! But at least now I don't feel like I'm the only one... :D

  12. I think I actually started to drool a little. ;)

  13. Oooh, bookshelf porn. Lovely! :D

  14. Hi Doug!

    OMG! Your shelf is worse than mine!! I only have tiny cabinet. LOLOL!! I don't feel so bad about all the books now. (At least your books are neat, mine tend to find themselves scatter around the house, but I've been trying to keep them confined to one cabinet, really, I am trying.

    But you have some excellent material there, I'm starting to get a little envious :)

    (Did you email EOS for an advanced copy of Dawnbreaker? Hurry if you haven't!)

    Dottie :)

  15. I use to think I was behind in my reading also, not after this post. I don't feel too bad anymore :p

    On the plus side though, you have a lot of books to read. :) You won't be bored for awhile, eh?

    ~ Popin

  16. Compared to my 3 little books, you win!

  17. I have piles rather than shelves, but it looks pretty similar :) especially since we're in the glow of post-BEA.

  18. Rachel the good think about a stack like this is that whatever mood I am in when I go to read I can usually find just the thing I need.

    You have LOTS of company Cybercliper. I pick things up even though I know I can't get to them right away because I don't want to not be able to buy them when I am ready, Especially with UF having so many series. Don't want to miss an installment.

    Cinanamon we could start a new business - "Bibs for Booklovers" :)

    Yep JenB my kind of porn :)

    Dottie I do try, taknig the picture kinda organized me. Can't apply for the Dawnbreaker though. EOS always excludes us Canucks. I was very fortunate, however to get an ARC of Dayhunter direct from Jocelynn which was terrific.

    Popinfresh LOL at least one of us feels better. No peace for the wicked over here.

    You have to enter some more giveaways Wendy - get those numbers up :)

  19. Have you seen my TBR bookshelves? And I just came back from BEA with 25 more! People collect stamps and purses, I collect books.
    Nice bookshelves. ;P

  20. KB I saw your post with your BEA porn stash and I am still scraping the envy green off my space helmet.

  21. Doug you are extremely ambitious. I'm sure you've perfected the art of speed reading by now, though! I've got my stack of library books and I'm starting to panic because I'm bringing back far fewer than I'm adding to the pile...

  22. Bronwyn I don't use the library much any more. I just couldn't stand having to take the books back - at all. No speed reader here though - never mastered the skill. I could never get the same reading pleasure from speeding as from a nice leisurely read.

  23. I like the bookshelf too. :)

    I've worked in bookstores most of my adult life, so I don't know if I should be happy or ashamed to say I have you WAY beat on the numbers. Maybe that confession will make you feel better. ;-)

  24. Wow, seeing them all organised there like that...I didn't know books could be scary! This is all your fault. ;)

  25. Ohhh, to be that organized! I have no clue as to how many I have by now. Piles, I have piles. Now, I have to go try and organize.

    That is a thing of beauty, Doug. Love your TBR bookshelf and I'm green with envy. ;)

  26. Nice collection! I thought I was the only one with an over flow of books on my shelves. Mine is so jammed full I need another book case. The lack of space doesn't stop me from checking out any bargains or tag sales. Guess I'm a bookaholic:)

  27. Just wow! Love the bookshelves.

    I'm moving houses at the moment, and I don't think you realise how many books you have until you move.

  28. Now I don't feel so awful about my TRB shelf - I've got about 40 books less than you stacked up (about 100)! Your PR/UF TBRs are amazing - I'm jealous :) Can't wait to read the upcoming reviews. I've been meaning to do a TBR pile post myself, but have been procrastinating - the same with the 10 reviews I need to write lol
    Happy reading!

  29. Like everyone else, you made me feel so much better about mine. Thankfully, my TBR stack fits on my desk fairly well (although I do have a long desk).

    You built that bookshelf? When can you stop by and build one for me? :) I'm really hoping my hubby will build mine for my birthday next year.

  30. Oh Karen you must have it REAL bad if you work in bookstores. I do feel better.

    Readers love company Plinydogg.

    Pissenlit. Organized? They're not even alphabetized :) Now that would be scary.

    Hilcia they were stacks before I got them onto that shelf for the picture. Oh book vanity...

    Thanks llt I think we are in the same bookaholics club

    I DO know the feeling Bella. After my last move my friends declared I COULD NOT move again.

    Mo I did manage to catch up on my reviews at least but reviews for some of these will be months off and by that time there will be dozens more. THe SF folks have it right. I need a clone. Good luck with your own reading and reviews. I know you can chow them down faster than I can.

    Jackie I couldn't keep mine on my desk. It would be too tempting when I have other work to do. The shelves are a really innovative design by a friend of mine. They actually consist of only the two vertical front posts and the shelves sit on angle brackets attached to the posts. The weight of the books holds the case against the wall. Disassembles in seconds. You need to give Mr. Jackie a little push :)

  31. Doug - Organized? They're not even alphabetized

    Well, I meant they were on shelves. Most of mine are in bags or boxes. But I do see what you mean...I can make out Julie Czerneda's Trade Pact trilogy with all 3 books in different places...tsk. Heh heh.

    They actually consist of only the two vertical front posts and the shelves sit on angle brackets attached to the posts. The weight of the books holds the case against the wall. Disassembles in seconds.

    *works it out in head* Oh, that IS clever! Are the shelves screwed to the angle brackets or do they just all slot together really snugly?

  32. Pissenlit - Julie is actually a local author...well 70 miles away - but close. You asked - "Are the shelves screwed to the angle brackets or do they just all slot together really snugly?" and the answer is no they just sit loosely on top of the bracket. All you do is screw the brackets to the uprights and the hodl them up, load the shelves and start filling the rack :)

  33. I usually try to make it to any book launches Julie holds in Toronto. :)

    As for the shelving? Wow, you weren't kidding when you said it disassembles in seconds! I'll have to keep that design in mind if I ever decide to be not-lazy and build my own shelves instead of hitting an Ikea.

  34. Pissenlit the trick is to pick nice wood for the shelves.

  35. I'd probably just go with oak or maybe maple or cherry if I felt like something nicer. Though, if this is for my imaginary future shelving, I might as well go all out and do it entirely in purpleheart. :D

  36. Yeah, that's what mine looks like too. All my read books are still packed up lol.


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