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Review – “Cold Moon Rising” by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp

Former Mafia hit man Tony Giodone has been through a lot in the past two years. First, in Hunter's Moon, he's turned into a werewolf -- but his mate is human. By Moon's Web he's become part of a wolf pack run by an even tougher mob boss than his old one. Plus he's a pretty powerful psychic -- he can see the past through other people's memories!

Now Tony has to deal with more mobsters, an unhappy girlfriend, intensifying psychic visions, and a cabal of Sazi mass murderers who are trying to exterminate humanity.

There's one man who might be able to help Tony stop the cabal: Ahmad, the leader of the snakes. But Ahmad's got his own agenda, as Tony finds out when their psychic link deepens. Now Tony is along for the psychic ride as the former crown prince of an ancient empire is faced with his deadliest enemy . . . a woman he once loved who he was forced to betray.
Cold Moon Rising is the seventh Tales of the Sazi and revisits one of the most popular characters from the series - Tony Giodone, ex-mafia hitman and now werewolf enforcer for the Sazi. Billed as paranormal romance, this series should also satisfy urban fantasy readers with its imaginative world-building and original treatment of shapeshifter tropes.

Cold Moon Rising delivers an action-packed plot (see the blurb) complemented and balanced with the ongoing romance of Tony and Sue. Both are complex and flawed characters and this instalment sees some significant changes occurring to their relationship as Tony’s abilities heighten and Sue undergoes a life-changing experience. We also follow a new romance thread with Ahmed (cobra snake shifter) when he meets up with an old flame. This leads to a most interesting and graphic sexual encounter, that is to say the least highly original.

The writing is full of those little touches that bring verisimilitude to the characters supernatural world. For example this conflicted reaction of Tony’s while trudging through the jungle -
I took my hand away from my neck to look at the smear of blood-covered insect legs on my palm. Got it! The scent was enticing enough to cause me to bring my hand up to mouth and lick the blood off. Yuck. I hate it when I do that. I spat onto the ground to clear out the taste.
On a similar note, the humour never seems forced or out of place and is appropriate to the characters and their circumstances. Tony makes this wry observation about his Sazi partner while on the mission shortly after they had shape shifted -
Kerchee climbed down out of the tree slowly, keeping a close eye on me. I should probably find it weird that we were two guys naked in the jungle, but Brokeback Mountain this wasn't. It was more locker room of the weird than any sort of turn-on.
Filled with intrigue, spies, mafia dons, plots and counter-plots, Cold Moon Rising is also a worthy candidate for folks that like thrillers. This instalment brings us much closer to the secret of the secret cabal that seeks ultimate power but leaves plenty of answers left to be found in future books. A broad cast of unique and interesting secondary characters of both the shapeshifter and human variety, also contributes to the appeal of this series. The authors weave sufficient back story into the narrative to satisfy readers new to the series, but I do recommend starting with Hunter’s Moon (2004). Not due for release until August 4, 2009, this give you plenty of time to dip into the back list in anticipation of Cold Moon Rising. This series has been on my must buy list for years and I hope it keeps going strong for years to come.

Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC (Tor)
Published: August 04, 2009
ISBN #: 9780765359643
Format: Paperback
Pages: 369

Read an excerpt from Chapter 1.

Tales of the Sazi Series:

  1. Hunter's Moon (2004)
  2. Moon's Web (2005)
  3. Captive Moon (2006)
  4. Howling Moon (2007)
  5. Moon's Fury (2007)
  6. Timeless Moon (2008)
  7. Cold Moon Rising (Aug 2009)

Thrall Series:

  1. Touch of Evil (2006)
  2. Touch of Madness (2007)
  3. Touch of Darkness (2008)


Magic's Design (2009) as Cat Adams


  1. Werewolves and the Mafia? Wow, count me in! I'm going to see if I can pick up on of these.

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