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The Best of the Kissing Contest Moments

In my recent Naamah's Kiss Kissing Contest entrants were asked about their favourite kiss on screen, in books or of a personal nature. I was going to feature the "10 Best Moments" today but in review realized that for each person their suggestion was number 1. So instead I have decided to feature the many wonderful responses in four categories - Movies, Books, Personal and Television. Clearly we are all a bunch of hopeless romantics and that is a good thing. Enjoy the posts and if you'd like to leave a comment suggesting more moments, I encourage you to do so.


My favorite movie kiss will always be the upside down kiss in Spiderman, I love the idea of kissing in the rain!

My favorite romantic moment is between Marius and Pandora in Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles. When the two of them met in Dresden at a ball after centuries apart. Their desperation was just too touching.

My favorite romantic kiss was from The Notebook. When Noah and Allie are standing in a downpour. Noah confesses "It still isn't over." and they passionately kiss. Now that was a kiss.

There was a beautiful kiss in Tristan and Isolde (movie in 2006) that was fantastic and took place standing in the water. It was very romantic.

My favorite movie kiss has to be when Robert E. Howard (played by Vincent D'Onofrio) finally kisses Novalyn Price (played by Renee Zellweger) in The Whole Wide World. The first time I saw that kiss I felt a jolt...well, let's just say all the way down to my toes. And it's happened every time I have seen it since. I have to say that has never happened with any other movie kiss. I thought Vincent perfectly captured the tortured pulp fiction author (Weird Tales - Conan the Barbarian) from the 1930s and Renee was perfect as the educated and independent teacher who falls for the brilliant writer. This movie was based on the true story written by Novalyn Price in her book about her passionate relationship with Bob Howard. It's a wonderful film and a compelling love story.

For me there are just romantic scenes and not necessarily a kiss and my age is showing. Casablanca - "We will always have Paris." Personally I loved the kiss from the 5th Element between Corbin and Leeloo. It was great to see how love could conquer the bad guy.

My favorite romantic/kissing movie "The Princess Bride." As sweet as it is, I never fail to crack up at the grandson. "Is this a kissing book?" I'm not going to lie, my favorite kiss from a movie is in Brokeback Mountain, before the fishing trip on the stairs in front of Ennis' house. The amount of passion and heartache in those few moments was just so tangible. The actors did such an amazing job.

My favorite movie kiss is from Return to Me when David Duchovny goes to Italy to find Minnie Driver. When he finds her in the square and she starts crying and they kiss, it is so passionate and beautiful.I'm partial to the scene in First Knight when Guinevere finally gives Lancelot the kiss she's owed him the whole movie. Not a very scifi moment, but hey, I'm eclectic!

Hard one... I think my favorite romantic moment was between Zia and Mikal in "Wristcutters" at the very end of the movie, even though it's not the most intimate of scenes. It's still very touching! My favorite movie kiss is Twilight because it was so passionate yet so forbidden and they did an amazing job adapting it from the book even though there wasn't as much kissing in the movie as there was in the book.

My favourite kiss from a movie is with Nathaniel and Cora in Last of the Mohicans. It is the most passionate and charged kiss ever. It's incredibly intense and wonderful.At the end of An Officer and a Gentleman when Richard Gere kisses Debra Winger, picks her up and carries her out.

One of the most passionate and romantic kisses I can think of is in "From Here to Eternity". There is the iconic moment between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr where something about kissing on the beach as the waves crash over you is so romantic, and like some of the other truly great film moments only practical on celluloid.My favorite movie kiss is from "Practical Magic", the final kiss when Officer Hallet comes back to Sally.

My favorite movie kiss is Never Been Kissed, Josie and Sam, the lip lock at the baseball diamond, magical!

My favorite romantic moment/kiss was in the movie Gone With The Wind, with Rhett scoops up Scarlett and takes her upstairs!

My favorite movie kiss is Rhett kisses Scarlet before carrying her up the stairs in Gone with the Wind. Another one is the kiss between Jack and Rose from Titanic.

My favorite kiss - Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail.

I loved the kissing scene between Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Michael (Scott Speedman) from Underworld-Evolution. A beautiful vampire and a werewolf/vampire hybrid – Romeo and Juliet for the paranormal world – dangerous and so romantic! ((sigh))

My absolute favorite first kiss of all time is between Christian and Satine in Moulin Rouge. Right after their musical scene they kiss and the fireworks go off.

My favorite movie kiss was the kiss between John and Sue when he asked her to marry him in the garden in the western movie Open Range. John (Costner) and Sue (Benning).

Favorite Romantic Moment: The scene where Yvaine tells mouse-form Tristan that she loves him (in Stardust). Makes me melt every time.

My favorite is the library scene in Atonement by Ian McEwan: "As their faces drew closer he was uncertain enough to think she might spring away, or hit him, movie-style, across the cheek with her open hand. Her mouth tasted of lipstick and salt. They drew away for a second, he put his arms around her and they kissed again with greater confidence. Daringly, they touched the tips of their tongues, and it was then she made the falling, sighing sound, which, he realized later, marked a transformation. Until that moment, there was still something ludicrous about having a familiar face so close to one's own. They felt watched by their bemused childhood selves. But the contact of tongues... and the strange sound it drew from her, changed that."

So one of my favorite kisses is between Veronica and Marco in the film Dangerous Beauty... she's just been injured in a fight, he sweeps into her house, up to her bedroom, and takes her in his arms with such fierce tenderness... sigh.

The kiss at the end of Strange Days when Lenny pulls Mace out of the car. I don't know why that just occurred to me, but it did. :)

My favorite romantic moment to me is between Wesley and Princess Buttercup, when she pushes him down the hill, and he's yelling "as you wishshshshs...."

In movies, the first kiss in Dirty Dancing because there's such a build up.

My favorite romantic moment is in L'Amant (The Lover) when Jane March kisses the dark window of Tony Leung's car, knowing he's inside. The gesture is innocent, just like she is, but it holds all the promise and longing of the passionate relationship that is to come. One of those beautiful cinematic moments that really stays with you.

My favorite on screen kiss is probably from Atonement when Cecilia and Robbie are in the library. I felt like a total voyeur watching that scene.

The best kiss was between Madeline Stowe and Daniel Day Lewis in the Last of the Mohicans.

My favorite theme of all time was when Hugh Grant sat at the piano and sang a song to Drew Barrymore (which he wrote specifically for her) in front of this huge auditorium full of people in order to win her heart back. It was so sweet that I nearly got a cavity from it. =)

I have to offer up the kiss in "Some Kind of Wonderful" for consideration - Eric Stoltz and Mary Stuart Masterton. Teenage friends, he thinks he is in love with a popular girl (Amanda Jones a'la the song), but she, a tomgirl, keeps the fact that he is the most important person in her world, a secret. As he prepares for the big date, she offers to let him "practise" to ensure he has a kiss "that delivers". She, sitting on an oil barrel in the mechanic's workshop where he works, tells him to put his hands on her hips and they kiss. (cue "...the first kiss lasts forever") His hands clench in surprise then they part and he stumbles away confused - she makes a run for it, having revealed so much. What a teenage moment!

My favorite couple would be Bogie and Bacall (in anything), but favorite kiss would be the sailor in NYC as WWII ended.

Well, I've had many many favorite kisses but I loved the kiss at the end of the Proposal!

My favorite romantic moment is a kiss that didn't happen...until later. Ariel and Eric from Little Mermaid. "Kiss the Girl" is my favorite part of that movie.


My favorite couple from a book (series) is Clair and Jaime Fraser from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. I mean - man, they loved through a distance of 200 years. If that ain't love, I don't know what is. LOL

My favorite kiss in a book is in the Black Jewels Trilogy: Daughter of the Blood. Jaenelle is 12 and Daemon is 1,700. He was born to be her lover and she is too young for him, but they can't help loving each other.

My fav kiss is from JC specifically. It would have to be the first kiss between Sidonie & Imriel... it was so long coming that you had to be caught up in the moment.

My favourite kiss from a book definitely has to be from Kushiel's Avatar. Just after Joscelin catches the fish and asks Phedre what she thinks and she responds with "I think you should bring me fish more often." It just gets me every time!

My favorite kiss from a book is from The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, where a thirty-something Henry accidentally gives his (future) wife Clare her first kiss at sixteen, not realizing he's chronologically never kissed her before. Kind of difficult to explain if you haven't read it, but it's just one of the many moments that make them the unique and incredibly beautiful couple they are.

My favorite book kiss is from Kushiel's Dart, the first kiss between Phedre and Joscelin when they escape.

My favorite kiss is from a beloved book from childhood, Little Women (Louisa May Alcott. It is when Jo kisses Prof. Bhaer under the umbrella as they stand in the rain.

Favorite romantic moment or kiss in a book would be when Phedre and Hyacinthe spend their last night together on the Island after Hyacinthe volunteers to become Master of the Straits, it made me cry. Of course it could have been exhaustion since I read the book in a day and a half.

My favorite romantic moment was in Dark Moon Defender when Justin presented the betrothal gift to his beloved's family and explained how his family welcomed her.

Favorite kissing scene: In "Kushiel's Chosen" (also by Jacqueline Carey) - the moment toward the end of the book when Phedre and Joscelin are reunited. So much tension has built up, and so much distance between the two characters, that when they meet up at last it's a powerful and perfect scene. I don't know any other relationship in fiction that moves quite like theirs does.

I'm going to have to say that the entirety of Claire and Jaime's romance in Diana Gabaldon's 'Outlander' novels is my favourite. It's just such a perfect and real romance.

Favorite kiss: Phedre and Joscelin in the "fish scene", it was so fantastic I cried, a little.

My favourite book kiss is in "wrapt in crystal" by Sharon Shinn where Cowen kisses Laura at the end of the book.

The most memorable moment that comes to mind is from the book Voyager by Diana Gabaldon in the book the main character Claire travels back in time after about 20 years way from the man she fell in love with, Jamie. Upon seeing Claire again Jamie faints where upon awaking again he asks permission if he can kiss her. Needless to say they do.

My favorite moment is the first kiss between Dimitri and Rose in the Vampire Academy séries by Richelle Mead.

My favorite romantic moment is from Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith-- not very well

nown, I don't think, but an excellent book and a classic in the genre. Meliara and Vidanric's first kiss is perfect. They're in the tent after the fighting is over, and just the unveiling of Danric being the Unknown... it's all just wonderful. :) And then they kiss, of course, which was also just a beautiful moment.

My current favorite kiss actually comes from another Jacqueline Carey novel, Santa Olivia. The kiss I'm speaking of is when Pilar first kisses Loup and places two fingers on her lips, asking her to imagine it as a dream. The kiss is significant as it lets Loup knows that she is not "weird," but different.

Favorite book kiss is easy: when Ron and Hermione FINALLY realize their love for each other outside the Room of Requirement in HP 7. Harry is just sort of standing there like, seriously, now? End of the world kind of going on. It was an epic moment in Harry Potter history.

My favorite couple? Janelle and Daemon from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels books.

In the book "The Time Traveler's Wife", Clare and Henry have a crazy pre-wedding incident where "current" Henry gets pulled away from his own ceremony just before it starts and "future" Henry comes back to that date and time as his stand-in. It's a bit of a strange set of marvelous coincidences wherein he's able to arrive at a time when he needs to be present and in attendance at his own wedding!


My favorite personal romantic moment is the first time my Hubby came home with books for me. I will never forget that - it was so unexpected and was actual books that I had wanted. LOL Some girls like flowers, others like candy or jewelry - I'm a book girl and my man knows it. LOL

My own personal romantic moment was just a year ago. My husband had been away for a week for work and I was leaving the next day to visit family for two weeks. We had one night together in that time and it was an incredible passionate explosion. We had that one night in a hotel room and the memory of it still makes me giddy. Who says the passion fades when a couple is together for years? Liars!

He brushed my hair gently and carefully, freeing it of the after love making tangles, simple as that. It was the single most romantic moment I have ever had with a man. It was tender and almost perfect when he kissed my brow and I fell asleep against his knee.

My romantic moment was my first kiss from my husband. I had been in a bad relationship and he knew it so as we were sitting alone on the sofa talking, he took my chin and looked into my eyes and asked my permission to kiss me. His consideration was one of the first things I fell in love with him for.

I was 15 and going to school in the Himalaya Mountains. This boy kissed me by the edge of the mountain, the wind rushed up around us and he pulled my hair out of a braid. It sweet and filled with Himalayan magic!

I have my own personal romantic moment. It's not a kiss, but it led to kissing (and a marriage). I had just had my heart broken and shattered and barely slept for days on end when I was dragged out to a bar where a number of geeks were hanging out and I met someone I'd only heard about in passing... He broke through the fog I was in and I began to fall for him immediately. That man is now my wonderful, awesome husband. :)

I know for a fact that there are a hundred thousand more romantic kisses in books and on film, but I thought I’d comment with something personal. There’s always that guy or girl when we’re young. Sometimes you connect with them, sometimes you don’t. I did, eventually, and though it didn’t work out, the first kiss was still so memorable that all others have since been held up to it for comparison. Which, considering the circumstances, one would either find pathetic or amusing. We were young and, as young people are wont to do, we were at a party. His going away, as I recall. He’d always been a chatty guy and this night I think he must have spoken five words for every one of mine. We talked about everything and nothing, very impressed with ourselves and our insight into the world. (Ha! Teenagers.) After hours of this, circumstance found us on the front porch. White Christmas lights were strung here and there for cheerful effect and, however strangely, the sole piece of furniture was a barber’s chair. He talked and he talked, growing more animated by the moment until there was a natural pause. He looked at me with his goofy, cocky, and endearing grin, and says “you’re probably going to hit me for this”. Ever have anyone come at you so nervous, so eager, so hopeful? It’s horribly sweet. And the kiss itself represented everything that was good about kissing – I felt it more in the arching of my spine and the sudden drop in my belly than I did with my lips. I don’t recall anything after that point for a good few minutes – just that I had a hold of him, he had a hold of me, and it was quite possibly the most wonderful moment that I’d ever had. It was a good kiss. A strong kiss. And though it may sound sort of silly, it was, in its own way, a very romantic kiss. I think I loved him for a very long time simply on the merit of that kiss.

My personal all time favourite - when my now husband (we met 15 years ago in a chat room on AOL) arrived in person and said, 'hi honey, I'm home' and kissed me - and I knew we would be good.

Favorite personal kiss: I was 16, and a friend of mine I'd had a bit of (well, more like a week-long) physical thing with a few months prior had come to visit from 200 miles away. I was torn between wanting him and feeling like I'd kinda promised to date a different friend of mine. I was in the kitchen making cocoa, and he came up behind me, turned me around oh so slowly, and kissed me. I couldn't resist, didn't want to - it felt like drowning and coming home at the same time. We've now been together for 9&1/2 years, and married for 6.

My favorite romantic moment is when my now husband gave me my first Valentine present while we were dating. He set me up a computer system in his office so we could geek out together. It's like being invited into the batcave. That's the romance I like - it told me he understood me and it invited me further into his world.

My favorite kiss, will always be my first kiss, with my then boyfriend, now fiance, soon to be husband. We were standing in front of my dorm room, holding each other for a long time. Then he leaned down, brushed my cheek with his lips and very gently, and very chastely, kissed me. I looked up into his eyes and said said "You're my first kiss," and he replied, "Thank you."

My favorite romantic moment was with one of my first boyfriends. He kissed me on my doorstep one night when he was dropping me off. Well the thing was the sparks did fly figuratively and literally. I got a chuckle a couple of days later when he tried to recreate the event, couldn't, and didn't know why. To this day it's memorable, maybe not in the retelling.

Summer 2006. Dale Chihuly displayed glass in the St. Louis Botanical Gardens (, and considering myself a connoisseur and desiring to attend, I invited an older woman who had shown some interest in me to accompany me to the exhibition. I once heard a reporter compare Chihuly's sculpture in the Atlantis Hotel, Dubai, to 'mottled rainbow intestines,' which she found grotesque and repellant... yet for myself and this lady, art was the life's blood. We both felt that Florence Syndrome which overtakes the pulse, staring at those wild translucent onions bobbing in the reflecting pools. Perhaps the candles decorating the paths, in the moonlight walks which are held some nights in the Gardens, accentuated our ecstasy. Perhaps the June roses, with aphrodisiac breath, perhaps the Japanese gardens with their still streams and sere grace... perhaps simply because I love bridges, the apex of a curving Asiatic bridge... our lips touched one another, arms curling round each other. I kicked a foot, felt love like a parasol surrounding us. A swift affair, a butterfly interlude only... but a kiss I shall remember 'til I die.

I'm a pretty hopeless romantic, so it's hard to choose. I think I'd have to go with my father's proposal to my step mother. Every year since they began dating, my dad and his now wife go on vacation. One year, they went kayaking up in Nunavut, where Canadian diamonds are mined. That Christmas, we put together our own Christmas crackers, as they've been doing for years. After our rather large family cracked the crackers, Barb asked my dad what was in his, since she didn't know who had put his together. He turned to her in front of all of us (about 15, all kids and grand kids included) dropped to one knee holding the ring that had been hidden in his cracker, and proposed. He was nearly crying, shaking from nervousness, and put the ring on her finger before she could even answer. The custom designed ring held a full one carat diamond - mined in Nunavut the month they were there. He has included a piece of jewellery in the Christmas crackers every year since.


I don't really watch romance movies, so I don't have a favourite film kiss. But I absolutely adore the scene in Buffy from Once More, With Feeling where Buffy and Spike kiss for the first time. Also in Angel where Cordelia kisses Angel goodbye in "You're Welcome".

Favorite TV kiss: in "Firefly," when Inara has the Councilor in her quarters and is gently convincing her that she is chosen and wanted, not "just another client."

I say the kiss at the end of the North and South miniseries (NOT the one about the civil war with Patrick Swayze). That's the one based on the book by Elizabeth Gaskell. Rivals the Pride and Prejudice miniseries with Colin Firth. What can I say, I'm a girl.

My favorite kiss/moment is super dorky. It's the kiss/yelling scene between Kara Thrace and Lee Adama in "Unfinished Business" from the show Battlestar Galactica. It's just the slow build up to this added to the cuteness of shouting their love to the sky and then added to the complete heartbreak of Kara leaving Lee.

There are lots of favourite kiss moments mentioned here that I second, but my first and foremost choice comes from the comedy series "Chuck", in the episode "Chuck Versus the Colonel". Sarah and Chuck are on the run, holed up in a one star motel and the tension between them has been building for two seasons (or two years in Chuck world). Although they have previously shared a few kisses they never really had the time to fully enjoy their moments. In the morning, in their sunlit room, you can see realization dawn on them; there is no one to stop what is inevitable and the passion that ignites between them is great (for a silly comedy). What gets me every time (thank god for youtube) is the smile that Chuck gives Sarah during a break in their make-out session; he is ridiculously happy.

My favorite fictional kiss is from the TV show Veronica Mars, when Logan and Veronica kiss for the first time on the balcony of the Camelot.

My favorite is the almost kiss between Ned and Chuck on Pushing Daisies. Ned brings his childhood sweetheart (with whom he shared his first kiss) back to life with a touch, and can only keep her alive for a minute without consequences. She asks him to be her last kiss, but he can't bring himself to do it because with one more touch, he'd lose her forever. He decides to hang the consequences and keep her. It's the sweetest kiss I can think of, even if their lips never touched.

My favorite on-screen kiss would have to be with Jess and Rory on Gilmore Girls, when it's snowing outside. The dialogue is really funny, but romantic.


  1. Doug,

    What a wonderful and varied list of responses. :)

    I received Gardens of the Moon yesterday. :) I am so looking forward to reading this book. Thanks again.


  2. Michelle it was the best participation I have seen for a post. I was absolutely thrilled. Thanks for letting me know you got the book.

  3. Hi Doug!

    Great post, I love all the responses to the most romantic kiss. *smiling* Too much fun!

    I'm surprise no one pick the kiss from Practical Magic, Aidan Quinn and Sandra Bullock - too hot.

    And Disney's Lady and the Tramp - smooch over the plate of spaghetti - too sweet.

    Dottie :)

  4. Awwww, I've gone all gushy now. Have to agree with the Gone with the Wind one though.

  5. Great roundup! Left me feeling kind of...randy. ;-)

  6. Two of the hottest kisses in some 1950's movies both involved the actress Joanne Woodward.
    The first was in a movie, The Sound and the Fury, between her and Yul Brynner, that knocked my then teenage socks off it was so passionate. The second one was in the The Long Hot Summer when she and her real-life husband, Paul Newman, kiss in the Varner country store late at night. WOW!

    The other two both involve Vincent D'Onofrio. The kisses between Vincent and actor Thomas James in The Velocity of Gary had me wishing(for the only time in my life) that I was the man Vincent was kissing in that scene. Talk about gender confusion in that moment(LOL)
    The second wasn't a kissing scene, but the tango dance between Vincent and Mathilda May in the slaughterhouse that was a perfect summation of the love, desire, and ultimate destiny awaiting them!Incredibly sexy!

  7. Dottie Lady and the Tramp gets my vote.

    Lady Lazurus GWTW is a classic for good reason.

    Heather well randy is an "R" word just like romance :)

    Anonymous thanks for another great recommendation.

  8. Ah! This was so fun to read!


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