Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cover Art - "Must Love Hellhounds" Anthology

Ilona Andrews posted on her blog this shiny new cover for Must Love Hellhounds featuring novellas by of course Ilona Andrews, Charlaine Harris , Nalini Singh and Meljean Brook. Due in the bookstores September 1, 2009.

At the Loving True Blood in Dallas blog they had this bit of news about the Charlaine Harris piece.
Charlaine has said this one will contain a science fiction novella based on the Britlingens.

"I've already written a novella that's a sort of spinoff from the Sookie series, about the two female bodyguards that appear in All Together Dead . It'll appear in a three-in-one book called Must Love Hellhounds"
Ilona Andrews had this to say about her entry - "The novella Magic Mourns features Andrea and a big ass hell dog." Read an excerpt.

Meljean Brook had this on her story Blind Spot -
The job was simple: find her boss’s niece, bring her home safely, and hand out a whole lot of pain to whoever had abducted her. But Maggie hadn’t counted on her boss’s nephew, the hellhound who loved to make her life difficult, or her own past rearing its complicated and ugly head.
Nalini Singh's novella is titled Angels' Judgment.


  1. Is it just me or is "hot chick with big dog" the new "back with tattoo"? There seem to be a lot of covers like this coming up at the moment.

  2. Well I think that's the first time I've ever seen hellhounds on a cover!

  3. That's pretty impressive -- I have exactly one link on my site to that Hellhound page, and you found it! :-D

  4. LOL Meljean I just knew you had to have said something about the story on your blog. I like to post more then just the shiny cover :-)

  5. Thanks SciFiGuy for the shout out...


  6. You know, the authors had me hooked with this one, but the cover is making me anxious for it now. This is hot!

  7. NP Dallas!

    I love theme anthologies Jaxon especially when the stories are novella length.

  8. These "hellhounds" look an awful lot like my Cane Corsi. I think I am offended.

  9. But Evo if it looks like your dog than it must be famous. Cane Corso though isn't it? I'd LUV to own a hellhound - so cool.


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