Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cover Art - "Fade Out" & "Cape Storm" by Rachel Caine

Once again Tez Miller over at Tez Says alerts us to two new covers posted at Rachel Caine's blog for the 7th Morganville Vampires book Fade Out (November 2009) and the 8th Weather Warden book Cape Storm (August 4, 2009).


  1. *sigh* I am so behind because I have yet to start either of these series. But the covers are wonderful!

  2. I'm up to Lord of Misrule, but I know a friend is going to love that there is another book in the works!

  3. These covers are beautiful. I wish I had that kind of bod! Maybe in an alternate universe or my next life.

    On another note.
    Doug, have you thought about changing your name to :-)

  4. Hey Mishel then you have lots to look forward too!

    Jackie I'll keep reading Morganville stories as long as Caine keeps writing them.

    Patricia I saw the reaction to the whole Sci-Fi channel nonsense. I could change it to but then I would have to shoot myself :)


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