Monday, March 9, 2009

Slacker Monday

I am a little behind on reviewing at the moment (computer ailments) so I was thinking of doing some miscellaneous updates on happenings around the urban fantasy blogosphere, but because Jackie over at Literary Escapism has really great coverage on contests, interviews, releases and more today, I am going to slack off and recommend you visit here.

Also Kimberley Swan at Darque Reviews has a new website in addition to her blog. Drop on by to see what's up and read some great reviews.


  1. We have computer ailments at my house too! I've got the side of my tower off and a desk fan pointed in - the computer overheats and shuts itself off otherwise. Fun times lol

    I hope your computer problems get better :)

  2. Yep PC caught a dang virus that couldn't be eradicated and believe me I tried. Had to wipe the drive and rebuild. Boy was that painful and I lost an entire weekend getting it ship shape.


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