Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today is a big release day for

Today is a big release day for urban fantasy, fantasy and paranormal titles. Two that I have reviewed earlier are Eve of Darkness by S.J. Day, the first in a new series and Dayhunter by Jocelynn Drake, the sequel to Nightwalker. Enjoy.

Here are just a few of the other titles out today:
  • The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong
  • Burning Wild by Christine Feehan
  • The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers by Angie Fox
  • Doomsday Can Wait by Lori Handeland
  • On The Prowl by Crystal Jordan
  • Salt and Silver by Anna Katerine
  • Demon Can't Help It by Kathy Love
  • The Pretender's Crown by C.E. Murphy
  • The Trouble with Demons by Lisa Shearin
  • Storm Glass by Maria Snyder
  • Forbidden Nights With a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks
  • Bride of the Wolf by Jennifer St. Giles
  • Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward


  1. The fifth Lost Fleet book is coming out the 28th I think. I have plans to go pick up my copy later this week.


  2. Definitely a sqee-worthy list! Too bad the sun is shining so much and I'm reading so little these days! (not.) =D

  3. Thanks for the list! Looks like I need to start reading faster...

  4. Are you sure about Lover Avenged?

    Chapters.indigo is showing it as May 5. Or perhaps it's just coming out later in Canada.

  5. Hey Liana indeed it is. I love space opera, military or otherwise although I have not read Jack Campbell :(

    LOL Gwen everyone month seems to have one particular BIG release day. Today is it for April. And dang I want most of what's on that list.

    Pissenlit that is one trick I have never learned.

    Elena you are right - in Canada it is May 5. For consistency I use Amazon.com as reference for release dates so the US date is earlier, probably because it is a hardcover.

  6. Hey, thanks for mentioning me! I'm excited about this book, even if my title isn't stunningly original ;-)

  7. so many good books coming out t the moment.

  8. Great list! I've bought a bunch of them already! I <3 J.R. Ward!

  9. SciFiGuy, I just cheat and read slower when I don't need to have things read by any specific date. Heh heh heh!

  10. Hi Crystal you are more than welcome and no matter what it is still a cool title.

    Lady_tink you should check out Kelley Armstrong's Twitter feed. She is always running contests there.

    Hagelrat there is always one big release day in a month. I want most of these.

    Jessica you're ahead of me. There are a bunch of release between May 1-5 so I am going to wait a week.

    So there is madness in your method Pissenlit.

  11. I noticed that Sins & Shadows by Lyn Benedict released today. It showed up when I was searching for something else. Might want to add that to your list since it's urban fantasy!

  12. Angela you are so right. I rushed this quick list. Sins and Shadows was actually listed on my Coming in April list posted back at the end of March but I missed it for this recap *headdesk*


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