Monday, April 20, 2009

The Ultimate Vampire Book List

Romance and paranormal fantasy author Michele Hauf is having a contest to update her fabulous Ultimate VampList website. The contest runs until the end of April. Visit her blog for the complete contest details. This project has been a labour of vampire love by Michele since 1995 when she started out with 100 titles. The list has grown to over 4000 presently.

Michele observes that vampire romance has grown incredibly since the 90's, no doubt due to the ever-growing popularity of the urban fantasy and paranormal genres. Here is an interesting chart showing the dramatic increases (2009 figures are year to date).

So how many do you figure you have read?Contest details excerpted from Michele Hauf's post -
Now for the contest: I'll run this through the rest of April. What I'm looking for, simply, is a new title I don't list at the VampList.

Now here's the unsimple part. The title must not be listed anywhere at the Ultimate VampList. That means if you think Love's Bloody Desire by Crimson Tears is not listed because you checked the entire first HORROR page, but you didn't check ROMANCE or MYSTERY or CHILDREN's, then it actually could be listed elsewhere. So do a thorough check on all categories! Also, I may have a title listed in the wrong category (not purposely), so that would count as an entry if you told me what the right category is, and how you know that is the right category.
If you are the author of the book, you can enter with your title, if it isn't listed, as well. But again, make sure it's not already listed. (I will check, and usually recognize any title I do list.)

Now here's the lucky part. I haven't been able to get my Transmit program to work lately, so I have updates for all the pages that I can't put up right now. I have a lot of new titles listed. So you might enter with one of those titles, and since it's not online right now (only on my updated page that I can't upload) then that entry counts too. Confusing?

Just enter a title that isn't listed. Include: title, author, publisher, pub date, and if it's a part of a series, mention that too.

Send entries to toastfaery(at)

Wait! I'm not done yet. So you don't want to sort through all those titles to see what's missing? Fine. I have another means to enter. Link to The Ultimate VampList at your blog or website (and make it permanent!) and send me the URL to the page with the link so I can verify, and you are entered. Here is the URL for VampList: Title it: The Ultimate VampList.

Winner gets...well, give me a day or two to find something good. I've got a stack of vampire book, not necessarily my own, that I could cull. So I'll announce a prize in a day or two.


  1. Thanks for the heads up Doug!

    Dottie :)

  2. Your welcome Chris and Dottie. It is an awesome list. Vamp fans are bound to find something they have never heard of. Now someone needs to make a checklist of the 100 Essential Vampire Novels.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! After ploughing through her list I found one she's missing! Yay

  4. Great Bella get an entry in and maybe you'll get a mystery prize :)

  5. where is the book list????? I dont want to look at the mointh list it comes out like vampire diaries i want books similar to that and dont give me twilight saga i read them all in a hour. thanks.

  6. BluefireEmily did you try the links?

  7. hey thanks for this as i am trying to find every vampire book written released before the end of this year, due to my new years res being to read every vampire book before the end of 2010.
    i think i can do it as this year it was to read 365 books(1 for everyday) and im not talking thin books, and i have managed to do that with 2 months to spare as well as being a full time student,
    again thanks for this!!

  8. SciFiMusicGeek you are welcome of course. Author Michele Hauf is the dedicated genius behind the site. I wish you luck with your 365 book goal but I think Michele has over 3,000 titles listed.


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