Sunday, April 19, 2009

RIP - Author J.G. Ballard (1930-2009)

Having been an avid reader of SF&F for most of my life, I read today with sadness that UK science fiction author J.G. Ballard has passed away. He will be missed. Author of dozens of novels and a multitude of short stories, I devoured all of his early fiction with eagerness. Later his mainstream novels Crash (1973) and Empire of the Sun (1984) were made into films by David Cronenberg (1996) and Steven Spielberg (1987) respectively. You can find out more about J.G. Ballard at his website and on Wikipedia.

A selection of J.G. Ballard book covers from my library:

  • The Wind from Nowhere (1961)
  • The Drowned World (1962)
  • The Burning World (1964)
  • Variant Title: The Drought (1965)
  • The Crystal World (1966)
  • Crash (1973)
  • Concrete Island (1974)
  • High-Rise (1975)
  • Variant Title: High Rise (1988)
  • The Unlimited Dream Company (1979)
  • Hello America (1981)
  • The Day of Creation (1987)
  • Running Wild (1988)
  • Rushing to Paradise (1994)
  • Cocaine Nights (1996)
  • Super-Cannes (2000)
  • Millennium People (2003)
  • Kingdom Come (2006)


  1. It's always sad to lose someone who has contributed so much to entertainment even though I don't believe I've ever heard of him before. You did a really good job on your tribute though.

  2. Thanks Lady_tink he was one of my favourite UK SF authors and I particularly loved his 60's novels.


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