Thursday, June 25, 2009

Final Winners - "Naamah's Kiss" Kissing Contest

This morning, the Randomizer selected the winners for the final two copies of Naamah's Kiss by Jacqueline Carey. Coincidentally both winners happened to relate a personal story for their entries and the very romantic winners are...

pkwench who had this story to tell...
I know for a fact that there are a hundred thousand more romantic kisses in books and on film, but I thought I’d comment with something personal. There’s always that guy or girl when we’re young. Sometimes you connect with them, sometimes you don’t. I did, eventually, and though it didn’t work out, the first kiss was still so memorable that all others have since been held up to it for comparison. Which, considering the circumstances, one would either find pathetic or amusing. We were young and, as young people are wont to do, we were at a party. His going away, as I recall. He’d always been a chatty guy and this night I think he must have spoken five words for every one of mine. We talked about everything and nothing, very impressed with ourselves and our insight into the world. (Ha! Teenagers.) After hours of this, circumstance found us on the front porch. White Christmas lights were strung here and there for cheerful effect and, however strangely, the sole piece of furniture was a barber’s chair. He talked and he talked, growing more animated by the moment until there was a natural pause. He looked at me with his goofy, cocky, and endearing grin, and says “you’re probably going to hit me for this”. Ever have anyone come at you so nervous, so eager, so hopeful? It’s horribly sweet. And the kiss itself represented everything that was good about kissing – I felt it more in the arching of my spine and the sudden drop in my belly than I did with my lips. I don’t recall anything after that point for a good few minutes – just that I had a hold of him, he had a hold of me, and it was quite possibly the most wonderful moment that I’d ever had. It was a good kiss. A strong kiss. And though it may sound sort of silly, it was, in its own way, a very romantic kiss. I think I loved him for a very long time simply on the merit of that kiss.
Fiona Farrell also with a personal story says...
I'm a pretty hopeless romantic, so it's hard to choose. I think I'd have to go with my father's proposal to my step mother. Every year since they began dating, my dad and his now wife go on vacation. One year, they went kayaking up in Nunavut, where Canadian diamonds are mined. That Christmas, we put together our own Christmas crackers, as they've been doing for years. After our rather large family cracked the crackers, Barb asked my dad what was in his, since she didn't know who had put his together. He turned to her in front of all of us (about 15, all kids and grand kids included) dropped to one knee holding the ring that had been hidden in his cracker, and proposed. He was nearly crying, shaking from nervousness, and put the ring on her finger before she could even answer. The custom designed ring held a full one carat diamond - mined in Nunavut the month they were there. He has included a piece of jewellery in the Christmas crackers every year since.
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners. Please contact me at scifiguy(at) with your shipping information.

There was an impressive array of romantic moments suggested by everyone and they make for great reading and confirm that romance is alive and well everywhere. Check back on Sunday where I will feature the Top 10 Kissing Contest Moments. Thank you every one that entered and to the generous folks at Hachette Books.


  1. Congrats winners!

    Happy reading of a fantastic book!

    Dottie :)

  2. Congrats winners...It's going to be a fantastic read!!!


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