Friday, March 27, 2009

Preview - "Skin Trade" by Laurell K. Hamilton

LKH has posted a link to Chapter 1 of the next Anita Blake novel (#17) coming June 2, 2009.


  1. Should we hold a poll and guess how many men, creatures or plant life Anita has sex with?

  2. The title Skin Trade with that picture.... gulp.

  3. KB you so do not want to go there. LOL. We won't talk about eye colours, hair length or Nathaniels 'needs' either. On second thought a poll might be fun *evil grin*

    Carolyn Jean yeah that is a pretty bizarre cover. Can't say I have ever been in love with any of LKH's covers. Perhaps it is meant to be edgy.

  4. Haha. Saw blades. Edges. That slays me.

    Okay, done. I agree about LKH's covers. At least I don't see any tramp-stamped hooker-boots-wearing cheesecake with a sword/gun/pointy thing.

  5. I love the books but hate the covers. Who does them anyway? They suck. Definitely a case of don't judge a book by it's cover.

    Anyway, the book I am not reading any previews. I hate being teased, I just want the whole book.

    Maybe she has settled down with the sex a bit, probably not but the last Merry book was not cover to cover sex.

    After the divorce and entering her new life maybe LKH was just sewing her proverbial oats with the diluge of sex.

    I am an erotica author and sometimes the sex was just too much for me. It's like OK enough get on with the story already.

  6. LOL Stockman I honestly wasn't playing on words but it works for me *g*. Yeah the cover doesn't bow to all the current UF marketing cliches but I wonder if any of her covers actually help sell the book.

    Hey Roxanne. Like many I discovered UF through LKH. And then her books became a bit of a train wreck. I do believe they are slowly recovering but I guess it is tough to get out from under the running gag that they became. Erotica is good but so is balance.

  7. stuff I want to see: (rereading Blood Noir right now)
    Richard needs to go away, enuf already
    Raise a ZOMBIE for crissakes!
    Dolph needs a clue and Zebrowski needs to take over
    Requiem - dude, you need a vampire clue.
    Please, no plant sex. that's just too much.

    Yes, I'm a guy and I read Anita, Merry and the Twilight books. I'll admit that on the second readthru (or listen), I usually skip past the sex because it's the same damn thing - things down low get tight. Enough of that.

    I'm all for letting her write her thing, I enjoy the series a lot. And no, I don't want her to clean it up, because it's pretty cool to read too.

    I'd just settle for her trimming out about 3-4 guys, pulling the story forward, and giving us more on Mommie Dark, that's what I want to find out more about. I liked Jake from Harlequin, and the fact that she didn't need to delve superdeep into his character.

    Oh yeah, Graham needs to go away.

    K, I'm done :) with all that said, I can't wait for the new one!

  8. Hey M nice summary of needed fixes for Anita Blake. We'll wait and see. The series has been getting back on track lately so I am optimistic that Skin Trade will be a little closer to original form.


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