Sunday, June 21, 2009

Promo - "24 Bones" by Michael F. Stewart

Michael F Stewart is an Ottawa, Canada based author whose latest work is 24 Bones, an urban fantasy thriller set in present day Cairo, Egypt. The book is available from Drollerie Press as an ebook and a print version will be out in six months.

In addition, Michael has published THE CALIPHATE under the pseudonym Jack Stewart, and has four graphic novels, which will be published this summer by Oxford Canada Press, and a thriller titled HURAKAN due out with Overmountain Press this fall.

You can read an interview with Michael here, read an excerpt of the book here or visit Michael at his blog here.

Samiya, an Egyptian woman, and Taggart, a Canadian professor of Comparative Religion, have nothing in common, until they find themselves on opposite sides of a bloody war for causes neither is sure they believe in.

Every five hundred years the Phoenix returns home for rebirth. And every five hundred years Seth, Horus, and Osiris are reborn, fated to re-fight their greatest battle. That five hundred years is up.Twenty five years ago, Samiya’s mother, Elen, planted Sam in the bowels of Cairo to be nurtured by Pharaoh, the megalomaniac leader of the Shemsu Seth, a cult dedicated to the ancient Egyptian God of Chaos and users of primal Void. Void draws from the power of nature, and the Fullness, the energy which balances Void, draws from mankind’s collective unconscious. The Sisters of Isis once controlled both. After two millennia, they want their powers back. They will trade the contents of a golden Codex in return for Sam’s training, so that she might return to the Sisters with knowledge of the Void.

But the Codex details the locations of the twenty four pieces that make up Osiris’s Backbone and every five hundred years the completed relic must innervate the true prophet and complete the prophecy of the Phoenix, allowing the Fullness to be reborn. One lunar cycle remains. In Pharaoh’s hands the relic would create a corruption of a god, a god who would rule in Void alone for the next five hundred years.

Reason has ruled for centuries. Isn’t it time for Chaos to have a chance?


  1. Doug,

    That sounds very intriguing. :) I like to step out of my box every now and again for something a little different. :) This one is going on my list.


  2. I just got a review request for this one and my head is spinning with all sorts of crazy at that back blurb - and making me want to read it despite the confusing lingo. Maybe that's just me and everyone else understands all of it though.

    I think I'll give it a go. I've been looking for more male written reads and this ARC is the jumping off point I need most likely.

  3. Michelle if you read it let me know what you think.

    KMont if this was available in a print version I would probably give it a go as well. It sounds heavily researched and might prove quite interesting. I'll see what you have to say if you review it and maybe I'll get the print when it comes out.


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