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Review – “Mate of the Wolf” by Karen Whiddon from Midnight Cravings

Harlequin/ Silhouette Nocturne
Published: April 1, 2009
ISBN #: 9780373250936
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 297
Midnight Cravings is a collection of paranormal romance novella’s that first appeared individually under Harlequin’s specialty line of eBooks called Nocturne Bites. Now for the first time, six of these have been gathered together and are available in print.

Table of Contents:
Michele Hauf – Racing the Moon
Karen Whiddon- Mate of the Wolf
Lori Devoti - Captured
Anna Leonard - Dreamcatcher
Vivi Anna – Mahina’s Storm
Bonnie Vanak – Broken Souls

Mate of the Wolf
Novella Blurb: Rule Number One--Date only Pack members. She knew he was definitely not part of the Pack, but the immediate intense attraction Allie felt for Kane overwhelmed her good sense and convinced her to toss her rules out the window. The fact that she couldn’t detect his scent did not concern her--she knew he was unlike any man she’d ever known, and she had to be with him, whatever the cost. He couldn’t believe she didn’t recognize him--he'd known instantly what she was. After four hundred years, Kane had finally found his Svetla, his one true mate. But a union between their two races was expressly forbidden. So now it was time for Kane to break some rules of his own....
In this second offering from Midnight Cravings we have a Pack story from Karen Whiddon. Allie is a werewolf (Pack) and single and her friends are constantly trying to set her up on dates, only Allie has ‘rules’ and she is particular about her men thus earning her a bit of a reputation as a tease. She has one human friend, Emily, who is aware of her secret nature and who has arranged a blind date.

Allie mis-identifies her blind date in the bar and in a hilariously written scene, takes a tumble and knocks herself out as she approaches her 'drop-dead gorgeous' target.
Her last thought before she slammed her head into the table and crumpled to the ground was that this was one hell of a way to start a blind date.
Waking up in the hospital, she finds herself in the company of Kane, her would-be date. Only Kane is a vampire and Allie doesn’t have a clue, although she senses he has no smell which she finds odd. Being in small town Texas Allie hasn’t any experience with vampires and of course interspecies relationships are frowned upon. Kane on the other hand is fully aware that Allie is a werewolf.

As expected, the chemistry between the couple is intense and they become lovers. Complications are added to the plot when Allie learns her best friend is back in hospital, her terminal cancer approaching its conclusion and she discovers Kane is a vampire before he can make explanations. Not only that, but a vampire hunter has arrived in town on the trail of Kane offering a huge reward for information. Should Allie collect the reward to fund her friends’ treatment and betray Kane who she has only known a short while? Or is what she feels stronger and more important. What, if anything, can she do for her friend?

Fans of multiple HEAs should enjoy this uncomplicated werewolf/vampire romance.

Author ProfileOfficial Karen Whiddon Website

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