Friday, April 3, 2009

Reviewette - "When Gargoyles Fly" by Lori Devoti

Anthology: The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance
Story: 16 of 24
Pages: 22
Romance Featured: Gargoyle
Opening Line: “She touched him.”

Kami, a sculptor, discovers that the gargoyle atop the building she has snuck out to examine is real when she tumbles from the building and as is rescued by Mord. In this sometimes confusing and overly complicated plot, Kami falls in love with Mord who saves her numerous times from a sorcerer bent on killing her. She has the ability to bring the stone gargoyles to life. Apparently they have been frozen in stone and time along with the evil chimera’s in a mutual pact. Her abilities could tip the balance by releasing only the gargoyles. Despite Mord’s equally strong feelings, he abandons Kami in a misplaced sense of protectiveness, but eventually succumbs to his love and reunites with Kami after torturous months of grief and separation on Kami’s part.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to identify with or find the main characters responses or actions believable. Some nice sense of wonder scenes however, where Kami accepts the existence of gargoyles in the world.

Mini Profile of Lori Devoti
Author of the Unbound series from Silhouette Nocturne.

More about the anthology and ‘reviewettes’ here.


  1. Well it sounds like a really cool premise at least! Gargoyles aren't very common in paranormals but they're still fascinating!

  2. Lady_tink the premise was excellent, I think she just tried to pack too much into a short piece. There was probably enough ideas and story arcs for a novella or novel.


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