Friday, March 20, 2009

Reviewette – “Succubus Seduction” by Cheyenne McCray

Anthology: The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance
Story: 2 of 24
Pages: 22
Romance Featured: Succubus
Opening Line: “Lilin opened and closed her wings, studying tonight’s prey Archer Dane”

The Queen of the Unseelie Court has commanded the succubus Lilin to take and bring her the soul of Archer, a handsome succesful architect. Three times she attempts the necessary seduction and fails, losing her immortality as a penalty of the Queens wrath. Stripped of her powers and ultimately her memory she goes to Archer because she has no place else to go. He becomes her protector and they fall in love.

At first this story struck me as predictable until we discover a secret about Archer’s true nature. Even then the Lilin/Archer falling into love storyline seemed unremarkable until a final twist nicely shows how remarkable indeed their relationship is and the price they are willing to pay for their love. Well played!

Mini-Profile of Cheyenne McCray
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Magic series.

More about the anthology and ‘reviewettes’ here.


  1. Until recently I steered clear of short stories. But, I'm finding they're great for sourcing new authors by sampling a flavour of their writing.

    On that note, loving these reviewettes.

    Thanks :o)

  2. I like your little picture for the short story reviews. Very cute.

  3. Gorgeous photo! Sounds like an interesting story.

  4. Hi wend absolutely a good way to see if you like an authors style. Glad you like them.

    Hi Princess Allie yea I am having fun finding an image to go with each new romance creature.

    Ladytink your articles and reviews are filled with great images. Doing my best to keep up :)

  5. Cool pic! Thanks for taking the time to review my little Succubus story. :o) I'm glad you liked how it turned out!

  6. Thanks for dropping by Cheyenne. The story was just right for this collection. Looking forward to your new UF series in June :)

  7. I stumbled upon "Love is Strange" at a Barnes & Noble this week, and I opened it right up to the "Succubus Seduction" story. Right there and then, it just captured my attention when I started reading the first few pages. Reading it just made my day! I will now check out some more of Cheyenne McCray's other works! :-)


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