Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cover Art - Shadowlight by Lynn Viehl

Lynn Viehl posted the cover for Shadowlight the first book in her new paranormal series The Kyndred which I believe is set in her Darkyn universe. She previously posted an excerpt from Shadowlight on her blog here. The book is due for release November 3, 2009. You can vist her at her blog Paperback Writer. And there is no escaping the fact that UF and PNR covers are swinging towards eye candy for the ladies.


  1. When it comes to book cover eye candy, publishers don't have much of a choice. It will be either a man or a woman. [yeah the joke is lame, but couldn't resist]

    My only question in the matter is when publishers will feel that half naked torsos have lost their power and move to other parts of the anatomy, until cover art shifts more towards scenery and some less photo inspired ideas.

  2. Thanks for the mention, SciFiGuy. I'm simply grateful the cover art isn't pink. :)

    Daydream, the half-naked torso (male or female) is beautiful to behold, but at my age I feel more like telling the cover model to put on some clothes before he catches cold. Fortunately a good portion of my readers are younger and will have a different reaction, I imagine.

    I think publishers are going at this a bit wrong. There are plenty of other ways to depict a healthy young man that are just as appealing as the almost-full monty, and I've certainly argued until I'm blue in the face about using a bit more finesse. Unfortunately authors have little to no input on their cover art, and publishers feel they know best. The nice thing with this cover was that this time my agent and I were allowed to give feedback on the artwork, and got some changes made to things like the title font and the depiction of the tattoo that made it more realistic and complimentary to the novel. So while it's not to my taste, this is a cover I can live with, especially considering what they would have put on the book without my input.

  3. Very eye catching cover. I can't deny it. :P
    My eyes go right to the tattoo.

  4. Harry hey with UF and PNR the eye candy doesn't even have to be human :) It just seems in recent month publishers have been announcing covers which are moving away from the kickass heroine portrayals towards male covers.

    Hi Lynn it's good that you at least get some input. It always surprises me that a genre that is so intrinsically fantasy so often fails to reflect the many amazing creative opportunities it offers an artist/designer.

    Oh KB you are such a fibber. Tattoo *snort*

  5. Lynn, you are extremely lucky that they allowed you to do that. I have a debut author friend, who is also an amazing and talented artist and is grief stricken that her cover art is so away from the spirit of her novel.

    I also totally agree that there are so many other ways to imply sexual tension into a cover and yet mix it with the appropriate genre, without it looking like a stripper add in the news paper.


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