Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reviewette – “The Lighthouse Keeper and His Wife” by Sara Mackenzie

Anthology: The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance
Story: 17 of 24
Pages: 20
Romance Featured: Human
Opening Line: “She placed her hands on the man’s face.”

The Lighthouse Keeper and His Wife is another tale of second chances. After dying attempting the rescue of a steamer off the shore of the lighthouse he shared with his wife, Ezekial (Zek) is given a second chance at life by sorceress if he agrees to her terms. He must help her defeat the monster (Neptune) that destroyed the ship and over 200 souls in the 1860’s. Zek in turn bargains for the chance to be reunited with his wife who has been reborn and living in the present. Izzy has had dreams of Zek.

Dream becomes reality when Zek appears before Izzy and a passionate night ensues. Later they visit the same lighthouse from his original time and he transports her back to the past to relive events and perhaps change the original outcome. I quite liked the portrayal of their romance separated by time. My only reservation is one of logic which pulled me from the story with the HEA. If they were revisiting events, what happened to the original wife that was left behind from when he died the first time? If anyone reads the story and figures it out, let me know. (I know I over-think these things.)

Mini Profile of Sara Mackenzie
Bestselling author of both paranormal and historical romance (under the name Sara Bennett), she has been nominated for a RITA by the RWA.

More about the anthology and ‘reviewettes’ here.

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